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  1. Getting the right registered agent is critical for your Florida small business or Limited Liability Company (LLC). The right registered agent will guarantee that you comply with all state legislation and your personal information and assets are protected from public records
  2. Registered Agent Name and Address The individual or legal entity that will accept service of process on behalf of the business entity is the registered agent. A business entity with an active Florida filing or registration may serve as a registered agent. An entity cannot serve as its own registered agent
  3. Statement of Registered Agent/Registered Office Change (PDF) Certificate of Withdrawal of Authority to Transact Business (PDF) or; Statement of Correction (PDF) Written Consent to Adopt Alternate Name (PDF) Resolution to Renounce Alternate Name (PDF) Domestication (PDF) Conversion Forms. Florida LLC into Other Business Entity (PDF
  4. When you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, you can use our Florida business address on your public filings, and our registered agent service and business formation services automatically include a free mail forwarding option—up to 5 mail scans per year—for any business that needs it. But we can go much further

A registered agent is a person or business entity that's responsible for receiving important paperwork like legal documents, tax forms, annual reports, or a notice of a lawsuit. During the process of setting up an LLC in Florida, a company must list a registered agent on the Articles of Organization To create a Florida limited liability company (LLC) OR correct your rejected online filing: Review the instructions for filing the Articles of Organization. Gather all information required to complete the form. Have a valid form of payment. File or Correct Florida LLC Articles of Organization Your registered agent in Florida will accept any legal correspondence and services of process for your business entity. It is a requirement in Florida for every LLC and corporation to select a registered agent during the process of formation. Companies without registered agents will face penalties from the state's Division of Corporations Every corporation or LLC in Florida are required by law to have a registered agent. Florida registered agents serve as a business' main point of contact with the world. If an LLC or corporation in Florida is sued, the Florida registered agent will be served with the legal paperwork (service of process)

Registered Agent: Name and address of the entity's current registered agent. Officer/Director Detail: Names, addresses, and titles of the current officers/directors/managers, etc. Title: Capacity of current officers, directors, managers, etc. (See abbreviations.) Annual Reports: Year and date of filing for the last three Annual Reports, if any A Florida registered agent is an individual or business entity that acts as the point of contact for your business for: All communication with the State of Florida, such as the Florida Annual Report and certificate of good standing Receives all service of process for the business in any lawsui Submit changes to your email address, mailing address, FEIN or registered agent/registered office. Reprint Check Voucher Reprint the check voucher for your annual report, reinstatement, fictitious name registration or renewal

This is where the Private Florida LLC structure is critical. When you hire Florida Registered Agent LLC, we are legally allowed to list our Florida business address as your principal address on your formation document. Your address is then kept from the public record. We will also form two LLCs, not one Every Florida company must have a registered agent. The agent is the public face and responsible for receipt of important tax and legal documents. If the Florida LLC is formed correctly, you can prevent your personal information from appearing online. This means you can form an anonymous LLC in Florida with our service Appoint a Registered Agent Title XXXVI 608.415 of the Florida state statutes requires a limited liability company to appoint their Florida registered agent on the Articles of Organization. There is a $25 fee, which should be included with the filing fee above

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Every LLC operating in Florida must appoint a Florida registered agent. If you live in Florida, you can be your own registered agent, or you can hire a Florida registered agent service like Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®. We charge only $35 a year for our Florida registered agent service. 3 The registered agent in Florida must: Be an individual Florida resident or a business entity located in Florida Have a Florida street address (P.O. boxes are not allowed) * If your registered agent is a foreign business entity, it must be authorized to transact business in Florida officer/ra name entity name entity number; florida registered agent llc: 3ho foundation international, inc. 842616: florida registered agent llc: everglades townhomes l Florida LLC registered agent requirements are important to understand because Florida mandates that businesses that are either incorporating or registering an existing business in the state must have a registered agent on file. Registered agents are authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of the business A Florida registered agent can be either a business entity or an individual that agrees to accept service of process and official mail for corporations, LLCs and other entities registered in Florida. In accordance with state law, a Florida registered agent must have a physical street location in the state, called a registered office, where.

Registered Agent for Florida LLC. (1) Each limited liability company and each foreign limited liability company that has a certificate of authority under s. 605.0902 shall designate and continuously maintain in this state: (a) A registered office, which may be the same as its place of business in this state; and. (b) A registered agent, who. To resign as a registered agent in Florida, you must mail a copy of your statement of Resignation of Registered Agent to the company that you had been representing at its principal office. Then, submit the original copy of the Resignation of Registered Agent, cover sheet and payment for processing to the Florida Department of State The 2020 Florida Statutes. 607.0501 Registered office and registered agent.—. 1. An individual who resides in this state whose business address is identical to the address of the registered office; 2. Another domestic entity that is an authorized entity and whose business address is identical to the address of the registered office; or. 3 If you have an LLC that's incorporated in Florida and you need a Registered Agent, we can help. Incfile provides a complete Registered Agent service for any Florida business. If you form your business through Incfile, we'll act as your Registered Agent free for your first year (normally a $119 annual cost)

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Search Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks by Officer or Registered Agent. Name: If an individual,enter as: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial. Partial names are acceptable. Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations Florida Registered Agent LLC. Incorporation. Business Profile. Florida Registered Agent LLC. 7901 4th St N STE 300. Saint Petersburg, FL 33702-4305. BBB of West Florida. More Info on Local BBB The name of a limited liability company in the state of Florida must contain the words Limited Liability Company, The abbreviation L.L.C., or the designation LLC. A preliminary search for name availability can be made on the Internet through the Division's records at www.sunbiz.org

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(A Florida Limited Liability Company) The Articles of Organization for this Limited Liability Company were filed on and assigned New Registered Agent's Signature, if changing Registered Agent: I hereby accept the appointment as registered agent and agree to act in this capacity. I further agree to comply with th Florida's requirements include: Registered agent. LLCs must list the name and address of a registered agent with a physical address (no post office boxes) in Florida. The registered agent must be available during normal business hours to accept important legal and tax documents for the business Where a plaintiff is unable to personally serve the LLC's registered agent, manager, member, or other designated employee after reasonable diligence, Section 48.062(3) now expressly authorizes substitute service upon the Florida Secretary of State as designated agent of the LLC, as provided in Section 48.181, Florida Statutes Option 1: You can be your LLC's Registered Agent. Option 2: A friend or family member can be your LLC's Registered Agent. Option 3: You can hire a Commercial Registered Agent for a fee. Note: There are a couple states that allow your LLC to serve as its own Registered Agent, but this is the exception to the rule A resident agent—sometimes called a registered agent or statutory agent—serves as the official contact for a business entity in the state in which the entity formed and every other state where the entity is formally registered to do business. The LLC laws in each state require a limited liability company to either act as its own registered.

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A registered agent is a person or business entity that agrees to receive the service of process on behalf of your LLC. Service of process includes legal documents like lawsuits, complaints, subpoenas, etc. Once the registered agent receives the service of process, they're supposed to forward it to the relevant person/department in the Florida. the street address of your LLC's current designated office in Florida; if different, your LLC's mailing address; the name and street address of your LLC's registered agent in Florida; a statement of acceptance by your registered agent including the agent's signature; the name, title, and address of each person who has authority to manage your LLC

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  1. The registered agent can be a Florida business or a resident. It is a legal requirement in Florida that all corporations and LLCs appoint their registered agent during the process of formation. If your business gets sued, the court sends a notice to the registered agent you appoint
  2. The agent must have a physical registered office or street location in the state of Florida so that the notifications and documents can be delivered to the agent at that address. It should be available at the provided address in business hours (9 am to 5 pm) so that the mails can be handed over to him during business hours
  3. The fee to resign as a registered agent in Florida depends on the business entity type and if the entity was active or inactive/dissolved). For corporations, the resigning fee is $87.50 for active corporations and $35.00 for inactive corporations. When it comes to LLCS, it will cost a resigning agent $85.00 to resign from an active LLC and $25.
  4. g an LLC in Florida, an individual.
  5. Florida requires certain items for their foreign LLCs. The requirements may be similar to the ones in your state. The name of the Florida Foreign LLC must be unique. It must contain the designation Limited Liability Company, L.L.C., or LLC. The LLC must also appoint a registered agent, who can accept service of process
  6. Yes. Every LLC or corporation is required to have an official Registered Agent (sometimes called a statutory agent, resident agent or agent for service of process) in each state where it does business. A Registered Agent serves as a permanent physical presence in the state, and the Registered Agent address is where the state government can.
  7. Registered Agent in Florida. If you operate a company in the state of Florida, such as an LLC, that company is required to have a registered agent. The role of the registered agent is to be available for receipt of important documents on the company's behalf. For your company's initial report filing with the state, only the registered agent.

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Florida Registered Agent. - Rated 4.4 / 5 by 93 clients on Google+. Order $89 to $99 Florida registered agent service online for immediate access to our address and state forms. No additional charges. Your business must appoint a Florida registered agent to receive documents in legal matters, including notice of lawsuit Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be dissolved in three different ways: voluntarily, administratively, or judicially. Terminate the authority of the registered agent of the LLC. In settling accounts after dissolution of a LLC, the assets of the LLC must be distributed in the following order: 1. To creditors, including members who.

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A registered agent must be available from 8-5 every weekday. By hiring a registered agent service, you can choose your own hours. Form an LLC in another state. A registered agent must have a legal residence in the state where the business is formed. Hiring a national registered agent service will let you form an LLC in any of the 50 states 1. ZenBusiness - $99/year. We chose ZenBusiness as the best registered agent service. ZenBusiness is a small business formation service dedicated to helping others launch their businesses. The company was founded in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs who experienced the barriers that others continue to face today when starting a business.. After researching many other LLC formation services. Order Online - $305. Registered agent services - includes a registered agent location within the state to receive legal and critical business communications and a dedicated team to receive and route all service of process legal notifications. Online portal - compliance portal to keep your business compliant 24/7 A registered agent may be either an individual resident or business entity that is authorized to do business in Florida. The registered agent must have a physical street address in Florida. 3. File Articles of Organization. A Florida LLC is created by filing Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations. The articles must. 4 Top Florida Registered Agent Services & Description. A registered agent service is a company that specializes in being a registered agent for a wide variety of businesses across the country, bringing tons of expertise and a healthy dose of reliability to the role.. What's great is that the personal addresses of home-based entrepreneurs remain private when you hire a professional registered.

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  1. URS Agents, LLC provides cost-effective professional Florida Registered Agent / Resident Agent service in all 50 states. URS offers great service at a great price! Call us for more information regarding how we can help you with starting a business in Florida
  2. The Florida Registered Agent you appoint for your company, will receive legal service and government notices on your behalf. The Articles of Incorporation or Organization for both domestic and foreign entities, ask for the address of the registered office to receive service of process. The Service of Process is a notice of a summons or a.
  3. Florida Registered Agent Florida Registered Agent Service. A Florida Registered Agent will be the communication contact between the government and your Florida LLC or Florida Corporation. What this means is the state will send a renewal notice or compliance notice to the registered agents office address in Florida
  4. Step 3. File Your Florida LLC Articles of Organization. After choosing your registered agent, the next step is to file the LLC Articles of Organization with the Florida Department of State. This is the document that actually forms your LLC as a separate legal entity. With your application, you'll need to pay the Florida LLC Filing Fee: $125. The simplest way to file the document is online.
  5. The LLC's Articles of Organization is required to be filed with the state of Florida in order to form a Florida LLC. The Florida state filing fee is $125. The Basic LLC Package fee: ($189) Includes $125 filing fee. $64 first year registered agent service fee includes processing, handling and priority mail delivery

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  1. Registered agent is simply a person that is designated to receive documentation (mail or service of process for example) on behalf of the LLC. You can act as your own registered agent if you reside within the state of Florida. Registered Agent address MUST be a Florida street address. No out of state address or PO Box allowed
  2. To start an LLC in Florida, you must name a Florida Registered Agent. This address can be viewed through sunbiz.org, which is the Florida Secretary of State's official website. This statutory agent allows your LLC to be reached if a lawsuit needs to be served in Florida
  3. Florida requires that an individual, or service company, be responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents. This service is provided by an agent of the LLC who is registered within Florida, thus the term Registered Agent

2013 Florida Statutes. Title XXXVI BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS. Chapter 605. FLORIDA REVISED LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ACT Entire Chapter. CHAPTER 605. FLORIDA REVISED LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ACT. 605.0101. Short title. 605.0102 The LLC itself, as a business entity, cannot serve as its own registered agent. However, one of the LLC's individual owners, called members, can serve as the LLC's registered agent. The key benefit of this approach is that it's easy. LLC members can also be sure that important correspondence goes to one of the owners Their business is recorded as Florida Limited Liability Company. The Company's current operating status is ACTIVE. Company Info Document Number: L21000281841. Business Name: MFZ FLORIDA, LLC. Date Filed: Registered Agent Name. LINDSAY, JOSEPH L. Agent Address. 13180 LIVINGSTON ROAD, SUITE 206, NAPLES, FL 34109. Anonymous Double Florida LLC Strategy. This corporate structuring technique will enable you to form an anonymous Limited Liability Company in states which do not initially appear to allow anonymous LLCs. The most common example is the so called Florida Double LLC which was trademarked by a local registered agent in FL A registered agent is a business's legal appointee to receive notice of lawsuit and other legal or government notices. State law requires every LLC, corporation, and other business entity to have a registered agent. Learn more about registered agents in our information center

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Florida LLC Resignation of Registered Agent Form. 01 Jul, 2017 florida, LLC, Secretary of State 0. In the case of a registered agent for a limited liability company that is registered in the State of Florida wanting to resign and become relieved of his/her duties, the following form has to be completed and submitted. Download Their business is recorded as Florida Limited Liability Company. The Company's current operating status is INACTIVE. Company Info Document Number: L01000018462. Business Name: JDM, LLC. Date Filed: 10/23/2001 Registered Agent Name. MOSS, JONATHAN D. Agent Address. 219 CHURCHILL ROAD, WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33405. The registered office address is part of the public record. A registered office must include a complete address includes the street number and name, city, state, zip code and the locality. A locality is the county or independent city in Virginia where the registered office is located. *Post Office Boxes are only acceptable for cities/towns that. Most companies trick you into hiring them as your LLC's Registered Agent (this isn't required). We'll explain what a Registered Agent is, who should be your. The registered office is the address where the registered agent is located during normal business hours. The registered office address must be a Florida street address. A post office box is not acceptable. The registered agent may be an individual or another business entity with an active Florida filing or registration on our records

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Registered Agent and Registered Office: The registered agent is an individual or business entity that has agreed to accept service of process in the state of Florida on behalf of your limited liability company. The limited liability company itself cannot serve as its own registered agent Florida Corporation ORDER ONLINE (Inc., Ltd., Co., Corp., Limited, Corporation) Florida LLC ORDER ONLINE Limited Liability Company (L.L.C., LLC, LC) Florida Name Check ; Florida Registered Agent; Florida Annual Report (List of Officers) Company Minutes; Corporate & LLC Kits; EIN (Tax ID) S Corporation Filin

Every corporation and LLC that transacts business in the state of Florida, that owns real property, or that has a mortgage in the state of Florida is required to have a Registered Agent on file with the Florida Department of State for the purpose of ensuring a physical address for legal and tax documents Florida Registered Agents. Agent price comparison. Agent Login Request Login. Florida Lowest Resident Agent Price. Free. Florida Average Resident Agent Price. $160.75

Florida LLC Information Call the Florida Incorporation Service Toll Free: 800-370-2942. Florida Incorporation Service provides helpful information and clarification as you form your Limited Liability Company (LLC).. There are many benefits that may result from establishing your business as a Florida Limited Liability Company, including important tax and additional financial advantages REGISTERED AGENTS LEGAL SERVICES, LLC is, or was from TALLAHASSEE in Florida, United States. Registered Agents Legal Services, Llc is associated with at least 20 companies including NRI CONSTRUCTION DELAWARE, INC., PENNISULA STAFFING SERVICES LLC and ADVANCED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LLC. 6 of these companies are active and the last major event filing was less than a year ago on 25th September 2020 Registered Agents and Service of Process Section 605.0113(3) limits the duties of a registered agent to forwarding process, notice, or demand served upon it to the company, as well providing notice of the agent's resignation to the company. Service of process on an LLC 2 is now compatible with new §48.062, which was also passed as part of SB.

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A Registered Agent is required for every Florida Corporations and LLC. The chosen registered agent must have a physical street address in Florida. While you can serve as your own registered agent, it will make your personal information visible to the public The registered agent may be either a business or an individual person, you can be your own registered agent for LLC formation as long as you meet the requirements. The registered agent must do the following: Live in the state where the LLC is registered. Receive service of process in a lawsuit or other legal matter. Receive annual LLC reports A registered agent is your Florida LLC's main contact with the state of Florida when you form your Florida LLC. This authorized representative must be reliable and also must reside in the same state as the business entity. The registered agent is the responsible party selected to receive all legal documents and mailings: tax forms, service of. Excellent Price: We are $49 Per Year. Local Office: Georgia Registered Agent LLC is located in Roswell GA. Help, Not Just an Invoice: We provide Annual Registration Reminders and can answer your business questions. Online Account: You can manage your business with our software and your own personal secure Step 2: Choose a Florida Registered Agent. When you file your Articles of Organization, you'll need to list a registered agent.. A registered agent's job is to accept legal documents like service of process and tax notices for your LLC. Your registered agent can be a person or a registered agent service

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This website focuses on the process for setting up an LLC in Florida. The most important resource you will use is Sunbiz (www.Sunbiz.org) which has a lot of information on different business formations in Florida. You can also electronically file to form an LLC in Florida on the Sunbiz site. How to Form a LLC in Florida. LLC Operating Agreement Registered agent services typically cost somewhere between $100 and $300 per year. For some business owners, it's well worth the fee to not have to track the official notices and annual report due dates with the state. If you hire a registered agent service your registered agent should have a system in place to track and notify you when. IncFile stands out as the best price performer for registered agent services. The cheapest package allows users to create an LLC for as little as $49 plus state fees. This package also includes a free year of registered agent services. Having a free year of registered agent services makes it a price performer as other providers charge its users. The registered agent is necessary to guarantee reception of and forward legal documents, notice of lawsuits, and any other communication from the state. A business address, on the other hand, is used to indicate the main location from which the business operates. If you run an LLC, this is your commercial office location In every state where I've looked into this, the law regarding registered agents, for LLCs, corporations, or any other entity required to have a registered agent, requires that the address provided for the registered agent be a place at which the r..

We are also able to act as your Registered Agent in Florida. For more information, or to register your Delaware corporation in Florida and start doing business in Florida, please call 1-800-345-2677, Ext. 6130. *Disclaimer*: Harvard Business Services, Inc. is neither a law firm nor an accounting firm and, even in cases where the author is an. Registered Agent Services $99/Year!*. * Prices as low as low as $67/year with 5-year service (continental U.S. and Hawaii only). Select State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts. Step 3: File Florida Articles of Organization. Picking a name and appointing a registered agent doesn't mean your business is official yet. To make it an official LLC in Florida, you'll need to complete your Articles of Organization and file it with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations 31. What is the difference between a corporation and a limited liability company? 32. What is the difference between a Member, Manager, and Managing Member in a Limited Liability Company? 33. Where do I obtain a business license? 34. What is a Registered Agent? What is a Registered Office? 35. Who do I make the check or money order payable to? 36

A completed cover letter. Application by Foreign Limited Liability Company for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida form. Certificate of Designation of Registered Agent form. Approved documents from Delaware. Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware (can be no more than 90 days old) Florida will require you to have a Registered Agent The LLC organizer may be an attorney, friend, family member, registered agent, business formation company, or other third parties that help you complete and file the LLC formation documents. There are generally no legal requirements for an organizer to perform any other duty past completing and submitting accurate LLC documents A registered agent is a person or organization that is authorized to receive service of process notices, official government correspondence, and any other compliance-related documentation on behalf of the business. Every business entity, regardless if it's an LLC, a traditional corporation, or a nonprofit organization, must appoint a registered. Get directions, reviews and information for Florida Registered Agent LLC in Tampa, FL. Florida Registered Agent LLC 3030 N Rocky Point Dr Ste 150A Tampa FL 33607. 1 Reviews (850) 807-4500 Website. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability.

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An LLC or a corporation is domestic in the state of organization, or the state where it started. A company can engage in business in a domestic state without having to undergo qualification. A foreign LLC or corporation may have to qualify to conduct business in another state if its business transactions meet certain requirements The dedicated Registered Agent team at Capitol Services has years of experience. You can be confident that your important legal service of process and state notices will be handled promptly, reliably, and with attention to detail. We provide you with personal service at a reasonable price

At NC Registered Agent, LLC, we offer the fastest, most reliable NC registered agent service in the state. Our local Raleigh office accepts, uploads and processes thousands of documents every day for North Carolina LLCs and corporations. No other registered agent in North Carolina is more trusted. What You Get for $49 Per Year: Total compliance. Registered Agents Inc. is, or was from St. Petersburg in Florida, United States. Registered Agents Inc. is associated with at least 379 companies including TERRY PLUMBING AND HOME SERVICES, INC., HRC HOME HEALTH SERVICES-PALM BEACH, LLC and HRC HOME HEALTH SERVICES-MIAMI DADE, LLC. 357 of these companies are active and the last major event filing was less than a year ago on 30th October 2020 What is a Registered Agent? A Registered Agent is required when forming an LLC and other types of businesses. This video explains what a registered agent is,.. Having a registered agent is only one corporate compliance requirement. With our service, you get much more than other providers. All of our clients receive access to our industry leading suite of online corporate entity management tools complete with a compliance task calendar to help you ensure that your business stays in compliance year after year

On average, a general Certificate of Change of Agent costs about $50. However, you can request expedited service, depending on your situation. The price quickly scales from $100 to $2,000 depending on how fast you need it done. In some states, you can complete it within an hour. A general, non-expedited change takes about two to three weeks Offering LLC formation and registered agent services, CorpNet is renowned for their invaluable experience and the level of attention they pay to their clients, lacking in many other competitors. They've handled the formation of over 100,000 LLCs and corporations in the USA. Their registered agent services are top-notch and reliable, as well Registered Agent service (AKA Resident Agent service) alone can cost you up to $320 per year with some companies. FreeRegisteredAgent.com, through an affiliation with InCorp, will provide your first year of registered agent service with us for FREE and $99 per year thereafter - or we will match any competitor's offer for service after the first.

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Registered Agent Service. A Registered Agent is a person or entity that receives official documentation on behalf of the company. This can include Annual Report notices, Service of Process, Tax Notices and other important documents. A Registered Agent must also be available during normal business hours Registered agents are necessary because they provide a much-needed point of contact for communication and exchange of information between your limited liability company and the state. Without a registered agent to mediate interactions, the line of communication between the two parties will not be as direct and straightforward as it is Every person or business entity that agrees to act as the registered agent of a limited liability company must provide that consent in written form. The Registered Agent for your corporation or LLC must be located at a legal address (not a PO Box) within that state, hence they LLC statutes . Florida. Florida Department of State's office. URS Agents, LLC provides professional Registered Agent service in all 50 states. URS offers great service at a great price! Call us for more information..