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1. DePuy Synthes PINNACLE Dual Mobility Jump Distance Assessment. 12/16/2019. ADAPTIV #103647144 2-3. UK NJR 2020 Nov Implant Summary Report available at www.corailpinnacle.net 4. Royalty COE, PINNACLE WW implantations 2000 - June 2019. 5. DePuy Synthes PINNACLE Dual Mobility Jump Distance Assessment. 12/16/2019. ADAPTIV #10364714 BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility Cup Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction 7 of 36 Trial Cup A trial of the same size as the reamer allows assessment of the fit and position of the cup. Key characteristics of the cup trial are shown in Figure 10. Follow the sequence shown in Figure 11 to assemble the cup trial to the cup holder adaptor Bi-Mentum Dual Mobility System - Surgical Technique Dual-mobility acetabular cups are designed to increase the stability of the hip implant in patients with a higher risk of dislocation. They feature a standard femoral head articulating within a.. 8 PINNACLE® HIP SOLUTIONS Polyethylene Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction ANTEROLATERAL SURGICAL APPROACH Use the approach with which you are most familiar. PINNACLE Hip System instrumentation was designed to accommodate all surgical approaches The BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility Hip System is a monoblock dual mobility hip system which is the first in a cadence of Dual Mobility options within the DePuy Synthes portfolio. The BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility system has a significant clinical heritage and provides optimal head to shell ratio

Figure 1 2 DePuy Synthes GYROS Mobile Bearing Cup Surgical Technique NORTDI UCTONI Professor Bousquet from St Etienne in France, first defined the original concept of dual mobility in the early 1970's.1 The concept; a prosthetic head mobile within a retentive polyethylene insert, which is free t About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Case accommodates two sets of Pinnacle trial heads Case accommodates any two broach handles 2570-00-000 Standard straight broach handle 2598-07-540 Long straight broach handle 2598-07-550* Curved broach handle 2598-07-350* Dual-Offset broach handle (left) 2598-07-360* Dual-Offset broach handle (right) 2598-07-530 Modular box osteotom DePuy Synthes Pinnacle 32 32 36 Maximum femoral head size (mm) Dual mobility at its best Add to the inherent stability of the Trident II System with our Modular Dual Mobility (MDM) bearing option. MDM is designed to help prevent dislocation16-20 and assist your operative goals of stability16, longevity21,2

DePuy Synthes Pinnacle AltrX (7.5 Mrad) 442 446 Statistically equivalent 204 53% Lower invasive surgical technique, advanced biomaterials or a patient-matched implant. When one surgeon connects with one patient to provide personalized care, the promise of medicine is fulfilled A dual mobility system addition to DePuy Synthes' Pinnacle acetabular cup system. The Pinnacle dual mobility system is a modular system that combines the Pinnacle acetabular cup system and the Bi-Mentum dual mobility polyethylene liner to provide enhanced stability hip construct 0.17 mm of pinch deformity [4]. A study of Depuy Pinnacle (Warsaw, IN) acetabular shells also demonstrated a comparable incidence and degree of deformation[12]. Other intraoperative complications can also predispose to incomplete seating. The taper of the liner may be damaged by the insertion technique resulting in deformations in both the. A dual mobility system addition to DePuy Synthes' Pinnacle acetabular cup system. The Pinnacle dual mobility system is modular and combines the Pinnacle acetabular cup system and the Bi-Mentum dual mobility polyethylene liner. The goal is enhanced stability hip construct. A 2.7 mm variable-angle locking compression clavicle plate system to.

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Full surgical technique details can be found in LSP69. Under-reaming by 1 to 2 mm of the actual Trident Hemispherical shell size is recommended to achieve interference fit. trident psl: Full surgical technique details can be found in LSP68. The Trident PSL HA shell periphery is 1.8mm larger than the stated size (e.g., 52mm shell = 53.8m DePuy Synthes is now bringing the latest dual-mobility acetabular cups, identical to Serf ® dual-mobility cups, under its own brand name, BI-MENTUM Dual Mobility. This clinically proven dual-mobility technology has achieved a track record of 100% cup survivorship at 10 years and also an implant milestone of 165,000 cups since 2007. The ®Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System is uniquely designed with a range of acetabular cup options, biological and mechanical The Pinnacle system offers multiple liner and advanced bearing options for wear reduction and surgical flexibilityin restoring *DePuy Enduron ® Polyethylene. Today's patients require more from implants than. ZhongxSE DECISION MADE: 09-SEP-20 Taipei TW 10050 510(k) SUMMARY AVAILABLE FROM FDA DEVICE: DePuy Synthes 2.7mm VA LCP Clavicle Hook Plate System DePuy Synthes 510(k) NO: K201959(Traditional) ATTN.

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3. DePuy's dual-mobility acetabular cups have been implanted in 165,000 cases since 2007. 4. The rate of instability caused by dislocation after total hip arthroplasty is as high as 7 percent in the primary setting and 25 percent in the revision setting. Surgically treating a dislocation after THA can increase hip replacement costs by 342 percent DePuy Synthes is making happier hips possible, with its recent launch of the ACTIS Total Hip System at the 2018 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting. According to the company, this is the first DePuy Synthes hip system designed to be utilized with tissue-sparing approaches such as the minimally invasive Anterior.

The Active Articulation(TM) Hip System is Biomet's first hip system in the United States to merge the concept of dual mobility with the benefits of Biomet's exclusive E1(R) Antioxidant Infused technology and a proven cup design1.. The dual mobility hip concept was developed over 30 years ago2 and has since experienced clinical success.2,3 The concept utilizes a small femoral head that. At HSS, we have conducted numerous studies on the dual mobility implant and have published the results in peer-reviewed medical journals. In one study, we compared the dual mobility system with the traditional fixed bearing system in two age-matched groups of patients who had a primary total hip replacement over the same time period. There were. Pinnacle Hip Solutions. Polyethylene Surgical Technique. Part No 0612-83-512. DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. 2013. 2. R3 Acetabular System. Zimmer Biomet G7 Dual Mobility Surgical Technique. 0004.1-GLBL-en REV1115. 2015. 7. Data on file at Zimmer Biomet. 2015 G7 Competitive Matrix EMEA Sales Guide

DePuy Synthes Introduces KINCISE™ Surgical Automated System. The KINCISE™ Surgical Automated System is a battery-powered device that automates key steps in total hip replacement surgery, leading to more consistent clinical outcomes, helping to reduce surgeon fatigue and the potential for work-related injuries All patients received a Pinnacle acetabular cup (DePuy Synthes Holding AG, West Chester, PA), except 2 patients with a prior history of rigid spinal fusion, who received dual mobility cups (Stryker, Mahwah, NJ). A 28-mm head was used for cups up to 50 mm. A 32-mm head was used for cups ≥52 mm. A 36-mm head was used for cups ≥58 mm

(B) The PINNACLE Constrained Liner System is designed to address hip instability and provide resistance to dislocation and high ranges of motion with simple, reproducible insertion instruments. Preoperative diagnoses of the 46 study subjects were hip arthritis in 4, hip fracture in 37, and avascular necrosis in 5 Dual-mobility hip component is widely used in Europe and North America, because it effectively reduces hip dislocation in primary and revision total hip arthroplasties. However, reports were limited on the use of dual-mobility articulation in Asian populations. The aim of this retrospective study was to review the use of modular dual-mobility hip articulation in Asian patients with the high.

SURGICAL TECHNIQUE Use of a Constrained Acetabular Liner to Prevent and Treat Recurrent Dislocation after Total Hip Replacement Arthroplasty Joo Hyoun Song, MD, PhD1, Won Hwan Kwon, MD2, Seung-Bae Oh, MD1, Kyoung Ho Moon, MD, PhD2 1Department of Orthopedic Surgery, The Catholic University, St. Vincent's Hospital College of Medicine, Suwon-si and 2Department o Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies* today said DePuy Synthes, a leader in the cementless hip implant market, 1 has been informed of the European CE Mark on its new BI-MENTUM Dual Mobility System for use in patients with a higher risk of dislocation. BI-MENTUM features a standard femoral head articulating within a large polyethylene liner which then swivels within a metal shell A 75-year-old woman who suffered a left femoral neck fracture underwent a left total hip arthroplasty using a Stryker Trident (Kalamazoo, MI) hemispherical acetabular shell and Modular Dual Mobility (MDM) metal liner. Post-operative radiographs demonstrated canted seating of the liner. The patient was taken immediately back to the operating room where the acetabular liner appeared well seated. A Ceramic Hip Replacement. a ceramic femoral head with a polyethylene cup lining (ceramic on poly) In addition during June 2011 the FDA approved a new ceramic on metal system. Following the massive Depuy recall of metal-on-metal hip implants ceramic hips are fast becoming the implant of choice. In case your imagining that your hip will be made. depuy ireland uc: depuy pinnacle dual mobility liner: 09/11/2020: k120599: depuy orthopaedics: depuy m-spec 36mm femoral heads: 04/30/2013: k012364: depuy orthopaedics, inc. renovis surgical porous acetabular cup system: 11/04/2014: k132312: renovis surgical technologies, llc: renovis tesera trabecular technology (t3) acetabular shell.

Prospective Multi-Center Evaluation of 8 Year Metal Ion Trends for the Pinnacle System Used in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty (DePuy) 2013 in progress. Restoration Anatomic Dual Mobility (ADM) X3 Acetabular System Outcomes with Dr. Seth Greenky, MD (Stryker) 2013 in progress. The Systematic Recall of a Hip Replacement Device: A Preliminary. We present the case of a male patient with sepsis and a chronic discharging sinus in a multirevised total hip replacement. Following extensive debridement, the reimplanted hip became unstable. With the patient's long-term desire to return to work and ride a bicycle with his children, the patient agreed to proceed with a novel, custom-designed, constrained dual mobility liner which allowed.

PINNACLE® Dual Mobility Liner | J&J Medical Devices. Dual Mobility Liner. The PINNACLE ® Dual Mobility System is a modular dual mobility system combining with the PINNACLE ® Acetabular Cup System and BI-MENTUM TM Dual Mobility Polyethylene Liner to launch the next evolution of enhanced stability hip construct The Pinnacle Acetabular System has been used exclusively by the senior author since April 2003, and to date 5,882 have been implanted (837 ceramic liners, 4,751 polyethylene liners (1,606 Enduron/3,145 Marathon) and 294 metal liners). Influence of acetabular offset and surgical technique. Modular Dual-Mobility Liner Malseating: A. Description. From Which Medical Device . The Summit® Cementless Hip Replacement System from Depuy-Synthes is a tapered cementless titanium hip stem, whose features include a tapered neck geometry, a Porocoat porous or DuoFix HA coating, an anatomical medial curve, a grit blasted diaphyseal region and a polished distal tip to reduce cortical impingement Based on calculation of no. of trays compared to DePuy Pinnacle and Zimmer Biomet G7. microplasty-instrumentation-surgical-technique.pdf of care from performance and mobility to surgical. Information on this page pertains to DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuits being filed by individual who have ad the metal hip device. The DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system has been one of the most talked about metal-on-metal hip replacement devices, because it has allegedly caused a significant number injuries in patients who..

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3. Trident Acetabular System. Hemispherical Surgical Protocol. Part No TRIDEN-SP-2. Stryker Corporation. 2015. 4. Zimmer Biomet G7 Acetabular System Ordering Information. 0562.1-OUS-en REV0716. 2016. 5. Zimmer Biomet G7 BiSpherical Surgical Technique. BMET0857.0-INT REV0914. 2014. 6. Zimmer Biomet G7 Dual Mobility Surgical Technique. 0004.1. OR3O Dual Mobility is a modular design offering the benefits of the clinically-proven OXINIUM and highly cross linked polyethylene bearing along with a new proprietary bearing material, OXINIUM DH. 1,2 This combination offers the stability of dual mobility while providing unique design advantages that only Smith+Nephew can deliver. 3,4. References General Surgical Training Prospective Multi-Center Evaluation of 8 Year Metal Ion Trends for the Pinnacle MoM System Used in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty (DePuy) 2013 in progress. Restoration Anatomic Dual Mobility (ADM) X3 Acetabular System Outcomes Study with Brett Greenky, MD (Stryker) 2013 in progress. BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility System | CORAIL PINNACLE To further enhance the DePuy Synthes portfolio, a strategic co operation and supply agreement has been formed with Société dEtude, de Recherche et de Fabrication (SERF) to exclusively launch the SERF NOVAE® SunFit TH Dual Mobility System under the brand name BI-MENTUM Dual Mobility System The Trident Acetabular System utilizes the CuttingEdge Total Hip Acetabular Instrumentation. This surgical technique is a guide to preparing the acetabulum for the Trident PSL Acetabular System Implants utilizing a single set of acetabular instruments. The Trident PSL Acetabular System is a two-piece component design that is assembled during.

System (Wright Medical Technology, Memphis, TN, USA) in seven hips and the Pinnacle Acetabular Cup System (DePuy Orthopaedics, Warsaw, IN) in 12 hips. In the DMC-THA group, the Trident hemispherical acetabular shell and Modular Dual Mobility (MDM ) metal liner (Stryker Orthopaedics, Mahwah, NJ, USA) were used as the cup in all 33 hips. Th The company introduced its newest hip replacement product, the ADM X3 Mobile Bearing Acetabular System, in 2010. The ADM X3 is an acetabular component that uses a dual mobility cup concept that has been proven to reduce the risk of dislocation and improve stability DePuy Announces The Launch of Several New Products at this Year's AAOS Meeting. February 14th, 2012 Justin Barad Orthopedic Surgery. DePuy had some exciting announcements for new additions to.

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DePuy Synthes manufactured the DePuy Synthes Attune total knee device and the Radial Head Prosthesis System elbow joint replacement device. DePuy Synthes merged with DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, in 2011. It has more than 200 orthopedic products, including orthopedic hips, knees, elbow and shoulder replacements Aug. 20, 2020 11:00 UTC. The EMPOWR Acetabular™ System and EMPOWR Partial Knee™ restore healthy kinematics and promote surgical efficiency with single-tray implantation. AUSTIN, Texas-- ( BUSINESS WIRE )-- DJO, LLC (DJO or the Company), a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, today. Dual Mobility Implants in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty July 2014 Difference in Blood Loss with the use of Tranexamic Acid July 2014 Depuy Pinnacle Acetabular System Retrospective Review (Pending) July 201 The EMPOWR Acetabular™ System and EMPOWR Partial Knee™ restore healthy kinematics and promote surgical efficiency with single-tray implantation DJO, LLC (DJO or the Company), a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, today announced two new EMPOWR™ systems, EMPOWR Acetabular™ and EMPOWR.

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Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant, that is, a hip prosthesis.Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement. Such joint replacement orthopaedic surgery is generally conducted to relieve arthritis pain or in some hip fractures.A total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty or THA. EMPOWR system efficiency is driven by premium, intelligently designed single-tray instrumentation, resulting in up to a 50% reduction in storage and sterilization costs compared to other systems on the market 3. Streamlined, intuitive instrumentation was designed to improve surgical workflow by reducing turnover time and waste Polarcup - Dual Mobility - Smith & Nephew Portico TAVI System - St Jude Medical POSITION HTO Plate - B. Braun PowerPort - Bard Preservation Unicompartmental Knee System - Depuy Presice Cryoablation System - Galil Medical PRESTIGE LP Cervical Disc - Medtronic Primus - Drager Medical PRO-DENSE - Wright Medical Technology Inc The ACTIS Hip Stem technology from DePuy Synthes now celebrates 5 years of clinical heritage, see the latest data here: https://bit.ly/3xTyhFD Liked by Steven Berry VELYS Hip Navigation with the use of a DePuy Dual Mobility BI-MENTUM Cup for a patient with Avascular Necrosis

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  1. An orthopedic surgical instrument system for use in preparing a patient's bone is disclosed. PINNACLE Dual Mobility Feb 2019 - and has helped secure DePuy's leadership position in revision.
  2. ODEP, the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel was set up in 2002 to implement NICE guidance on primary hip implants. Hip resurfacing followed in 2004. Since then, ODEP for Total Knee Replacements (TKRs) commenced in 2014 (with Uni-condylar Knee Replacements (UKR) being added in 2017). Since then ODEP for all the different types of Shoulder.
  3. Femoral Offset. · Horizontal distance between the femoral heacd center and the femoral axis. · Average offset: 43.9 mm. Femoral Neck Angle. · Formed by the intersection of the femoral axis and the femoral neck axis. · Neck shaft angle average is about 124.7 degrees. · That circle: 125-135 average
  4. Secur-Fit (Advanced, Max, Plus Max) -3 different variations available of the Secur-Fit, press-fit (non-cemented) style. All made from biocompatible CP Titanium coating. Accolade TMZF -A tapered wedge, fixed press-fit style. A large selection of femoral heads, including ceramic available. Made of metal alloys

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Show all 212 Listings for DEPUY (IRELAND) 15. IRELAND. DEPUY BRIDGEWATER. 16. MA/USA. 3004464325. 2021. prosthesis, knee, patellofemorotibial, semi-constrained, metal/polymer, mobile bearing - ATTUNE Revision CRS Rotating Platform Insert Size 3 10 mm; ATTUNE Revision CRS Rotating Platform Insert Size 3 12 mm; ATTUNE Revision CRS Rotating. The Pinnacle cup allows surgeons to choose a cross-linked polyethylene liner or a ceramic liner. In 2021 a dual mobility option will be available to assist surgeons improving stability of hip replacement in both primary and revision hip replacement. It is so gratifying to be associated with an implant that has provided relief of pain and. Total hip arthroplasty via the direct anterior approach with a dual mobility cup for displaced femoral neck fracture in patients with a high risk of dislocation TN, USA) in seven hips and the Pinnacle ® Acetabular Cup System (DePuy Orthopaedics, Warsaw, IN) in 12 hips. In the (2010) Prospective randomized study of two surgical. Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc.- Pinnacle Cups, Various Catalog Numbers and Lot Numbers Certain Pinnacle Cup devices may potentially exhibit an oversized minor diameter, which could lead the Apex HE to thread through the shell of the cup without stopping or to protrude internally as a result of cross-threading

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The S-ROM (Figure 1) (DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., Warsaw, Ind) is a proximally modular cementless femoral prosthesis, consisting of a titanium stem, polished in its distal portion, with distal. The C-stem AMT Triple Taper Stabilised Hip System was originally provided in a range of eight sizes, all of which are available in both standard and high-offset configurations. In order to provide a comprehensive implant sizes range, DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction have introduced ten additional stem sizes The EMPOWR Acetabular™ System and EMPOWR Partial Knee™ restore healthy kinematics and promote surgical efficiency with single-tray implantation. AUSTIN, Texas-( BUSINESS WIRE )-DJO, LLC (DJO or the Company), a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, today announced two new EMPOWR.

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  1. Depuy Synthes Announces Agreement With Serf To Add Dual Mobility System To Its Leading Hip Portfolio Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies Acquire Orthotaxy To Develop Next-Generation Robotic-Assisted Surgery Platform In Orthopaedic
  2. Introducing PINNACLE® Dual Mobility! A winning combination of Modularity + Stability + Clinical Heritage. Disposable Surgical Instruments - Medical Device Networkers -Now Active on FaceBook.
  3. The Journal of Arthroplasty brings together the clinical and scientific foundations for joint replacement of the hip and knee. This peer-reviewed journal publishes original research and manuscripts of the highest quality from all areas relating to joint replacement or the treatment of its complications, including those dealing with clinical series and experience, prosthetic design.
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· Works well with direct anterior surgical approach Press fit. Cemented stem is made out of... Colbalt chrome. Press fit stem is made out of.. -Most common technique o Lateral (side) Surgical Steps. 1. Neck Osteotomy (Bone cut) (Acetabulum Prep) 2. Acet. Reamer (50 mm) (Dual Mobility) (Primary) Zimmer Biomet Stem: o Taperloc Complete o. R3 is an acetabular system with STIKTITE porous coating, offering multiple sizes and options for hip replacement surgery. R3 can be used for primary and revision cases. Smith & Nephew's R3 Acetabular system is a multi-bearing cup Total Joint Surgery Request Form - HIP ** Please ensure items requested are at the site you are going to, if not it is a Special Order and a NOTICE of 3 WORKING DAYS is REQUIRED.. Please note when booking more than one case of a specific type to ensure multiple sets are available DJO, LLC (DJO or the Company), a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, today announced two new EMPOWR™ systems, EMPOWR Acetabular™ and EMPOWR Partial Knee™. Both systems were designed to restore healthy kinematics and optimize surgical procedure efficiencies by allowing implantation with a single tray Pinnacle Hip Replacement System; ASR XL Acetabular System; ASR Hip Resurfacing System; The two ASR systems were recalled in 2010 but court documents from 2013 show that DePuy expected up to 40 percent of the devices to fail within five years. DePuy has agreed to settle 7,500 lawsuits for a total of $2.5 billion but faces nearly 5,000 more