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Slow Stitch Sunday. SIP hasn't been all bad for me. I've been getting together via zoom with friends and since they can't really see what I'm doing, I've been knitting. Usually there are two non-knitting groups I meet up with during the week for coffee. I don't bring my knitting because none of them knits and it just feels a little. Slow Stitch Sunday. Since I'm going to be gone for two weeks of August, and frantically trying to catch up for the two weeks after that, I worked ahead on my sampler blocks today. I've been on a bit of an organizational kick this weekend, and so as soon as I was done, I ironed some freezer paper templates onto the leftover hand dyes so that I. Sunday, April 1, 2018. Happy Easter to you and yours! For my Slow Sunday Stitching. I am returning to my. Trip Around the World project. I have been working on it off. and on for nearly four years. I started it as part of a group. project on Facebook Aug 9, 2018 - Explore Kim Schuster's board Slow Stitching, followed by 817 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about slow stitching, fabric art, textile art

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  1. Slow stitching Sunday. I have been doing a little slow stitching and making progress on my Harmony quilt. I figured I'd concentrate on getting one 28 inch block done for the link up through the end of the month. I got the first set of steps sewn into the corner blocks
  2. Slow Stitch Sunday It's been awhile since I've posted an update on this project but I'm still slowly working through Block 7 of A Rainbow Garden ! Here's where I was last time
  3. Slow Stitch Sunday I enjoy. going thrifting, but have. not been doing it lately, since we have been. cleaning out our Home. I did not want to add. to the piles. Husband and I went this. last Saturday and I found. a few goodies. First, I found a copy of. the pattern my Mom used. to make my Prom dress

20 thoughts on HQAL, Slow Stitch Sunday, and Scrap Happy March 15, 2020 at 7:48 am. Sharon. Your flower garden quilt project is really beautiful. This new bee block is just gorgeous. The colors just speak spring and happiness and make me smile. I can't get over how long you have kept the material Slow Sunday Stitching; Stitch Along and Shoulder Updates; Gradually May (6) April (5) March (4) February (6) January (5) 2020 (71) December (6) November (5) October (5) September (4) August (8) July (7 Slow Stitching Sunday - Car Trip. We have a car trip coming up. While most people are folding up clothes to put in a suitcase, I'm folding up quilts and blocks to hand stitch in the car. I bet I can get a lot done between here and there. Maybe finish up the border on my little Dear Jane? I prepped plenty of orange peels if that doesn't work out Slow Stitching Sunday @ Kathy's Quilts May you have a Happy Sunday. Posted by Scrapatches at 11:42 AM. Labels: Cross Stitching, Day 55 of 365, Quilters' Cottage Cross Stitch Along, Slow Stitching Sunday, The Daily Blog for 2019. 2 comments: Marti said. Slow Sunday Stitching Before I tell you about my slow stitching I have a message for my email subscribers. Feedburner is ending and so I needed to find a new platform for the email subscriptions. Just their heads to complete. I have another small piece that I shall stitch next, before I work on the June block. I'm really looking forward to.

So, I'll continue to stitch down the binding in small bits and pieces of time! I have a salad to finish for a holiday block party! A ZOOM call with family and maybe a movie on TV. If it gets too hot this afternoon, a good place to be is in the A/C house doing some slow stitching! I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching Take a couple of hours for yourself this Sunday mid-morning and join maker, Nicola Twynham, in exploring the experience of Slow Stitch. The process of hand embroidery and appliqued fabric offering a mindful and calming environment in the Byram Art and Design Studio A little Sunday Slow Stitching. I spent the morning digging in the pile of purple scraps and tracing out the wings for Erin's Butterfly. I need 20 of them and found a good variety in my scraps. I stitched them together on the machine and then will hand stitch the inner circle part and then baste the seam allowance down all around so it will be. Next Sunday is the Indy 500, so I will probably sit down to watch that while knitting socks. I hope you are having fun with your slow stitching! I will be linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching

Screens, screens everywhere. Even on sewing machines. I challenge you to step away from the screen and pick up some hand sewing. There really is something magical about working with your hands which is why I titled this post The Life-Changing Magic of Slow Sewing. Being able to slowly create something with my hands seems to alter time a little Slow Sunday Stitching My friendship piece from Charlene continues to claim all my slow stitching time. I may put it aside for a day or two though and get the June section of my monthly sampler done I laid the pattern out onto the fabric yesterday. I am hoping to cut it out today. Although, it looks like such a gorgeous day that I may spend at least part of it outside on the porch. I'm linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Posted by Cathy at 12:34 Slow Stitching. I've enjoyed slow stitching all week and only sat at the sewing machine once. And that was just to stitch the seams for this little pillow. I enjoyed this little cross stitch and hope to make something larger next time. I'm treating myself to easy stitching on this stamped sampler I found on eBay Sashiko Slow Stitch Sunday. Today I started a new slow stitch sashiko project. I really enjoy these small hand stitching. This is the back of my project. I use solid fabric that does not have a front or back side for sashiko. I have no idea if I am doing it wrong. I find and use methods and techniques that work for me. I mark with a Clover.

Slow Sunday Stitching --Decisions. Slow Sunday Stitching on Kathy's Quilts blog comes round again--lots of lovely things to see. I've been ignoring the cross-stitched sunflower I was working on since I made a counting error, and turned to a Blackbird Designs booklet I've wanted to stitch since I bought it at a thrift store several years ago Slow Sunday Stitching. I will be enjoying some stitching and reading today. Maybe a little organizing also. I have added some stitches to Three Boats. You should be able to see that the tree trunk has a few more stitches and I have finished the sand on the left except for one lone stitch along the edge. I have also been busy adding stitches to. Slow Stitching Sunday. Posted on February 7, 2021 by katyquilts. I was planning to machine quilt this doll quilt, but the skipping stitches on the Bernina made me change my mind. So I'm hand quilting. I will do a simple grid. The fabric in the alternate blocks makes for a nice guideline. I start with a big grid and then add lines in between One of the blogs I regularly read, Tanya's, often has a reference to Slow Stitching Sunday, hosted at Kathy's Quilts blog , which is all about taking your time to hand stitch rather than machine stitch.I usually end up spending part of Sundays slow stitching anyway as I love relaxing on the sofa watching movies, just the thing after a busy week at work

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  1. d two dress-making UFO's lurking.
  2. Big Stitch Quilting → 11 Responses to Slow Stitching Sunday. Quilter Kathy says: June 22, 2020 at 10:02 am. How can you be done so fast?!?! Congrats it's fabulous! Laura Haynes says: June 22, 2020 at 3:36 am. Beautiful! I've not yet gotten a top to flimsy stage. Love Baptist Fans, esp these big ones
  3. There is an actual thing called Slow Stitching Sunday, hosted by Kathy's Quilts which is actually aimed at hand stitching for quilters and they have a link party every Sunday. There is some beautiful work at this link from yesterday. The main reason I was being so slow is because I am really suffering with arthritis in my hands at the moment
  4. Sunday Slow Stitching #03. Welcome to the series of my slow stitching projects documentation. Basically, I wanted to document the slow progress of my hand-stitched projects on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for a couple of reasons: I wanted to make myself accountable and make sure I do sit and enjoy hand-stitching at least one session per week
  5. Sunday Slow Stitching #04 : The start of Kingfisher Quilt. Welcome to the series of my slow stitching projects documentation. Basically, I wanted to document the slow progress of my hand-stitched projects on a weekly/forthnightly basis for a couple of reasons: I wanted to make myself accountable and make sure I do sit and enjoy hand-stitching.
  6. I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching link up. Friends have told me I'm not allowed to watch the football tonight as England will lose if I do. I might have to see if I've got a good murder mystery to watch while stitch the binding. I'm hoping to finish the binding by Tuesday. Take care. Lyndse

Slow Stitching August 2021 — A Gathering of Stitches. Slow Stitching August 2021 with Denyse Schmidt, Kitty Wilkin & Kristin Arzt. Sunday afternoon, August 1st through Saturday late morning, August 7th. Medomak Retreat Center, Washington, Maine. Slow Stitching Retreat. 400.00 Slow Stitching Sunday. I made a lot of progress on my puppy this week. The weather has been glorious and stitching outside is one of my favourite things to do. Yesterday it was utterly perfect so I overdid it and I got a bit pink. It was worth it. I am still not sure how I am going to stitch his sweet face. I will keep working on his body for now Still stitch. Sunday Slow Stitching I finally finished my Felt Advent Calendar! At first I thought I mis-numbered a couple of decorations my pink an, but all is well. Whew! Here you go! Here it is! Baby Jesus is added . on the 25th day

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Resilient Stitch. October 12, 2020. Claire Wellesley-Smith. Delighted to finally share the cover of my second book here - a project I've been working on since 2018. Resilient Stitch: Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art will be published by Batsford in April 2021. Resilient Stitch is an exploration of the notion of resilience in textile. Wow! Another Sunday has arrived. Lately it seems that time just passes by so quickly. I was very busy this week but found the time to get the hand quilting done on Simple but Not. It seems ages ago that I had a finish. I still have to sew one side of the binding down and then I can enjoy some slow stitching as I sew down the binding slow stitching on a Sunday. This is one quilt that had a mind of it's own all. the. way. I started out with one single thought - that I wanted a piece of bold floral in the middle, and would work outwards from there. I made it up as I went along, hoping each additional border went on ok

Slow Stitching Sunday... Progress to report!! The middle of the quilt is finished...it's been BIG stitch quilted! The PVC quilting frame is great for quilting the middle of the quilt but not so great for the outer edges. But that's OK...now it's time for the hoop and the outer edges! Slow Stitching Sunday... Here's a glimmer of what I will be working on today...yup, I will be doing some slow (BIG) stitching this Sunday using perle cotton! The Wee House Quilt has been quilted...now the plan is to slow stitch some swirls in the border

Slow Stitching Sunday. One more block hand pieced so that makes six - halfway there! They are getting a bit more challenging. I also sewed a little nine patch quilt for Kathleen Tracy's July small quilt challenge. Nine patches are my favorite blocks so I couldn't pass up this opportunity. My quilt has 1 1/2 nine patches and finishes 10 1/2 x. Need to put this thought out of my head - now. So fortuitously, after putting the last stitches in the Bluebird piece on Wednesday night, on Thursday the mailman brought the latest installment of the Ladies Prim Society from Dyeing to Stitch. This piece is another one by Nan at Threadwork Primitives - love her stuff June 6 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Do you enjoy the slower pace? We do! Come and join us for the launch of our monthly Sunday Slow Stitch sessions. Here at Eco Hub, we endeavour to spread the word of Eco Textiles and how we can reduce our waste, through RE-Cycling, Re-Purposing and Re-Using materials. What better way to use up material scraps than in. Happy Slow Stitching Sunday! It has been a busy hand stitching week here and I have spent time working on 2 different projects. The hand stitched binding on my quilt for the Small, Smaller, Smallest blog hop is finished

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  1. Sunday, 30 May 2021. Slow to stitch! sweater done but needs blocking: It has been a busy few weeks. I started to put in my garden but just the things that would take the cold. Good thing too as the last two or three days we have had frost overnight and have awaken to white on the grass and rooftops. So far the only thing that has lost a bit is.
  2. Yellow drizzle stitches around a velvet centre. Bullion knots around the velvet and wool applique and pistil stitch on the rickrack. Palestrina knot stitches around the outline of the body and also for the legs. More drizzle stitches on the tail. Here are some of the freebies I stitched during the week
  3. Slow Sunday Stitching and Virtual Challenges Hi! I hope that this post finds you all safe, healthy and just as importantly, enjoying some quilting or stitching time. Community Stitch Challenge This week I joined the Community Stitch Challenge on Facebook. The event is organised by TextileArtist.org and the first challenge this week was given to.
  4. Slow Stitching. This Sunday, I'm working on my Grandmother's Flower Garden. I've been struggling to get this last row sewn in and the LORD kept whispering to me, Use a Clover clip. I kept wanting to do this on my own.... Then, as I was watching the service today, and yes, full disclosure, I was stitching during service, I finally got.

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Slow stitching on Sunday evening while spending an hour with the Dowager Countess of Grantham and everyone else at Downton Abbey has become my habit. It sounds silly, but today I have been thinking about my need to create a new slow-stitch Sunday habit to replace it that feels as much of a perfect match Labels: Slow Sunday Stitching, Stitch Meditations, zen stitching. 4 comments: Kim October 4, 2020 at 8:45 PM. I too adore stitching with no plan. I so love going with the flow, not quite knowing where the path will lead. Your new Stitch Meditation is lovely. Reply Delete. Replies Slow Stitching on a Sunday. Or any day, really! I've been working along on my Blue and White project every day this week, and have almost finished surrounding the second of four embroidered blocks with their HST sashing. Meanwhile I also finished up something I started awhile back - this sweet little embroidered quilter who's telling us, When. Some Slow Stitching for a Sunday After finishing my Book Club Hand-pieced Quilt , I went back to the Kathy Schmitz embroidery design I started a few weeks ago. It has been the take-along stitching that accompanied me to the parking/ waiting lot when my husband goes in for his cancer treatment and I have to stay out

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  1. Counted Cross Stitch and a Quilt Finish. Counted cross stitch has made a big come back and I have joined those returning to the craft. What a change since I taught myself how to do it back in the early 1980's. The designs are more detailed and much more plentiful. There are hand-dyed threads with subtle verigations and many hand-dyed linens to.
  2. Labels: Colour blocks, counted cross stitch, Finn, knitting, Love Birds, Modern BOM, pineapple log cabin, slow Sunday stitching 11 comments: Sarah March 28, 2021 at 7:10 A
  3. Sunday, May 23, 2021. Slow Stitching Mindfulness Hand stitching is for people who like to be busy, but busy in a calm and relaxing way. I saw this quote on social media recently. Those of us who enjoy handwork can identify! I'm using the rice stitch or seed stitch to add color and pattern to a new Mix-It top.
  4. g along slow but sure!! I will share pictures next Sunday!
  5. This is my third slow stitch monthly journal. I am enjoying catag the bright spots each month. I already have April and May on the wall in the studio. I am working on July now. There were bright spots this month, fresh tomatoes from Wendy's garden, a family dinner and a long phone call with my bff
  6. Slow Stitching Sunday The sun is shining and warm breezes are drifting through the open windows. It's a beautiful day! I am enjoying the Tigers' ballgame as I work on some hand stitching from The Red Button Company called Little Red Nine. My Life is a Stitch & random thoughts that make me smile... Dog days of Summer and the Summer Spread 2.
  7. Hand Quilt Along, Slow Sunday Stitching Time to check in again for the Hand Quilt Along. Three weeks ago, I was here on this Kathy Schmitz One Stitch at a Time Club Stitchery

Slow Sunday Stitching -- And a Little Elf Mischief. With numbers rising in Ohio I'm starting to get concerned with keeping our son safe. We decided to pre-bowl games during the week when it is not busy instead of bowling on Saturday mornings with the league. As you can see, there isn't anyone close to us while bowling This counted cross stitch picture, Love Birds, is a wedding gift for a friend's daughter and her husband. I hope to have it done in time for their first wedding anniversary in November! There are two birds in the picture surrounded by a wreath of flowers. I will link up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching group in the morning. I suspect. Labels: 15 Minutes to Stitch, Oh Scrap, Slow Sunday Stitching. 8 comments: Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana August 23, 2020 at 12:26 PM. Just love your crazy quilt stitching, Sherrie. You have great projects on the go including this awesome cat! Reply Delete. Replies. Reply

May's First Slow Sunday Stitching. The weather is sure heating up here in Florida, and even though it's spring weather wise we have moved into summer; the weather now will just stay hot and hotter as the days move forward with no real relief until mid to late October, for me it's the one drawback of living in Florida, as I grow older not having. Labels: #100daychallenge2017, Slow Stitch Sunday. Friday, January 20, 2017. Friday Night (Virtual) Sew In. I have this quilt pattern idea-a fill in the blocks setting that would allow you to add your choice of 8-inch blocks It is ready for hand stitching so I will let that be my Sunday Slow Stitching to link up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching. The only other thing I accomplished in sewing this week was to make another block from the 30's Farmer's Wife book I think I have finished my little version of a slow stitch fabric book. I had to make the decision when to stop. Just going to have to make another I think, as it is very addictive. Loved doing this one. Happy Sunshiny Sunday everyone. . 4. 3. When making a paper collage one accumulates lots of paper scraps Slow Stitching Sunday. Holy Guacamole! It's been a long time since I've done a Slow Stitching Sunday post. Since August! It's not because I haven't been stitching, it's mostly because I haven't been in a blogging mood. Isn't that strange. I have been busy making piece hexies for my On The Road Quilt. I work on this almost every day

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  1. Slow Sunday Stitching. Linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching @ Kathy's Quilts. Yesterday was a little rough, so I put away Fall Fairy and pulled out a new start. I fully intended to finish a page before putting her away but it just didn't happen. My new start isn't really *new* per se, but is a restart of a restart, The Fairy Spell by HAED
  2. Today will be a good slow stitching day as it's rainy and dreary outside. See fabulous Stitcher's Stitchings at Kathy's Quilts:Slow Sunday Stitching . Posted by Judy D in WA at 8:12 A
  3. Today's project, while I join many of you at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching, is a small cross stitch decoration.It is all prepared and ready to be worked on. It is named Lil' Miss Snow Angel by Sugar Stitches available on etsy.With the aid of magnifiers, hopefully I can stitch on 32 ct linen
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Slow Stitching Sunday. She's off the frame for good this time! Finally! WooHoo...I'm kicking up my heels hillbilly style. Me doing the Happy Hillbilly Hoedown isn't nearly as pretty as the quilt, but I'm sure both would make you smile! The 36 yo-yo's have been glue basted and ready are for hand stitching. As soon as I machine stitch the binding. Slow Stitching Sunday and lots of projects. I do most of my slow stitching on weekdays, not on the weekends. Today I did some slow stitching on my Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine block. This is block #10 of 12 blocks. I've moved the hoop since this photo was taken. block #10. I finished block #9 earlier in July, but haven't shown it before now Slow Sunday Stitching 3. Published on November 23, 2014. by janhatchett. Hello friends, This week, I haven't worked a single stitch on the quilt. The wonderful (steal of a deal, many years ago) lamp that sits just behind and beside my rocking chair has blown its ballast. Hubby will have to order a new part for it, so with the holidays. Lazy Sunday and Slow Stitch Sunday. Ultimately, I have three goals for today. 1) Finish the scarf I started two days ago on Caitlyn's Knitting Loom. This will be my Slow-Stitch Sunday project for Kathy's site; it's been ages since I worked on a slow-stitch project. 2) Finish Clue #3 of Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday mystery via Quiltmaker magazine Slow Stitching Sunday. 15 Minutes to Stitch. Hope you all have a great stitching day. Written by Sherrie at 1:28:00 PM. Labels: 15 Minutes to Stitch, Slow Sunday Stitching. 6 comments: Frédérique April 11, 2021 at 1:50 PM. Your table runner looks beautiful, will it be embroidered all over

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Slow Stitching Sunday. and Football!!! Today will find me joining my friends at Kathy's Quilts doing some Slow Stitching and watching the NFL Playoffs with My Guy. I can think of few better ways to spend a lovely Sunday! While in the hotel in the evenings in Asheville, I managed to stitch a tiny bit on a few of my Patchwork of the. Today is Sunday and I love linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday over at Kathy's Quilts and see what others are hand stitching. It's so much fun to see everyones projects and their progress week to week. In a world where things seem to be so fast paced, it's nice to take the time for oneself

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FNSI and Slow Sunday Stitching Friday night was FNSI over at Wendy's blog, and I had heaps of plans for what I wanted to achieve. When I got home, I dished up a big slice of pizza and a glass of wine Take pleasure in every stitch, and a few goals will be reached by the end of the year. 15 Minutes to Stitch. Finding time to sew, knit, do. Slow Sunday Stitching I've just finished hand quilting the second block of my New Zealand Botanical quilt. I'm doing Big Stitch quilting, and using a Sue Spargo thread, Perle No 8 in a pretty variegated pale green. This block shows the Chatham Island Forget-me-not, and has large shiny leaves, with clusters of sky blue flowers. The plants. Slow Sunday Stitching. Hi Kathy, and blogging friends, I was just passing by, hadn't intended to say hello, but I couldn't resist! No embroidery, but I am using tiny hand stitches to complete my polka dot lady. Don't forget, click on any photo to get a bigger picture Taking slow stitch to a new meaning I am slow stitching myself to a beautiful design. My heart My Soul and My body. Thursday, March 17, 2011. Down 5 Pounds. Sunday, March 6, 2011. Down 4 Pounds in 2 Weeks. I am on track and ahead of schedule. I want to loose a pound a week and it has only been 2 weeks, and I 50 weeks left so I am on track Linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching, while watching golf to see if Tiger can play his way into the Playoffs this year. NFL season starts soon, and I can't wait for Sundays with My Guy and lots of stitching and football - woohoo!!!! Also linking up with Main Crush Monday @ Cooking Up Quilts and Tuesday Linky Party.

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Slow stitching Sunday and a mini quilt finish. Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a great weekend with my family. The weather was beautiful and I also got to do some sewing. Today, is I was able to continue hand sewing on my Leo's Mane quilt project. I had completed step 1 in the sew along quite early some slow Sunday stitching. Loving adding little bits & pieces to my 'patchwork boho' quilt blocks. I finally feel my machine applique stitch is getting tidier. and am now trying out lots of new-to-me embroidery stitches to add some detail. to my floral collage blocks . . . Following a slightly wonky line in the fabric pattern Sunday, February 16, 2014 Slow Stitching Sunday I was planning on Slow Stitching today because it is Sunday and I have made it a habit to join in with Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday, but I was also hoping to rock in my sewing room and work on some other stuff too Slow stitching Sunday is going just Dearly I have had a great day working on some hand stitching blocks. Dear Jane blocks.... I prepared a few by machine and have them ready to hand stitch. I have drawn the lines on with a white Karisma pencil. It rubs or washes off when done. It had actually rubbed off by the time I had finished stitching I have at last got all the Dear Jane square blocks together, along with the sashing and the cornerstones and I am now finally working on the border triangles. Also I would like to welcome Laura Bender who is my 300th Follower on my blog! Time to join up with Kathy at Slow Stitching Sunday. Posted by Frances Meredith at 22.1.17

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Embroidery & Beads for Slow Sunday Stitching We have another great workshop that got me totally inspired at the TextileArtist.org's Stitch Club. Kate Tume's workshop is about exploring narrative potential with embellishment. Embellishing with embroidery and beads Slow Stitch Stitch Along~ Weeks 7 and 8 Well folks, I'm still working through my sorbello stitch square! Taking me some time this go-around because of an absolutely jam-packed last couple of weeks that included work, my son's birthday celebration, two major house leaks and Halloween, not to mention everything else that is involved in living.

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Slow Stitching Sunday - April 22, 2018. Wow, fast week! Work is heating up on the usual monthly schedule and there's another (minor, thankfully) project heading my way. So crafting time will be light on the ground this week. I'm not setting any goals for myself, because any crafting time I manage will be a hit or miss thing Slow Stitch Recovery. Join us for some relaxing craft time with Japanese slow stitching in Melbourne CBD. Slow down the mind and body for the afternoon as you stitch your choice of a small pouch, pincushion, lavendar sachet or coaster in the Japanese tradition of mottainai - not to be wasteful. Sunday 28 March 2pm-4pm $79 includes. Slow Stitch Day 3 Weekend Retreat - August Come spend three days of almost non-stop hand stitching, embroidery, sashiko, knitting, or crocheting with old friends and new friends! We provide the space, lunch, beverages and snacks, and a surprise goody bag

This Sunday I have two projects regarding my favorite interests while I slow stitch with the nicest group of people at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching linky party. Decisions, decisions. I enjoy playing and watching golf, and there is a skater in the family which is why I was drawn to these needlepoint canvases Slow stitching my binding old school! Lately, I've been sewing the binding on both sides by machine. It is so durable and fast! But, today for this project...hand sewing the binding back seemed the correct choice. Now to make and attach a sewing sleeve and this project will be done well before it's June 2019 deadline! YAY! Linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching - June 20, 2021. Didn't get quite as much crafting time in this week as I had hoped to. Several appointments either ran long, were postponed or took more time to prepare for than I had expected. Some days are just like that! I did get to six hours on the Unicorn Pillow Welcome to my Page dedicated to Stitch Meditation, Slow Stitching and Hand Embroidery! I have become fascinated and inspired by the movements of Stitch Meditation and Slow Stitching lately (see photo of Roots of Grace on the HOME page). So I decided that I wanted a place where I could not onl Slow Stitch. 79 likes · 1 talking about this. A spiritual thread of brothers and sisters on a patient journey of mending ourselves through musi