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Hardy kiwi vine 'Ananasnaya' is female, and that's important to know if you want to grow it for the fruit as well as the flowers, because you'll need a male vine for pollination. The fragrant clusters of ivory-white flowers appear in late spring, followed in September with deliciously sweet, smooth-skinned fruit about the size of a grape The Anna Hardy Kiwi (Ananasnaya) is a hardy plant that does well in freezing temperatures as well as hot temperatures in the south. It's recommended for a wide range of zones, 4-9 and can reach a mature height and width of 15-20 feet. They do best when given a sturdy structure to climb as they grow such as a fence, pergola or trellis Developed in Russia by renowned plant breeder I.V. Michurin. It is a beautiful, vigorous vine that produces thousands of delicious kiwi-flavored sweet fruit at Raintree every autumn. The name means pineapple-like in Russian, named for its fabulously strong and fruity flavor. It is the easiest to grow and most productive of all the hardy kiwis

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Hardy Kiwi Actinidia arguta are new to commercial markets and the kiwi berries are sometimes referred to as mini kiwis or kiwi grapes. Kiwi berries can be eaten whole! The berries have a smooth skin that is edible and are even sweeter than Fuzzy Kiwis Ananasnaya: Anna's grape-size fruits hang in bunches on this most vigorous productive vine. Spacing 15 inches apart. A good beginner kiwi, easy to get growing Originally selected from a kiwi project at a USDA Chico, CA. Along with 74-32 which blooms a few days earlier, Edible Landscaping acquired its first propagating material from Dr. Milbocker, Diamond Springs Station, Virginia Beach, VA. Both males do an excellent job pollinating our hardy kiwi Actinidia arguta females Hardy female Kiwi Plant Anna is not only a beautiful ornamental vine, it is also a commercially grown fruit that produces pounds of tasty grape-sized kiwi. These golden green fruit taste just like hairy kiwi, yet no peeling is needed. You can eat the whole fruit - skin and all Of the hardy kiwifruit, the easiest to find are 'Ananasnaya,' (sometimes called 'Anna') with jade-colored skin, bright green flesh, black seeds and a pineapple-type flavor (the name means pineapple in Russian) and 'Ken's Red,' a New Zealand cultivar with olive green skin and darker green flesh with deep red streaks

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  1. A single mature hardy kiwi plant will can yield between 50 and 100 pounds of fruit, though 50 pounds is closer to the average. Hardy kiwi can be allowed to vine ripen, at which time they will have about 18 to 25 percent sugar. At this time, a single harvest, rather than a selective one over several pickings, is acceptable
  2. Ananasnaya Female Hardy Kiwi aka Anna Female Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia arguta) Classic Hardy Kiwi, its name means pineapple like in Russian. Abundant good size green blushed red fruit is sweet with a delicious fruity flavor. A consistent heavy producer. USDA Zone: 4
  3. Hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) once known as the Chinese gooseberry, are native to Japan, Korea, Northern China and Russian Siberia. This species of kiwifruit are extremely cold-hardy, making them a viable crop in the Northern United States
  4. Actinidia arguta Anna ('Ananasnaya') (Female Hardy Kiwi) Grape-sized fruit hangs in bunches on this vigorous vine and can be harvested in the fall. Makes a good beginners kiwi, as it's easy to get growing
  5. Actinidia arguta, the hardy kiwi, is a perennial vine native to Japan, Korea, Northern China, and the Russian Far East. It produces a small kiwifruit without the hair-like fiber covering the outside, unlike most other species of the genus
  6. Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards is a family-owned farm. We specialize in unusual fruiting plants, trees, vines, and shrubs that produce edible nuts and fruits. We have a large selection of Northwest native plants, ornamental, and useful landscape trees. We ship bare root and potted plants nationwide and offer order pick-up options for local customers

Hardy kiwi 'Ananasnaja', or 'Anna' for short is one of the best producers of bite-sized kiwi's. It is a tremendous cold hardiness and is easy to grow. One key element that make this kiwi so special is it's pineapple like flavor! Use Actinidia agruta 'Hardy Male' as a pollinator. Fruit Grower Information. Nothing to display at this time. PURPOSE These Vigorous plants are hardy to zone 5, easy to grow, and produce a whole lot of grape sized kiwi once they get going!Zone 5-9b. Full to part sun.Vining Plant with beautiful, glossy green leavesYou must have the male and the female plants, they require pollination.Ananasnaya: Anna's grape-size fruits hang in bunches on this most vigorous productive vine Hardy kiwi has emerald-green flesh and a sweet taste similar to fuzzy kiwi, but they're smaller and you eat them like a grape, tender skin and all. Kiwis require a male and female plant for pollination. 'Anna', our hardy female kiwi, is a vigorous vine that produces more than 100 lbs of fruit 3 to 4 years after planting Arctic Kiwi Plant Types. Arctic Beauty is the most cold tolerant of the different varieties of kiwi. It has extremely hardy fruit and pink and white variegation on the leaves, making it an attractive addition to the landscape. Fruits are smaller and sparser than the other kiwi vine varieties but sweet and delicious

Hardy Kiwi can be grown as far north as zone 6. Garretson said that a late spring cold spell can damage some tender new growth but hardy kiwi grows so quickly, it can compensate for the loss. Hardy kiwi is an excellent fit for backyard growing. The vine grows very quickly, is attractive and, importantly, it's not super fussy Hardy kiwi is a cousin of the brown fuzzy kiwi seen in most supermarkets today. Although not nearly as large as its relative, it does have some potential as a crop in the northeast. While there are concerns over cold hardiness of the shoots, experimentation by those willing to invest the time may yield promise Meader Male Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia arguta) is a very cold hardy male known to take temperatures down to -28 degrees.Considered to be an excellent pollinator for Ananasnaya Ananasnaya - Features small fruit that's slightly bigger than large grapes. This is a great kiwi for the beginner because it's easy to grow and a prolific fruiter. It's green and hairless. Great for zones 5-9. Geneva - This is a medium fruit that ripens before Annaasnaya, in the middle of the season. Good for zone 5-8

3 Kiwi Plants, 2 Female Anna (Ananasnaya) and Her Hardy Male Pollinator 10 1 ọffér xMÁTUÁ MÁLẸ HÁRDY Fuzzy KỊWỊ FRUỊT PLÁNT - ẸDỊBLẸ FRUỊT ÁCTỊNỊDỊÁ CHỊNẸNSỊS Ogden Point Actinidia Arguta Kiwi Live Plant Edible Tropical Exoti These Vigorous plants are hardy to zone 5, easy to grow, and produce a whole lot of grape sized kiwi once they get going! Zone 5-9b. Full to part sun. You must have the male and the female plants, they require pollination. Ananasnaya: Anna's grape-size fruits hang in bunches on this most vigorous productive vine Using solvent extraction followed by solvent-assisted flavour evaporation (SAFE), the volatile fraction from fruit of three hardy kiwi cultivars Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya', A. arguta 'Bojnice', and A. arguta 'Dumbarton Oaks' as well as from fruit of the common kiwi cultivar A. deliciosa 'Hayward' was isolated. Application of aroma extract dilution analysis (AEDA) to the.

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The cultivar Ananasnaya brought to Oregon is A. arguta. However, the Russian cultivar Ananasnaya is A. kolomikta; more than one cultivar with the same name may be available in other hardy kiwi. Male Pollinator for above A. arguta species. About 1 male is needed for every 8 females. There is evidence that A. arguta cultivar Hardy Male: Nice vining plant with beautiful leaves. An addition to your yard even without the added bonus of growing your own fruit!3 Hardy Kiwi Plants- One Each of Ananasnaya, Ken's Red, and a Male Pollinater-All in 4 Inch Cup Kiwi. Actinidia is a woody vine which can cover trellises, arbors, fences, or serve as a screen for porches. The vines can be grown with very low maintenance. In order for kiwi to produce fruit you need to have a male and a female plant (females produce fruit). One male can polinate up to 8 females It is the easiest to grow and most productive of all the hardy kiwis. These fast-growing, beautiful vines produce clusters of oblong kiwi fruits the size of large grapes. Lacking the rough fuzzy kiwi skin, these smooth fruits can be eaten whole, like bunches of k iwi-fla vored seedless grapes

This variety, Ananasnaya or Pineapple Kiwi, is particularly sweet like a pineapple and has delicious berry-like fruit. Both a male and female plant are required for pollination. Females are best pollinated by A. arguta male plants, but can also be pollinated by male A. deliciousa (large fuzzy kiwi) plants Two Hardy Kiwi Plants are necessary to get fruit, a male and female. Female Plant: Actinidia arguta 'Anna' (Ananasnaya). An outstandingly reliable bearer of relatively large fruit. The fruit is very sweet. A nurseryman from Tennessee, reports that in 1996 his large vine of 'Anna' bore over 200 lbs. of fruit. Imported into the U.S. from Belgium

There are many varieties of A.arguta; probably the most popular is 'Ananasnaya,' commonly called 'Anna.' Leaves of the male super-hardy kiwi, A. kolomitka. Super-hardy kiwi, A. kolomikta, is even more cold hardy, tolerating temperatures to -35 or -40°F (Zone 3) but is much less vigorous than A. arguta, growin Hardy kiwi Ananasnaya is an easy kiwi for first-time growers, disease-resistant, salt-tolerant, exceptionally cold-hardy, and ideal for permaculture growers. Spur-prune for more and earlier fruit and a well-clothed bushy appearance; espalier-training makes pruning easier

Smooth red skinned delicious fruit with red flesh. Ripens just after Ananasnaya and Chico. Pollinated by male hardy kiwi - A. arguta. Post a comment about this plant. Popular Plant Here are some kiwi varieties to grow in your yard this summer. Actinidia arguta 'Anna' — In Russia, this variety is called 'Ananasnaya', meaning pineapple-like. This hardy kiwi is vigorous, productive, and very ornamental with red leaf stems. It is one of the sweetest hardy kiwi varieties available. Hardy to USDA zone 5 Hardy Kiwi 'Geneva' is a hardy kiwi with fruits that redden at maturity, a fairly unusual trait. Photo: bambooplants.ca. Another kiwi to try in colder regions is A. arguta, often referred to simply as hardy kiwi, although it's not nearly as hardy as the arctic kiwi pan (8). Hardy kiwifruit may also be known or marketed under alternate names including baby kiwifruit, grape kiwi, wee-kee, and cocktail kiwi. In 2002, an estimated 42 ha (100 acres) of commercial 'Ananasnaya' were planted in Oregon (22). Williams et al. (26) estimated that about 100 ha of 'Ananas

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Issai Hardy Kiwi. 44 Reviews Ask Questions. Choose an option. 4 Pot Item #131995 $21.99 $21.99 Each; 1 Gallon Small Pot Item #135648 $28.99 $28.99 Each; Qty. Add to Cart. FREE Shipping on orders of $125+* Starting at. $21.99. Each. Available Get an estimated delivery date. Hardy kiwi, particularly the firm fruit, has a high level of natural pectin, which makes it an excellent candidate for jam. Pete Petersen is a Portland produce expert. Reach him at peteonproduce. Hardy kiwi is a catchall term for types of kiwis ( Actinidia) that, when dormant, can survive temperatures as low as -40oF (USDA Hardiness Zone 3). These beautiful, vigorous natives of Russia, China, Japan, and Korea have deep green leaves and long whiplike vines that can grow as much as 20 feet in a season. In the wild, they may climb 50 feet. Hardy Kiwi is a deciduous vine which bears edible fruit. This strong-growing vine with dense, dark green foliage. The fragrant but inconspicuous white flowers appear in early June here. The fruit, which ripens in late summer or fall, is about 3/4″ - 1-1/4″ long

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  1. Ananasnaya Hardy Kiwi Rooted Cutting Plug Hardy Kiwis Rooted Cutting Plug Fuzzy Kiwi Scion or Cuttings Wood Golden Kiwi Cutting or Scionwood Hardy Kiwi Cutting Wood ; Hops Divisions (Humulus lupulus) Passion Fruit Cutting Wood.
  2. The grapelike fruit of the hardy kiwi Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya' at UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver If you aren't a fan of the fuzzy skin on kiwifruit, you're in luck. Not only are there smooth-skinned species, but they're hardy in our climate
  3. ed singular seeds of 'Ananasnaya' cultivar possessed identical protein patterns. The protein patterns of 'Bingo' and 'Ananasnaya' hardy kiwi fruits harvested in 2011 and 2013 were identical
  4. Size 1 gallon, Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya' (F)(Hardy Female Kiwi) Delicious pineapple overtones with reliable heavy crops in Sept-Oct. Easy to grow fruiting vine, requires strong support system and male arguta for pollination. Full sun to partial shade. Ht. 8+ft, Zone 4
  5. I planted an assortment of three female varieties for fruit production and a forth male kiwi to serve as a pollinator. The female cultivars are Ananasnaya, Arbor-eat-um, and Meyer's Cordifolia; the male is a Hardy Meader. I initially planted the vines in a row along the edge of the patio and spaced them roughly fifteen feet apart

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Hardy kiwi has been grown in America (mostly by hobbyists) since early 1900s and has even be reported to be invasive in some areas. That's it about fuzzy kiwis ! Now you know why kiwis are fuzzy, what those hairs do, and that there is such a thing as a hairless kiwi I actually have all three varieties -- Ananasnaya, Hardy Kiwi (male) and Issai. And I also have 13 extra females (Ananasnaya) that have no males. I wanted to start some partners for them but don't really have any extra growth that I can cut from my Hardy Kiwi Hardy Kiwi The hardy kiwifruit species most recommended for production in the Pacific Northwest is A. arguta. In 2000, there were an estimated 100 acres of A. arguta cultivar Ananasnaya in the Pacific Northwest. Very few cultivars of this species are grown here. Hardy kiwi plants are very vigorous and produce a good-quality, highly aromatic.

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The hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) is a perennial fruiting vine native to Japan, Korea, northern China, and Siberia. Pint-sized hardy kiwi fruits, also known as the kiwi berry or Siberian gooseberry, are even sweeter than the familiar brown-skinned fuzzy kiwifruit you've seen at the grocery store, and there's no peeling required Kiwi plants are very pretty when used to cover a wall or fence or used in landscape design. The fruit is very high in Vitamin C and its use in recipes is endless. The hardy Kiwis ripen in mid to late September. Two Hardy Kiwi Plants are necessary to get fruit, a male and female. Female Plant: Actinidia arguta 'Anna' (Ananasnaya)

Kiwi. 'Anna' Female Ordering closed for the season. no Vines. 437 Actinidia arguta Female. Also called Ananasnaya. Pineapple-like taste. Tangy and sweet. Heavy yields are late to ripen. Requires Meader male for pollination Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberries) A. arguta 'Ananasnaya' (also called 'Anna') has jade-colored skin, bright green flesh, black seeds and tastes like pineapple.; A. arguta 'Issai' is self-fertile (does not require a male pollinator) and produces small, juicy fruit. Pollinators love the fragrant white flowers in early summer. A. arguta 'Geneva' ripens earlier than either 'Anna' or. Project Methods Fifteen of the most promising hardy kiwifruit accessions housed at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository will be selected based on commercial potential for the Pacific Northwest. The commercially grown Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya', 'Issai' and 74-49 and A. deliciosa 'Hayward' will be studied. In fall/winter 2005/06, 10 tissue samples will be collected from each accession.

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This Hardy (F) Kiwi produces reddish-purple, smooth skinned, large grape sized fruit with an amazing sweet flavor. Beautiful reddish-purple fruit ripens in September and October. Needs a hardy male pollinator, such as Actinidia arguta for fruit production. Expect 3-4 years after planting before fruit production. No significant pest or diease. Hardy kiwifruits of 'Ananasnaya' harvested when the content of the extract (SSC) was 7.6°Brix were distinguished by a higher firmness up to 28 days and 42 days of storage for 'Bingo' PBR. The results obtained indicate a slower softening of fruits harvested in the first period (harvest A)

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  1. This Vigorous plant is hardy to zone 5, easy to grow, and produce a whole lot of grape sized kiwi once it gets going!Zone 5-9b. Full to part sun.Vining Plant with beautiful, glossy green leavesYou must have the male and the female plants, they require pollination
  2. Hardy Pineapple Kiwi aka Actinidia arguta 'Anna', Ananasnaya Hardy Kiwi
  3. The consumer acceptability of the fruit is very important aspect of distribution. Consumers expect high-quality fruit with high pro-health values. The intention of the research was to assess the quality of hardy kiwi fruit changes during storage in order to provide consumers with high-quality fruit and nutraceutical content. A particular challenge was to assess the storage capacity of the new.
  4. Choosing the Right Variety. If you are a beginner at planting Kiwi, Ananasnaya is a good variety you can choose.This vigorous growing productive vine bears grape-sized, aromatic fruits. For the early production of kiwifruit, go for Geneva.Another highly productive variety is Dumbarton Oaks.; To grow aromatic fruits of larger size, you can plant Michigan State variety

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There are three types of kiwifruit with differing degrees of cold tolerance: fuzzy-skinned kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) will grow in Zones 7 to 9 and is the least cold-tolerant (it is hardy to about 25°F) and two smooth-skinned kiwifruits, the first, called hardy kiwi (A. arguta) which is hardy to Zone 4, and the second called super-hardy kiwi. A. arguta: The hardy kiwi 'Ananasnaya', sometimes referred to as 'Anna', is only hardy to zone 5, but in a protected area can be grown in zone 4. Fruit are of a very good quality with excellent flavor and are green but can develop a purple-red tint in full sun. The vine is very vigorous. 'Issai' is the only self-fruitful hardy kiwi. The Hardy Arctic Kiwi is THE FRUIT OF THE FUTURE The plant you will receive is the female Anna (Ananasnaya) growing in a 2.5 Pot Fruits are now being marketed and sold in produce stores. It has been accepted in the marketplace and the demand will be growing in the very near future for the small delicious fruits

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  1. ANANASNAYA) Means pineapple-like in Russian, this cultivar produces extra sweet, spicy, light green fruit. Vigorous, fast growing, hardy to -30˚ F. Requires male. ISSAI Self fertile! Oblong fruit up to 1.75 inches long, smooth, thin skin, sweet flesh. Keeps a week in refrigerator. Begins producing the second year. Hardy to -25 F
  2. Also called Hardy kiwi as it can withstand even cold temperatures down to -25 ° C, 'Baby kiwi', 'Cocktail kiwi' or 'kiwi berry'. This variety is dioecious, it needs a pollinator to bear fruit. Be the first to review KIWI ARGUTA 'Ananasnaya' Cancel reply
  3. Of the hardy kiwifruit, the easiest to find are Ananasnaya, (sometimes called Anna') with jade-colored skin, bright green flesh, black seeds and a pineapple-type flavor (the name means.
  4. Kiwi Berry Organics Co. Our sweet Annas, short for the variety name Ananasnaya, have a bright rosy blush and are not the typical green fruit that you will find from other sources. This is the only place that you will find them organically grown on an extended T-bar trellis system, our custom design, allowing both air and light to reach the fruit

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  1. I first tasted hardy kiwis about 10 years ago. They were offered to me by a grower as Sweet Anna kiwis, a name inspired by the fruit's Russian varietal name, ananasnaya
  2. Hardy kiwi, Actinidia arguta, is sometimes called kiwiberry, since the fruit is the size of a grape. 'Issai' and 'Ananasnaya' are sold by mail-order nurseries for garden planting
  3. Hardy kiwifruits (Actinidia arguta) were treated with 20 μl/l 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) for 16 h at 10 °C and subsequently stored at 1 ± 0.5 °C.Anticancer properties of the fruit extracts were tested against five different human cancer cells. The hardy kiwifruits, without 1-MCP treatment, showed increases in both respiration and ethylene production rates during fruit storage
  4. Actinida arguta'Ananasnaya' This sweet kiwi is fuzzless and the vine is vigorous and very productive, hence its popularity with commercial producers. Use hardy male kiwi to pollinate it. Best for fresh eating. P lease call the store (740) 763-2873 for availability, prices, and sizes
  5. Hardy kiwifruit Ananasnaya were harvested in September 2003 at total soluble solids (TSS) of 10 13% from a commer-cial vineyard in Independence, OR, USA. Vines were trained to a pergola and maintained as per standard recommendations (Strik, 2005). Hardy kiwifruit were selected for uniform siz
  6. Our Ananasnaya Hardy kiwi has at least a dozen clusters of fruits this year for the first time ever and they're plumping up nicely. So I headed to the internet to look up when the fruits will be ready to harvest. The answer is that we may run into the same trouble on the harvest end as we did on the flowering end --- frosts

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7 years ago I planted a Ken's Red female hardy kiwi plus a male hardy kiwi and have been training it up along my second-floor deck ever since. They are both healthy and vigorous. This is the second year that both have flowered. Last year they only had a few flowers and I was disappointed to find no fruit Saanichton Fuzzy Kiwi. $ 17.95 - $ 19.95. Saanichton fuzzy kiwi is a superior Canadian variety that has proven itself a heavy producer of large, sweet and flavorful fruit. Saanichton ripens somewhat earlier than Hayward and being a bit more hardy, Saanichton is a good choice for cooler regions Ananasnaya Hardy Kiwi Rooted Cutting Plug. Sales price: $5.00. Notify Me. Product details. OUT OF STOCK. Chang Bai Mountain Hardy Kiwi Rooted Cutting Plug. Sales price: $5.00. Notify Me. Product details. OUT OF STOCK. Chico Hardy Kiwi Rooted Cutting Plug. Sales price: $5.00 Notify Me. Product details. OUT OF STOCK.

Actinidia arguta Ananasnaya (red fruited) + Weiki (pollinator) - 1+1 plants - Hairless Mini Kiwi (Red Fruited) A vigorous climber with upright shoots and ovate-oblong leaves, originating from Eastern Asia. It produces bunches of tiny kiwis which have the most pleasant, sweet aroma and taste when ripe. They are known to have numerous beneficial. Hardy to minus 25° F. Smaller fruits than fuzzy kiwi, but sweeter, smooth skinned and much earlier ripening. Produces fruit in large clusters. Vigorous growth, pretty, fragrant flowers. Sun or shade tolerant. Pollinated by male hardy kiwi

20' or more. Also called Ananasnaya. Thought to be a hardy cross between arguta and kolomikta species. The Russian name describes its taste: pineapple-like'.Produces delicious fruits with a smooth and edible skin, smaller than supermarket kiwis. Tangy and sweet, almost entirely covered with a rusty red blush. Heavy yields are late to ripen, very end of September or early October 'Ananasnaya' - Purportedly a cross of arguta and kolomitka. Extremely hardy. Very heavy crops. Russian name means pineapple-like, and the taste is slightly so, being both tangy and sweet. Skin is a beautiful rusty red color. Latest ripening, very end of September/beginning of October. 'Longwood' - From Longwood Gardens.

The studies of hardy kiwifruit presented so far, focused on the most popular and most frequently cultivated cultivar 'Ananasnaya' (Fisk et al., 2008, Fisk et al., 2006, Strik and Hummer, 2006). The consumer preferences towards A. arguta fruit have not been examined either In the U.S., kiwi fruits are hardy to Zones 7-9. Gardeners in cooler zones may opt for Hardy (A. arguta) or Super Hardy Kiwi Fruit (A. kolomikta), which are hardy to -25ºF and -40ºF respectively. These vines produce smaller, smooth-skinned, grape-sized fruits with a sweeter flavor and longer shelf life than fuzzy kiwi Hardy Kiwis prefer a sunny location, preferably with wind protection and well-drained soil. Plants can grow 10-12 feet in width on a trellis, arbor or other support. Hardiness depends on the variety but all the Hardy Kiwi varieties we carry are hardy to at least -20°F (USDA zone 5). Bloom time takes place in May and the fruits ripen in mid to.

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Oppositely, 'M1' cultivar significantly differed from other hardy kiwi cultivars by densitometrical bands intensity. All examined singular seeds of 'Ananasnaya' cultivar possessed identical protein patterns. The protein patterns of 'Bingo' and 'Ananasnaya' hardy kiwi fruits harvested in 2011 and 2013 were identical They are hardy in zones 4-9. Kiwi plants are very pretty when used to cover a wall or fence or used in landscape design. The fruit is very high in Vitamin C and its use in recipes is endless. The hardy Kiwis ripen in mid to late September. Two Hardy Kiwi Plants are necessary to get fruit, a male and female

Mini-kiwi | Actinidia arguta Issai | Plante grimpante | LaBuy Andrey Hardy Male Kiwi Online | Burnt Ridge NurseryHorrah for Hardy Kiwi! 2011 Report - The Staddon Familya Fruits of hardy kiwi cultivars: ‘Bingo,’ ‘M1Analytical Methods Applied to Characterization ofBring on the Kiwi Berries - Edible SeattleNieuw - Winterharde lampenpoetser, Grevillea, Kiwi

Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya' (aka Hardy Pineapple Kiwi) — $ 10.97 Actinidia arguta 'Issai' (aka Hardy Kiwi) — $ 9.50 Actinidia arguta 'Ananasnaya' (Hardy Kiwi) $1.73: Actinidia arguta 'Chang Bai 5' (Kiwi) $1.73: Actinidia chinensis 'Tomuri' (Fuzzy Kiwi - Male) $1.73: Actinidia chinensis 'Vincent' (Fuzzy Kiwi) $1.73: Actinidia arguta Hardy Male (Kiwi) $1.73: Actinidia arguta 'Issai' (Hardy Kiwi) $1.78: Actinidia arguta 'Ken's Red' (Hardy Kiwi) $1.73: Actinidia. Home > Edible fruit > Kiwi fruit > Actinidia arguta ananasnaya. Offer a gift card . Gift cards. More info. Fragrant delights. Spicy fragrances, honey scents, perfume your garden! More info. Indoor plants. Actinidia purpurea hardy red. à partir de 18,00.

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