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To find a registered merit badge counselor, go to your Troop page and towards the bottom of the page, select Merit Badge Counselor List (you have to be a unit leader to see this option.) You will receive a search page where you can search for merit badge counselors by badge and by how far out you wish to search The merit badge counselor role in Scoutbook will be removed. If the person feels they are qualified to counsel for that merit badge (s) they should contact their council service center to have their credentials reviewed. If approved, they will reappear in Scoutbook with the councils next approved counselor upload To find a merit badge counselor, go to the troop page and use the Merit Badge Counselor menu. Search for a counselor and write their name down. To set up a connection to an Merit Badge Counselor, go to the Scout and their advancements, and the badge they are working on, and Invite the merit badge counselor A merit badge counselor can be connected (invited) by a unit leader to counsel a Scout in Scoutbook, or if the merit badge counselor knows the Scout's last name and member ID they can connect to the Scout themselves. Please see our PDF guide below on how a merit badge counselor can connect (be assigned to) a Scout in Scoutbook for merit badge. I'm able to find the merit badge counselor and connect her. However, I'm getting a note that states, This merit badge counselor cannot approve or sign off on a merit badge. Please check to make sure the Scout has started the merit badge. The Scout began the merit badge at a merit badge clinic and finished at home

How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts for Merit Badges Go to www.Scoutbook.com and log in with your my.scouting.org credentials Click My Dashboard > My Account > My Positions - Do you see your MBC position here? If so great that means either your Council uploaded it or a unit made it for you Click on the Troop or Crew the Scout is in that you want to connect to a Merit Badge Counselor. From here, there are several ways to get to the Scout. You can go through the Patrols, or you can choose the Troop Roster link from the list below the Patrol links (this is generally a little faster and has less clicks)

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Click the link below to download the latest Merit Badge Counselor roster for the Dan Beard Council. This file is in Excel format and will allow you to sort by badge. Open the Excel file and enter password eagletrail. Use the arrows at the top of the columns to sort by badge, name, or nearby city. Or use Ctrl + F to search for specific information and it shows that your badge is 100% completed. The merit badge counselor will not be able approve the individual requirements if the merit badge is already marked as complete. 9. When you have finished the merit badge and your counselor has marked it as completed in Scoutbook, email Mr. Van Loon and Mrs. Mosquera who will record the Leader. Merit Badge Management with Scoutbook. April 6, 2020 Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on linkedin. Share on email. A look at what Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Scouts, Parents and Merit Badge Counselors can do using Scoutbook for Merit Badge tracking

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How to use Scoutbook for Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge tracking. A look at what Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Scouts, Parents and Merit Badge Cou.. To become a Merit Badge Counselor, you must fill out an Adult Application for leader position 42 (Merit Badge Counselor). This must be done even if you have previously filled out an application as an adult Unit Leader, Committee Member, etc. Along with the Adult Application you must attach a signed disclosure form, a completed copy of the Merit Badge Counselor's Information Form #34405, and. The Merit Badge Counselor List that was here has been removed. The list may be accessed through Scoutbook.org. The whole list is not available as counselors set their status to work with their troop, district, council and world-wide, so they may not be visible to you The merit badge counselor is a key player in the Scouts BSA advancement program. Whatever your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (basketry, leatherwork, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering), or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communications)—as a merit badge counselor, you can play a [ Merit Badge Counselor Information Form; Once your application is accepted, you will appear in Scoutbook as a merit badge counselor within 48 hours. Your approved merit badges will follow into Scoutbook once the local registrar has processed the Merit Badge Counselor Information Form

How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts

Information for units on how to find merit badge counselors in Scoutbook is at this link. This will not affect merit badge counselors whose registration expired on 12/31/2020 and are waiting for council rechartering. Follow this link for more information. 1 Link to post Share on other sites. Replies 39; Created Jan. How to find Merit Badge Counselors on Scoutbook . 1. Log on to Scoutbook from your browser : www.scoutbook.com 2. Select: My Dashboard 3. Select: your Troop, Crew or Ship (You may have to select Administration first .) 4. Select: MB Counselor List (below the list of Scouts near the bottom of the page) 5 Scoutbook simplifies the blue card process, something that has been especially helpful with virtual advancement during the pandemic. A designated adult leader in the unit must first connect the Scout to the counselor for the specific merit badge on Scoutbook. The counselor can then record the Scout's progress online Merit Badge Counselor - Scoutbook FAQ. Merit Badge Counselor Automatic Upload to Scoutbook FAQ. Download. FAQ-Merit-Badge-Counselor-Automatic-Upload-to-Scoutbook-12 ] Three Rivers District. Your Feedback has been sent. Subscribe. Email (mailchip) list. Name. Email. Unit Number(s) Phone Number (Not Required) Submit. Name

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The merit badge counselor listing in Scoutbook will be updated by the seventh of each month. If you are a merit badge counselor and your listing is not showing in Scoutbook follow these directions to find out if you are registered as a merit badge counselor Under Log on to Scoutbook from your browser : www.scoutbook ; Send an email to Mr. Case at bcase808@gmail.com Your Merit Badge Counselor: your assigned Merit Badge Counselor is there to help guide you through the process Scoutbook: To find the list of Merit Badges and their requirements, to Scoutbook and navigate to References > Boy Scouting > Merit Badges

  1. Merit Badge Counselors (MBC): Council Merit Badge Counselor Registration/Approval Process (a list of MBCs approved by the Council is available on Scoutbook) A Guide for Merit Badge Counseling (National) Merit Badge Counselor Application [attach BSA Adult Application (see Unit Resources above) for Position Code 42
  2. g a Private Pilot and pursuing a career in aviation and/or the military. Doug Miller - Merit Badge Coordinator & Counselor Mark Grocholl - Commercial Pilot & Merit Badge Counselor
  3. To find a registered merit badge counselor, go to your Troop page and towards the bottom of the page, select Merit Badge Counselor List (you have to be a unit leader to see this option.) NOTE: Once a council uploads the council merit badge counselor list to Scoutbook, troops wil
  4. Follow these simple steps to start searching for a merit badge counselor today: Login to Scoutbook; Click on My Dashboard; Click on your unit in lower right-hand corner; Scroll to MB Counselor List—third item from the bottom; Select the badge your Scouts want to earn; Find a register merit badge counselor near you . Scoutbook MB Counselor FA
  5. When adult leaders (including committee members) search for merit badge counselors in Scoutbook, you can be confident that the listed counselors are qualified to counsel on the merit badge, have been approved by the Mayflower Council advancement personnel, and have stated a willingness to work with your unit or units across the council
  6. der - Prior to your Scout working with the Merit Badge Counselor they need to have a Signed Blue Card from their Scoutmaster giving his approval for you to working on that particular merit badge. Login into Scoutbook

Phone: (845) 339-0846. Fax: (845) 339-1168. ADDRESS: 1300 Ulster Ave, Ste 107 Kingston, New York 1240 Scoutbook Removed Unregistered Merit Badge Counselors on February 1, 2021 Merit Badge Counselors - Registration Status For years, BSA policy has been that all leaders, including merit badge counselors (MBCs), be registered and that their registration be entered into ScoutNET. To be registered, all MBCs mus The unit may have their own list of counselors, and the Capitol Area Council has additional resources that are updated once a month. Scoutbook contains the information submitted by each approved merit badge counselor. Unit leaders can find the list of counselors on the unit page. Scoutbook provides a search for counselors at that location Merit badges are required for advancement beyond First Class to Star, Life, and Eagle ranks. Requirements for these ranks are maintained by Scouts BSA, printed in the Scout Handbook, and on Scoutbook. Note that to attain Eagle rank, at least 21 Merit Badges are required, 13 of which must be from this list: (a) First Aid, (b) Citizenship in the. How to add a merit badge counselor in scoutbook To find a merit badge counselor, go to the troop page and use the Merit Badge Counselor menu. Search for a counselor and write their name down. To set up a connection to an Merit Badge Counselor, go to the Scout and their advancements, and the badge they are working on, an

How do I assign merit badge counselors to a Scout? NOTE: If you/counselor do not want to use Scoutbook, you are welcome to discuss with the Counselor to see how to get the Blue Card to the counselor for signatures/completion approval. You may have to obtain the signed blue card from your Scoutmaster and email it to your counselor Finding a Merit Badge Counselor. Scouts BSA Members may go to their Unit Leader to find a Counselor and be approved to begin work on a Merit Badge. Counselors are listed in Scoutbook and Scoutbook manages a digital Blue Card where Individual Merit Badges requirements can be approved by Counselors connected to work with the Scout Guide for Merit Badge Counselors; Scoutbook. Scoutbook is the BSA's online unit management tool and helps Scouts, parents, and leaders track advancement and milestone achievements along the Scouting trail. Enhance your Scouting experience today! Scoutbook Webinar FAQ's PowerPoint. Eagles. Merit Badge Quick Find for Counselors * Allows Merit Badge Counselors to quickly get to the Merit badge pages for Scouts they counsel Merit Badge Counselor Quick Connect * Easily connect to a Merit Badge Counselor right from the Merit Badge Search Results, and from a Scout's Merit Badge page Merit Badge Import from Summer Camps * Summer.

Information on Merit Badge Counselor lists/registrations in the Longhouse Council.. Advancement Reporting. As of May 24, the National Council has retired the legacy Internet Advancement tool. All units within Longhouse Council should transition to Scoutbook for advancement reporting For matched persons, Scoutbook will then compare whether merit badge counselors in Scoutbook are on the council-approved merit badge counselor list and take one of the following actions: If a person is in Scoutbook and on the council MBC list , the user will receive a welcome email and a Council Approved designation will appear next to. Merit badge counselors register at no fee, using the Boy Scouts of America's standard adult registration form with position code 42. Please Register by the following steps: 1. Fill out the Adult Application. 2. Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Application. 3 In addition, you should have a district advancement chair or district merit badge counselor commissioner who can help. Heck, just as a minor commissioner in our district, I can see the merit badge counselor list, I just can't sort it properly to make it useful. But I can see them all. Head over to your roundtable and find the right person The connections between the Merit Badge Counselor and the Scout will also be removed. Merit Badge Counselors can continue to work with Scouts while we continue to enter those positions into the National Database for sync to Scoutbook. Anyone with Edit Advancement can add the completed requirements to a Scout's advancement

7. Click: Availability button for counselors 8. Click: _ Search _ Note: If you are able to see the list of Scouts in your unit , but the Merit Badge Counselor List option is not visible below them, contact one of your Unit Scoutbook Admins to make sure your leadership position is listed and approved in Scoutbook Your current merit badge counselor registration can be accessed via your Scoutbook account. Please and navigate to: My Dashboard > My Account > My Positions > Merit Badge Counselor. Check the list of merit badges that you have been approved for. When renewing, you can list the merit badges that you want to drop Membership (if this is an adult, there may be more than one membership ie Merit Badge Counselor) End Date - put today's date. This will expire the account, leaving you with the original. If your not sure what one, expire both. The system will bring in the correct one on a nightly sync. This also works if an account starts having issues

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All Merit Badge Counselors are entered into Scoutbook where scout families have acccess to contact them. For more information, consult the Guide for Merit Badge Counseling , No. 512-065 or Merit Badge Counselor Information, No. 34405 Merit Badge Counselors are not registered to a Troop, but instead with their District. How do I find a merit badge counselor? Go into the merit badge councilor search page (towards the bottom of the Troop page) and search for nearby merit badge counselors. Your people should show up there if they are registered

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  1. Click on Merit Badge Counselor. Select the radio button Council List under Listing Preference. Scroll down. Click the check box I agree to be a merit badge counselor. Click on Update. (Whew!) Guidance for Merit Badge Counselors on Scoutbook; Google Meet orientation sessions October 19 and 21, 7-8pm
  2. The merit badge counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. Whatever your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (basketry, leatherwork, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering), or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communications)—as a merit badge counselor, you can play a vital role in.
  3. Information for Merit Badge Counselors HOW THE SCOUT EARNS A MERIT BADGE These are the steps that a Scout takes to earn a merit badge, as outlined in the Boy Scout Handbook. Also, please refer to the new A Scout's Guide to Merit Badges for additional information. • Gets a signed merit badge application from his Scoutmaster or Venture Advisor and finds
  4. Merit Badge Requirements and Workbooks. Click a merit badge name below for the current requirements. Right click on a workbook name to save or print the optional workbooks. Workbooks can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. These workbooks can help you but you still need to read the merit badge pamphlet

Imagine updating your Boy Scouts' progress toward a rank or a merit badge with a couple of taps or clicks. Or letting Scouts input and provide proof for their own advancement progress. Or seeing at a glance which adventures your Cub Scouts lack for the next rank. Or knowing which of your unit leaders still need to complete BSA training 11. The unit reports the merit badge to the council via Internet Advancement 12. The Scout receives his merit badge. Scouts obtain Merit Badge Counselor recommendations and contact information from their Scoutmaster or Venturing Advisor. The council office will not hand out Merit Badge Counselor lists to units, Scouts or parents Merit Badge Counseling. How to Find a Merit Badge Counselor. If you are a Scout, parent or Scouter, your first contact is your Scoutmaster. The SM is the primary advancement chair for every Troop and it is his/her responsibility (privilege) to find counselors for his/her scouts

Merit Badge Days. Merit Badge Days, hosted by Scouts BSA Troops, provide Scouts with an activity-filled day combining hands-on activities, question and answer sessions, and fun projects to help Scouts earn merit badges. All Merit Badge days must be approved. Please reach out to the Merit Badge Coordination team and the Advancement Chair All Merit badge counselors (MBC) and approved badges are automatically uploaded to Scoutbook from the BSA registration database in ScoutNET via the daily membership upload process (MU.) All merit badge counselors who are currently registered will be added to Scoutbook if not already in Scoutbook.... Bsa merit badge counselor position code Advancement Overview The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law Your Merit Badge Counselor: your assigned Merit Badge Counselor is there to help guide you through the process Scoutbook: To find the list of Merit Badges and their requirements, to Scoutbook and navigate to References > Boy Scouting > Merit Badges. Merit Badge Library: The Troop has a merit badge book library to borrow merit badge books. Also, ask other scouts/parents to borrow merit. The troop has moved its equipment to a new warehouse. The location is on Loop 610 in the southeast part of Houston. The address is 5936 South Loop, on the east-bound service road. The location is east of Hwy 288 and before Mykawa. Troop 55 uses the Scoutbook software system for tracking advancement, addresses, camping nights and other info

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If they can't answer your question or there is no contact, then contact the Council Scoutbook Chairs. Cubs - Janet Jungermann, janet.jungermann@yahoo.com 570-582-5221 Scouts BSA - Brian Dungan, briandungantroop40@gmail.com 610-762-435 To become a merit badge counselor, a volunteer must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) which can be found on My.Scouting.org. Complete the BSA Adult Leader Application. Complete the Merit Badge Counselor Information Form. Turn in all the paperwork. Click to see full answer A completed Merit Badge Counselor Information form. A BSA Adult Application, Use position code 42. Make sure you sign the, Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization section. Even if you've already filled out an adult application, you must fill out another one to become a merit badge counselor badge Assigning Merit Badge Counselors to Scouts in Scoutbook (Council List Version) Eagle twins become some of the few Boy Scouts to earn every merit badge BSA Programming Merit Badge - Welcome Surveying Merit Badge offered by Boy Scout Troop 256 \u0026 EVW Page 3/15 Scoutbook provides access to valuable tools and resources that will help with the day-to-day management of a unit, giving every leader more of what they need most: TIME. With Scoutbook you can create customizable calendar of events, send text messaging alerts to Scouts and parents, easily access trainings and leadership resources and so much.

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Note: When the council merit badge counselor list is uploaded to Scoutbook, your merit badge counselor profile and merit badge list will be overridden with what the council has in your profile. Prerequisite: A Scoutbook account. If you do not already have a Scoutbook account, you may log onto Scoutbook using your my.scouting.org username and. Using Scoutbook to find a Merit Badge Counselor - ScoutByte. Public · Hosted by Mount Baker Council, BSA. clock. Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM PDT. 2 days from now. Online Event Unit leaders granted MBC privileges by the unit Scoutbook admin can search the district merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook, and assign individual Scouts to counselors. (The approved online version of the paper blue card.) The Scout, parent, and Counselor receive a notification email. Once requirements (or badges) are complete, the. Merit Badge Counselor List. In order to provide Scouts of Southeast Louisiana Council a quality Scouting Program, the Council Advancement Committee and District Advancement Committees have collaborated to generate a comprehensive Approved Merit Badge Counselor List. To utilize the Merit Badge Counselor List, a User ID and Password is required

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  1. Merit Badge Counselors should confirm the Scout has approval to work on the merit badge before starting. Requirements can be approved by the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) by email. The email should list the specific requirements completed and the date of completion, as well as having the counselors Name and Contact information in the signature
  2. Easily find a merit badge counselor in your area using Scout Book. Here's how: A Troop unit leader should log in at ScoutBook.com. Click My Dashboard. Select a unit in which you are a registered leader. Scroll to the bottom of the roster page and click the link that says Merit Badge Counselor List.
  3. updated merit badge counselor list in scoutbook & sent to district advancement chairs We have sent an updated merit badge counselor list to the District Advancement Chairs and placed it in Scoutbook ATTENTION: We will be dropping all merit badge counselors who do not have current Youth Protection Training at the end of the month

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If a merit badge counselor is connected to a Scout to counsel an affected badge that connection will be removed. The only changes to Scouts would be to drop the merit badge counselor connection for the affected badges. Scoutbook will not remove any MB progress approved by the affected merit badge counselors Work with Merit Badge Counselor to complete merit badge requirements (please make sure that this is done safely, such as through a Zoom session, with the Scout's parent or another adult present during the session). Requirements and the merit badge can be signed off in scoutbook.com or a Blue Card (the official paper record of the merit badge.

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And, you'll want to read the Merit Badge Counselor's Compass, a quarterly publication that updates counselors on the latest in the program. Becoming a merit badge counselor allows everyone to help today's youth become tomorrow's leaders by sharing their knowledge with our best and brightest young people through the Boy Scout program When purchasing all rank badges, merit badges, and Venture and Sea Scouts ranks, except for the rank of Eagle Scout, the Scout Shop will only accept printouts from Internet Advancement 2.0 or advancement reports from Scoutbook which indicate that the advancements have been synced to Akela (the new version of Scoutnet) All Merit Badge Counselors leading a Merit Badge session agree that the Scouts attending the Merit Badge Clinic will follow the requirements of the Merit Badge, as written in the Merit Badge Pamphlet, with no requirements added or subtracted, i.e.: Do means do, explain means explain, show means show and visit means visit Scoutbook. From the first knot tied to final hours of service performed, the Scouting experience is a journey like no other. Scoutbook ensures not a moment is missed - tracking advancement, milestone achievements and all the fun along the way. Click here to watch a video of how Scoutbook can improve your Scouting experience July 12, 2021 all merit badge counselors who are not officially approved by their council to counsel a badge will have that badge removed from their approved list of badges to counsel in Scoutbook. If a merit badge counselor is connected to a Scout to counsel an affected badge that connection will be removed

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