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IamA Testicular Cancer Patient AMA! Health. My short bio: Hey all my name is Ted and I wanted to do this AMA about testicular cancer and the problems it has cause me through out the last few months. It has been a swift process from experiencing pain down in my lower body, to removing the left testicle, and currently going through my third cycle. u/4diamondpainting. 8 years ago. Archived. I recently completed treatment for testicular cancer and am currently cancer free - WOOT! AMA. This past November I went to work as usual, only to arrive at my customers home feeling a bit off. After apologizing for being under the weather I proceeded to head back home, thinking I had a bit of a bug One Year Post Chemo- AMA. Hey fam, It's been one year since I finished chemo to beat testicular cancer. It was a very, very tough road to recovery but I'd argue I am a better and stronger man for it today. Feel free to ask me any questions IamA 31 year old male who just found he has testicular cancer, PICS INCLUDED AMA! Health. nsfw. Close. 21.0k. Posted by 10 months ago. Archived. 3 2 2 2. IamA 31 year old male who just found he has testicular cancer, PICS INCLUDED AMA! Health. Hello Reddit! I will be here from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET. Background: I am the psychiatrist,.

This is a subreddit for questions about testicular cancer, if you are wondering if you have TC please see the sidebar for a official list of symptoms. Additionally feel free to post about your questions, stories and anything else related to TC So basically, I'm terrified I have testicular cancer that has started to spread to my lymph nodes and/or liver, or even more. Tldr; I've had worsening symptoms since late February and I've been dicked around by my province's incredibly poor and dismissive health care faculties The tumor biopsy after the orchiectomy showed: Non-seminoma mixed germ cell tumor (Teratoma 45%, Yolk Sac Tumor 35%, Embryonal Carcinoma 20%). 4.2 x 3.1 x 2.9 cm with lymphovascular invasion. Subsequent CT on 6/11. Scan showed an enlarged retroperitoneal lymph node of 1.3 x 1.1 cm. 6/22 AFP was 6. 7/1 AFP was 3.3

Steve-O Talks The Possibility Of 'Jackass 4' And Other Revelations From His Reddit AMA. Stacey Ritzen Twitter News but I do think they increase your chances of getting testicular cancer. Testicular cancer survivor here. Went through chemo last year, idk where you live or your circumstances, but I would seriously consider some marijuana (indica based) edibles. Was a huge game changer for my experience, nausea and appetite issues would have been 10x worse without it Reddit - AMA I've decided to do an AMA at Reddit. This will not only give people a chance to talk to me about what it's like to live with end-stage cancer, but it will also give me insight into what other people are interested in, and may help direct this blog some Testicular cancer: Testicular cancer is defined as the lump on the testicles. Symptoms of testicular cancer include swelling, pain, and/or lumps in the testicles or groin. Varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum): A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins within the loose bag of skin that holds the testicles

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Reddit; Get Citation. AMA Citation Elenkov A, Arver S, Giwercman A. Elenkov A, & Arver S, & Giwercman A Elenkov, Angel, et al. Health Issues Among Survivors of Testicular Cancer and Infertile Men. Testicular cancer is the most common malignancy among young men Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men under 45, so checking regularly should be a top priority. Most lumps are not cancerous, but the earlier you find out the better . is it possible to have testicular cancer but no lump . Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the testicles, or testes Status (Visible) Resident [Any Field] Nov 20, 2017. #26. DoctwoB said: Lifestyle I addressed above. The job market in Urology is one of the best in all of medicine. The population is aging so more of us are needed, and the number of Urologists is going down, as they sharply cut the number of spots in the 90s/2000s Ask Me Anything is a common chat topic or general discussion forum thread in which posters are encouraged to ask the OP questions relating to a specific aspect of their life, often relating to their career, unique experiences or their fame, when a celebrity is involved. The topics and questions can range from serious to silly and often see recurring questions, especially on Reddit Breast and prostate cancer patients with metastatic disease also survive years, frequently past 10 years. If chemotherapy is offered with the goal of prolonging life, but not preventing recurrence, that is, not curative, we would suggest, instead, the use of the term life-extending chemotherapy

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Cancer pharmacology has changed dramatically during the recent past with the improved understanding of cancer biology and an ever-expanding set of newly developed drugs that target vulnerabilities in individual cancers. Effective early treatments have been developed for some fatal malignancies, including testicular cancer, lymphomas, and leukemia After initially denying speculation that he was battling cancer, Val Kilmer now says he did have a healing of cancer. The actor made the admission during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA. The GCTs are the most common new cancer diagnosis in young men. Roughly an estimated 8,430 new cases were expected to be diagnosed in 2015 ().Highlighting the high curability of this cancer, GCTs only claimed approximately 380 lives in 2015 and carry a 5-year overall survival (OS) rate of approximately 95% (2,3).The GCTs have a bimodal age distribution, with most men diagnosed between ages 15. Testicular cancer is slightly more common on the right than the left, paralleling the increased incidence of cryptorchidism on the right side. One to 2 percent of primary testicular cancers are bilateral and up to 50% of these men have a history of unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism safemoon!!! pump. yay where's the party ☄️, everybody get ready for the big millionaire.

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  2. Reddit dr's inform him he has testicular cancer. True story Whats more impressive about that is that apparently its only a very specific type of testicular cancer that will reveal itself through the pregnancy test method.. (how is that even a thing) and claims to have raped several women. The shit-bag goes on to say in a AMA that it's.
  3. I think propecia actually decreases the risk for prostate cancer, not sure about testicular cancer. Don't quote me on it, as I'm not sure, but research it and let me know what you find if you can. Theres an AMA of hair loss specialist on hairloss on reddit. Zhengquan Yu. 09-30-2015 09:16 AM. by tipsfedora. Last Post By kimcyril
  4. d) Boobies and their cancer get all the publicity. Vulvas and their cancer need attention too! AMA! Note: sent proof to the mods. Edit: Im going to have a bath and some dinner. I'll check back in a few hours to answer any more questions. Edit 2: I'll keep this running for a few days, checking back for any new questions. Thanks everyone for your.
  5. g 30-day sentence in jail (for his 'SeaWorld Sucks' stunt), the best way to jerk off, and the status of the Jackass 4 movie. Below I've pulled everything you need to know from Steve-O's AMA, but if you want to read it in full you can follow.
  6. Cancer of the lung, bronchus, larynx (voice box), or trachea (windpipe) Soft tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi sarcoma, or mesothelioma) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), hairy cell leukemia, and other chronic B-cell leukemias; Some conditions other than cancer are also considered related to Agent Orange exposure
  7. Detection and Diagnosis. Finding cancer early, when it's small and before it has spread, often allows for more treatment options. Some early cancers may have signs and symptoms that can be noticed, but that's not always the case. Can Testicular Cancer Be Found Early? Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer. Tests for Testicular Cancer

IamA 31 year old male who just found he has testicular

After denying rumors in 2016, the Batman Forever actor finally admitted during a Reddit AMA in April 2017 that he had been diagnosed with oral cancer and underwent a successful treatment Urethral cancer is the most rare of all urological cancer. Only 1 or 2 people out of 100 patients with cancer get this type. It is more common in men than women. Some people with urethral cancer don't have any symptoms, but most do. This information will tell you more about urethral cancer, how it's diagnosed and treatment options Testicular cancer had the highest risk, 4.52, followed by Hodgkin's disease (3.95) and esophageal cancer (3.36). Liver cancer showed the smallest significant risk, 1.30. Only the SIR for connective tissue tumors was not significant. Familial risks for siblings were significant for 20 of the 24 cancer sites

Read chapter 35 of Hematology-Oncology Therapy, 2e online now, exclusively on AccessHemOnc. AccessHemOnc is a subscription-based resource from McGraw Hill that features trusted medical content from the best minds in medicine Among the offspring of affected parents, testicular cancer showed the highest risk, 4.52, followed by Hodgkin's disease (3.95) and esophageal cancer (3.36). At many sites, the risks between siblings were higher than those between offspring and affected parents, probably in part because of childhood environmental effects. Conclusions Instead, if a doctor suspects testicular cancer, the testicle is removed. Myth: Surgery causes cancer to spread. Truth: There is no evidence that indicates surgery can cause cancer to spread. Don't delay or refuse treatment because of this myth. Surgically removing cancer is often the first and most important treatment Testicular exam: A doctor can check each testicle for lumps, tenderness, or changes in size. Most men with testicular cancer notice a growth before seeing a doctor

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Those on Medicaid and with no insurance at all fared poorly by comparison. In the testicular cancer study, researchers identified 10,211 men diagnosed with testicular cancer, a disease highly curable with chemotherapy if caught early enough, between 2007 and 2011 According to the National Cancer Institute, Testicular Cancer is the most common type of cancer in young men between the ages of 20 and 39. Men of African descent are more likely to die from the.

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Postorgasmic illness syndrome is a syndrome in which people have chronic physical and cognitive symptoms immediately following ejaculation in the absence of a local genital reaction. The symptoms last for up to a week. The cause and prevalence are unknown; it is considered a rare disease Cancer chemotherapy remains an intriguing area of pharmacology. On the one hand, use of anticancer drugs produces high rates of cure of diseases, which, without chemotherapy, result in extremely high mortality rates (eg, acute lymphocytic leukemia in children, testicular cancer, and Hodgkin's lymphoma).On the other hand, some types of cancer are barely affected by currently available drugs

The practice of cancer medicine has changed dramatically as curative treatments have been identified for many previously fatal malignancies such as testicular cancer, lymphomas, and leukemia. Adjuvant chemotherapy and hormonal therapy can extend life and prevent disease recurrence following surgical resection of localized breast, colorectal. Weiner Finance is community-focused on helping everyone keep their WENRs safe. Our goal is to provide charitable donations to different organizations around the globe fighting testicular and prostate cancer among others. This will be driven by the community itself and will be achieved through the price token movement, but we also want the. Cancer chemotherapy remains a challenging area of pharmacology. On the one hand, use of cytotoxic anticancer drugs produces high rates of cure of a few cancers, which, without chemotherapy, result in extremely high mortality rates (eg, acute lymphocytic leukemia in children, testicular cancer, and Hodgkin lymphoma) Review of cancer patient's death prompts call for changes. CALGARY - Alberta's health minister says patient care needs to improve following a damning report from the Health Quality Council. Diagnostic tips. Torsion of the testis is the most common cause of acute scrotal pain in infancy and childhood. Think of it with lower abdominal pain and/or vomiting. A varicocele can cause testicular discomfort—examine the patient in the standing position. systemic vascular symptoms, e.g. hypotension, pallor

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Skin Cancer Foundation: Make the Most of Your Visit to the Dermatologist, Early Detection and Self Exams. American Academy of Dermatology: What to expect at a SPOTme skin cancer. The Death With Dignity Act was passed in 1997. The law makes it legal for terminally ill patients to choose to end their lives using lethal medications prescribed to them by their physician. Laws. Itchy testicles usually occur due to fungal infections, yeast infection, contact dermatitis, pubic lice or crabs, scabies, and psoriasis. You can use antifungal and antibiotic creams, medicated shampoos to get rid of testicular itching. Read the article to learn about the most effective home remedies for itchy balls

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Reteta detoxifiere colon hpv warts reddit, testicular cancer tumor markers inverted papilloma of bladder. What happens if ovarian cancer abdominal bloating have a tumor in your stomach? Ultrasound investigation shows Learning objectives To illustrate and correlate key radiological and imaging findings which may provide a correct diagnosis VA Disability Ratings for Anxiety Anxiety is defined as intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. It is estimated that one-third of adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders. The most common symptoms of anxiety disorders include the following Prostate cancer may cause no symptoms, but routine screening can help diagnose it in the early stages, when treatment is most likely to be effective. Here, find out more about what the exam involves A young woman, 22, who works at a cattle station, is trying to beat cancer by taking high doses of Vitamin C and using an infrared sauna daily. Doctors told Carissa Gleeson, from outback Western. Prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland, is a common urinary tract problem. Symptoms can include fever, erectile dysfunction, and muscle pain. An alternative treatment called prostate.

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  1. ority. Second-line conventional-dose or high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue may cure 25%-50% of patients
  2. Placement of a testicular implant may restore cosmesis and improve quality of life after testicular loss. This review will discuss contemporary indications for testicular prosthesis, considerations for patient selection, surgical techniques, and future directions for research. Immediate testicular prosthesis placement at the time of orchiectomy does not appear to compromise outcomes compared.
  3. AUA is a premier urologic association, providing invaluable support to the urologic community. Our mission is to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and the formulation of health care policy
  4. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act included a provision to develop and promote shared decision-making with the use of decision aids. 15 In cancer screening, decision aids have focused on prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. 16 Such tools have enhanced patient understanding of the risks and benefits of screening and.
  5. Pap smear: A Pap smear, also called a Pap test, is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women
  6. Has anyone tried ProsurX? after talking with my mom (who was-to my surprise- very supportive) we did some research and I ordered one bottle. All of the testimonies have been very positive

Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) is a type of bacteria that can cause an STD.You get it by having sex with someone who has it. Even if you don't go all the way with vaginal sex, you can get MG. Whether smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, as cigarette smoking does, remains an open question. 67,70 Marijuana smoke contains carcinogenic combustion products, including about 50% more benzoprene and 75% more benzanthracene (and more phenols, vinyl chlorides, nitrosamines, reactive oxygen species) than cigarette smoke. 67 Because of how it is typically smoked (deeper inhale, held for. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a double-stranded, circular DNA virus that has been sucessfully linked to cervical cancer. Recent studies have shown that this virus may also be responsible for the.

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  1. utes, AND for the longest freedive under ice on a single breath of air (236 feet) in speedos. Luckily never had cancer - but my fathers best friend dies from testicular.
  2. A World Health Organization (WHO) study may have identified a link between cell phones and brain cancer. The study was conducted in different countries around the world
  3. A recent study carried out on 5688 COVID-19 patients [] reports 334 patients with cancer (6% of the total), mostly with breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, urothelial cancer and colon cancer (57, 56, 23, 18 and 16 patients, respectively). COVID-19 patients with cancer had more severe conditions (i.e. were intubated more frequently than.

Radiation therapy improves survival in patients with testicular diffuse large B-cell lymphoma(). Leuk Lymphoma 58(12):2833-2844, 2017. e-Pub 2017. PMID: 28482717 That's changing. Today, chronic HCV is usually curable with oral medications taken every day for two to six months.. Still, about half of people with HCV don't know they're infected, mainly because they have no symptoms, which can take decades to appear. For that reason, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that all adults ages 18 to 79 years be screened for hepatitis C, even. Read this chapter of Murtagh's General Practice Companion Handbook, 7e online now, exclusively on Murtagh Collection. Murtagh Collection is a subscription-based resource from McGraw Hill that features trusted content from the best minds in medicine The detection of testicular blood flow on CDUS may be limited in some cases, depending on operator expertise and US machine sensitivity, and this is problematic, especially in prepubertal testes. 14, 15 Subtracted DCE-MRI is highly sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of testicular torsion, by detecting decrease or lack of testicular. Driving After Anesthesia. Refrain from driving for the first 24 to 48 hours after receiving anesthesia. In fact, for the first day, you should refrain from many things in addition to driving such as operating machinery, cooking, or doing any task that could obviously lead to injury, including handling a kitchen knife

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Approximately 30-40% of cancer diagnoses could be prevented by modest diet and lifestyle changes. This number increases to 90% for certain cancers, like stomach cancer. In 2017 alone, 675,512 cancer diagnoses could have been avoided! Healthy eating is important, especially as it related to cancer Tubal ligation — also known as having your tubes tied or tubal sterilization — is a type of permanent birth control. During tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are cut, tied or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy. Tubal ligation prevents an egg from traveling from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes and blocks sperm from traveling. 19. Testicular Dose in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy. Article in Strahlentherapie und Onkologie • April 2005. 20. J Hematol Oncol. 2011; 4: 12. 2011 Mar 27. Low incidence of new biochemical and clinical hypogonadism following hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) monotherapy for low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer. 21 Cancer: The Forbidden Cures. 2010, Health - 93 min 646 Comments. 7.99. Ratings: 7.99 / 10 from 589 users . Cancer claims the lives of thousands of Americans every day, but it also results in tens of billions of dollars in revenue for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Why would these industries champion a cure for the disease when they.

Can I Vape Regular Cbd Oil Cbd Oil And Trazodone In Dogs Reddit Cbd Oil For Ibs Testicular Cancer Cbd Oil Pills . Can I Buy Cbd Oil Legal (6) $29.99 $25.99 save 13% Read this chapter of Davis's Drug Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals online now, exclusively on F.A. Davis PT Collection. F.A. Davis PT Collection is a subscription-based resource from McGraw Hill that features trusted content from the best minds in PT Dermatology Residency. The Dermatology Residency Program at Baylor College of Medicine provides diverse training experiences at world-renowned hospitals located within the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical complex. Patients come to the institutions of the Texas Medical Center from all over Houston, Texas and the world, ensuring. If you are a veteran who served at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, home of the 88th Air Force Base Wing, you could get military toxic exposure veterans disability benefits due to your exposure to the water that can cause health problems such as neurological disorders, diabetes, and cancer, as well as birth defects in children

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The stomach-acid-blocking drug Zantac was prescribed more than 15 million times a year with little worry about the safety of the medication, available for decades Anastrozole is an aromatase-inhibiting drug that comes in the form of a pill and is taken orally. It inhibits the ability of the aromatase enzyme to convert testosterone to estrogen. Thus, it lowers the level of circulating estradiol quite effectively. Anastrozole is actually FDA-approved for the treatment of breast cancer in women after surgery Cancer type did not emerge as significant (χ 2 (12) = 17.96; p = ns), though pairwise comparisons revealed that some types (i.e., testicular/prostate, esophagus/larynx, and brain) were more likely to receive reassuring support than the baseline category (other cancers) If you have been diagnosed with a varicocele, there are some instances that treatment may not be necessary.In the case of pain, testicular atrophy or infertility, you may want to consider varicocele treatment. Male infertility is responsible for about half of conception issues in couples looking to get pregnant and, for many, the problem is a low sperm count related to varicoceles Flow cytometry is used in many areas of clinical testing. 1  That's because it's a relatively straightforward way to look for specific types of cells. Those cells can be cancer cells, immune cells, or even different types of sperm. As long as there is a way to mark cells for detection, flow cytometry can be used to find them

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Other symptoms of testicular torsion. Abdominal pain. Generally around the lower part of the abdomen. Nausea and vomiting in waves or feel constant—or even not at all. The scrotum is red or swollen—or both. Difficulty or pain when urinating. Fever, though not as common