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Which of the following is/are a nonlinear operation? a) Computation of variance b) Computation of median c) All of the mentioned d) None of the mentioned View Answer. Answer: c Explanation: Computation of variance as well as median comes under nonlinear operation. 5. Which of the following is/are used as basic function in nonlinear filter for. Solving nonlinear systems of equations algebraically is similar to doing the same for linear systems of equations. However, subtraction of one equation from another can become impractical if the two equations have different terms, which is more commonly the case in nonlinear systems. Example. Consider, for example, the following system of. 8.6 Linearization of Nonlinear Systems In this section we show how to perform linearization of systems described by nonlinear differential equations. The procedure introduced is based on the Taylor series expansion and on knowledge of nominal system trajectories and nominal system inputs Let's say this function is differentiable. We want to find x bar such that f of x bar is zero. So f is a non-linear function like this. F is a non-linear function, and we want to find a route for this nonlinear function. We are trying to solve a non-linear equation. Now our strategy is the following. Still, I'm going to start from an initial point

Lecture 26 Outline • Necessary Optimality Conditions for Constrained Problems • Karush-Kuhn-Tucker∗ (KKT) optimality conditions Equality constrained problems Inequality and equality constrained problems • Convex Inequality Constrained Problems Sufficient optimality conditions • The material is in Chapter 18 of the book • Section 18.1.1 • Lagrangian Method in Section 18.2 (see 18. The Seize the Initiative phase of joint operations seeks decision advantage by using all available elements of combat power to: (Select all that apply.) generate in the enemy a sense of inevitable failure and defeat. seize and maintain the initiative. deny the enemy the opportunity to achieve its objectives

When JFCs consider incorporating combinations of contiguous and noncontiguous AOs with linear and nonlinear operations, they choose the combination that fits the operational environment and the purpose of the operation. Which of the following combinations describe a typical sustained offensive and defensive operation against powerful, echeloned. It also includes objective questions on the definition of stack and queue, characteristics of abstract data types, components of data structure, linear and non-linear data structure. 1. Which if the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure A) Abstract level B) Application level C) Implementation level D) All of the above. 2

When JFCs consider incorporating combinations of contiguous and noncontiguous AOs with linear and nonlinear operations, they choose the combination that fits operational environment and the purpose of the operation. Which of the following combinations describes a typical sustained offensive and defensive operation against powerful, echeloned. Which of the following is/are used as basic function in nonlinear filter for noise reduction? Computation of variance Computation of median All of the mentioned None of the mentioned. Digital Image Processing (DIP) Objective type Questions and Answers Non Linear Applications of Op-Amp. In Non linear applications, op-amp works in switching mode. Non-linear operation can result from using components in an op amp circuit that cause the non-linear operation. In other words non-linear operation occurs when the op amp output reaches either positive saturation or its negative saturation

Higher degree polynomials are nonlinear. Trigonometric functions (like sin or cos) are nonlinear. Square roots are nonlinear. The main exception is if the nonlinear piece can evaluate to a constant--for example, sqrt (4)*x is linear because sqrt (4 lysts, operations researchers, numerical analysts, management scientists, and other specialists from the host of disciplines from which practical optimization appli-cations are drawn. The prerequisites for convenient use of the book are relatively modest; the prime requirement being some familiarity with introductory elements of linear algebra Tree - Non Linear Data Structure. There are many types of trees in data structure. Some of important types are as follows: Graph : A Graph G (V,E) is defined as a collection of vertices V and collection of edges E which connects these vertices. Vertices store the data elements and edges can represent relationships among these vertices

Many common signal processing operations are nonlinear: rectifying, quantization, power estimation, modulation, demodulation, mixing signals (frequency translation), and correlating. Filtering a signal with fixed coefficients is linear, while using an adaptive filter, having variable coefficients, can be regarding as a nonlinear operation Question: Consider The Nonlinear System Of Differential Equations Dx/dt = Sin(pi Y) + 2x - 3, Dy/dt = Y^3 - Y^2 Find ALL The Critical Points For This System. Compute The Jacobi Matrix And Hence Determine The Linearisation Of The System At Each Critical Point. Determine Whether Or Not The Linearised System Can Be Used To Approximate The Non-linear System Near.

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  1. In mathematics, a differential operator is an operator defined as a function of the differentiation operator. It is helpful, as a matter of notation first, to consider differentiation as an abstract operation that accepts a function and returns another function (in the style of a higher-order function in computer science).. This article considers mainly linear differential operators, which are.
  2. Nonlinear Spatial Filtering The operation also consists of moving the filter mask from pixel to pixel in an image. The filtering operation is based conditionally on the values of the pixels in the neighborhood, and they do not explicitly use coefficients in the sum-of-products manner. For example, noise reduction can be achieved effectively with
  3. Pressure force 3. Gravity force 4. Turbulent force 5. Compressibility force. Category: Mechanical Engineering Questions, Published by: T-Code Scripts. MCQs: The net force of an ideal flow is equal to the sum of nonzero values of. Category: Mechanical Engineering Questions, Published by: T-Code Scripts
  4. Non Linear Applications: Precision rectifiers. •The major limitation of ordinary diode is that it cannot rectify voltages below vγ (~ 0.6 V), the cut-in voltage of the diode. • A circuit that acts like an ideal diode can be designed by placing a diode in the feedback loop of an op-amp as in Fig. 4.10 (a)

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D. data operation 57. Which of the following are the operations applicable an primitive data structures? A. create B. destroy C. update D. all of the above 58. The use of pointers to refer elements of a data structure in which elements are logically adjacent is . A. pointers B. linked allocation C. stack D. queue 59. Arrays are best data. Which of the following about JOIN operations is/are correct? Select one or more: a. The lack of JOIN operations in a NoSQL database could lead to data redundancy and data inconsistency. b. The JOIN operations have been added in the first generation for NoSQL but deprecated. O c Unlike filtering by convolution (linear filtering), non-linear filtering uses neighboring pixels according to a non-linear law. The median filter (specific case of rank filtering), which is used in this exercise, is a classical example of these filters. Just like the linear filters, a non-linear filter is performed by using a neighborhood. 1 In the non-linear circuit, the output characteristic is like a curve line which in between the voltage and current as shown in the following figure. The other difference between the linear and nonlinear circuit is solving the circuit. In the linear circuits, the solving of the circuit is a simple by using a simple technique, using a calculator. The following are non linear data structures:-1. Linked list. Linked list is a non linear data structure in which data is stored in memory with contiguous memory allocation. One item of linked list is linked with next data item. Linked list are of different types- circular linked list, doubly linked list, circular doubly linked list

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A combination of JFCs' operational area with subordinate component commanders conducting linear operations in noncontinuous AOs When conducting sustained offensive and defensive operations against powerful, echeloned, and symmetrically organized forces When performing nonlinear operations in noncontinuous AOs, the JFC and subordinate JFCs conduct nonlinear operations When conducting nonlinear. Linear resistors have linear VI characteristics and non-linear resistors has non-linear VI characteristics. Non-linear resistors are the resistors whose voltage and current characteristics vary non-linearly. The voltage and current values vary depending upon other factors like temperature and light, but they may not be linear Matlab is a powerful tool to solve complex mathematical problems efficiently. In this tutorial, you are going to learn about the methods to solve non-linear. Operations Research; Page 7; Operations Research. 61. Customers arrive at a box office window, being manned ny single individual, according to Poisson input process with mean rate of 20 per hour, while the mean service time is 2 minutes. Which of the following is not true for this system? E(n) = 2 customers; E(m) = 4/3 customers; E(v) = 6 minute Non-Inverting Amplifier. A non-inverting amplifier is an op-amp circuit configuration that produces an amplified output signal and this output signal of the non-inverting op-amp is in-phase with the applied input signal. In other words, a non-inverting amplifier behaves like a voltage follower circuit

Correct answer: (C) Only row/column having single zero. 15. A petrol pump have one pump; Vehicles arrive at the petrol pump according to poison input process at average of 12 per hour. The service time follows exponential distribution with a mean of 4 minutes. The pumps are expected to be idle for ______________. 3/5 A + B ( X 0 + E) = ( X 0 + E) B + ( X 0 + E) C ( X 0 + E) which is equal to. ( A + B X 0 − X 0 D + X 0 C X 0) + ( B + X 0 C) E = E ( B + C X 0) + E C E. which is of similar type. Ignoring E C E which is hopefully small, one can solve the resulting equation to get E. This results in X 1 = X 0 + E and we are back at the start.. The operations manager must decide when certain resources will be needed and in what quantity. b. The operations manager does not decide when resources will be needed. This is a strategic decision taken by upper management. c. The operations manager may work with the finance department to determine the necessary amount of funding for resource. Nonlinear Optimization Examples Overview The IML procedure offers a set of optimization subroutines for minimizing or max-imizing a continuous nonlinear function f = (x) of n parameters, where (x 1;::: ;x n) T. The parameters can be subject to boundary constraints and linear or nonlinear equality and inequality constraints. The following set of. more. We want to find the y-coordinate of the point where the x-coordinate is 0. To do this, all you have to do is plug in 0 for x in the equation: y = 3x^2 - 12x + 9. y = 3 (0)^2 - 12 (0) + 9. y = 9. As you can see, whenever you raise 0 to a power, or multiply or divide it by anything, the answer will still be 0

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Determine if a relationship is linear or nonlinear. Determine if a relationship is linear or nonlinear. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.org and *.kasandbox.org are unblocked 82 5. NONLINEAR MODELS Problem (Page 299 #8). We are given that the graph is a parabola, so it is the graph of f(x) = ax2 +bx+c. Three noncollinearpoints are sucient to provide 3 linear equationsin a, b, and c that has a unique solution. The graph here appears to pass through (1,1), (0,1), and (1,3) A variety of nonlinear follow-the-leader models of traffic flow are discussed in the light of available observational and experimental data. Emphasis is placed on steady-state flow equations. Some trends regarding the advantages of certain follow-the-leader functionals over others are established. However, it is found from extensive correlation. Types. The essential characteristic of a mixer is that it produces a component in its output which is the product of the two input signals. A device that has a non-linear (e.g. exponential) characteristic can act as a mixer.Passive mixers use one or more diodes and rely on their non-linear relation between voltage and current to provide the multiplying element For nonlinear optimization problems, solve uses automatic differentiation to compute the gradients of the objective function and nonlinear constraint functions. These derivatives apply when the objective and constraint functions are composed of Supported Operations on Optimization Variables and Expressions and do not use the fcn2optimexpr function

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Abstract. It is assumed that the velocity of a car at time t is some (nonlinear) function of the spacial headway at time t − Δ, so the equations of motion for a sequence of cars consists of a set of differential-difference equations. There is a special family of velocity-headway relations that agrees well with experimental data for steady. It is assumed that the velocity of a car at time t is some nonlinear function of the spacial headway at time t-Δ, so the equations of motion for a sequence of cars consists of a set of differential-difference equations.There is a special family of velocity-headway relations that agrees well with experimental data for steady flow, and that also gives differential equations which for Δ = 0 can. 49) Which among the following stages is/are adopted in Splice Loss Experiment? a. Translational b. Rotational c. Both a and b d. None of the above. ANSWER: (c) Both a and b. 50) Which among the following misalignments give/gives rise to the occurrence of splice loss? a. Longitudinal separation between the end-faces of fiber b A non-linear differential equation is a differential equation that is not a linear equation in the unknown function and its derivatives (the linearity or non-linearity in the arguments of the function are not considered here). There are very few methods of solving nonlinear differential equations exactly; those that are known typically depend on the equation having particular symmetries Non-linear data structure does not arrange the data consecutively rather it is arranged in sorted order. In this, the data elements can be attached to more than one element exhibiting the hierarchical relationship which involves the relationship between the child, parent, and grandparent. In the non-linear data structure, the traversal of data.

Newell, G.F. (1961) Nonlinear Effects in the Dynamics of Car-Following. Operations Research, 9, 209-229 Explanation: Turret Lathes: Turret lathes are capable of performing multiple cutting operations, such as turning, boring, drilling, thread cutting, and facing on the same workpieces.; Several cutting tools are mounted on the hexagonal main turret, which is rotated for each specific cutting operation.; The lathe usually has a square on the cross slide, with as many as four cutting tools mounted. Definition 2.1. A function f: Rn!R is de ned as being nonlinear when it does not satisfy the superposition principle that is f(x 1 + x 2 + :::) 6=f(x 1) + f(x 2) + ::: Now that we know what the term nonlinear refers to we can de ne a system of non-linear equations. Definition 2.2. A system of nonlinear equations is a set of equations as the. A: Jahn-Teller distortion- Geometric distortion of non-linear molecular and reduction in energy and s... question_answer Q: 6 HNO3 + 1 Fe2S3 → 2 Fe(NO3)3 + 3 H2S Determine the mass (in g) of Fe(NO3)3 that would be produced. Annals of Operations Research 81(1998)15 - 23 15 A nonlinear path-following method for computing the equilibrium curve of structures A. Csébfalvi Janus Pannonius University, Boszorkány u. 2, H-7625 Pécs, Hungary In this work, a nonlinear path-following method is given for analysing the nonlinear stability problems of space truss structures

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The algorithm arrayMax executes about 8n - 3 primitive operations in the worst case. Define: a = Time taken by the fastest primitive operation; b = Time taken by the slowest primitive operation; Let T(n) be the worst case time of arrayMax.Then a(8n - 3) <= T(n) <= b(8n - 3); The running time T(n) is bounded by two linear functionsChanging the hardware/software environment will not affect the. Graph. A graph is a non-linear data structure in Java and the following two components define it: A set of a finite number of vertices which we call as nodes. An edge with a finite set of ordered pairs which is in the form (u, v). V represents the Number of Vertices. N represents the Number of Edges

A simulation can be used to: Manipulate certain variables to measure the effects of changes on operating characteristics of interest. The drive-up window for a fast food operation was being studied using simulation to determine a variety of operating characteristics. As part of the study, data was collected on order processing time as given in. In this paper, Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion (NDI) technique is used to design a controller capable of controlling such a reactor for load-following with frequent changes in demand, in both the modes of operation, namely, reactor-follow-turbine and turbine-follow-reactor

1- Which of the following is a contraindication for breast conserving surgery (BCT)? A) Small lump to breast ratio b) Central breast tumor mass c) Breast Tumor size less than 5 cm d) Young age 2- The characteristic changes that follow a major operation or moderate to severe injury do not include the following: A. Hypermetabolism. B. Fever The following tutorials are an introduction to solving linear and nonlinear equations with Python. The solution to linear equations is through matrix operations while sets of nonlinear equations require a solver to numerically find a solution. Solve Linear Equations with Python. Source Code for Linear Solutions following elements: operations into the supply chain for manufacturing and distribution. Finally, we mention that while the nonlinear programming (NLP) problem (1.2) is given as a finite-dimensional representation, it may result from a possible large-scale dis Visual and Refractive Outcomes Following Laser Blended Vision Using Non-linear Aspheric Micro-monovision J Refract Surg . 2020 May 1;36(5):300-307. doi: 10.3928/1081597X-20200407-02

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Definition EO Equation Operations. Given a system of linear equations, the following three operations will transform the system into a different one, and each operation is known as an equation operation. Swap the locations of two equations in the list of equations. Multiply each term of an equation by a nonzero quantity A derivative is a function which measures the slope. It depends upon x in some way, and is found by differentiating a function of the form y = f (x). When x is substituted into the derivative, the result is the slope of the original function y = f (x). There are many different ways to indicate the. Based on the comment by Ryan Cory-Wright, you could formulate it like this. Verify convexity of the domain $\{x \in X : g(x) \le 0\}$. Solve the following problem, and check the optimal value The mathematical technique of linear programming is instrumental in solving a wide range of operations management problems. Linear Program Structure. Linear programming models consist of an objective function and the constraints on that function. A linear programming model takes the following form: Objective function Lecture 4 What are the basic solutions? • For a problem in the standard form a basic solution is a point ¯x = (¯x1,...,¯x n) that has at least n − m coordinates equal to 0, and satisfies all the equality constraints of the problem a11x¯1 + a12¯x2 + ··· + a1n¯x n = b1 a21x¯1 + a22¯x2 + ··· + a2n¯x n = b2 a m1¯x1 + a m2x¯2 + ··· + a mn¯x n = b m • If the point ¯x has.

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A non-linear equation is such which does not form a straight line. It looks like a curve in a graph and has a variable slope value. It looks like a curve in a graph and has a variable slope value. The major difference between linear and nonlinear equations is given here for the students to understand it in a more natural way Definition. -linear operations in contiguous AOs. Term. The Seize the Initiative phase of joint operations seeks decision advantage by using all available elements of combat power to: (Select all that apply.) Definition. -generate in the enemy a sense of inevitable failure and defeat. -seize and maintain the initiative

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  1. Here is an example of a nonlinear regression model of the relationship between density and electron mobility.. The nonlinear equation is so long it that it doesn't fit on the graph: Mobility = (1288.14 + 1491.08 * Density Ln + 583.238 * Density Ln^2 + 75.4167 * Density Ln^3) / (1 + 0.966295 * Density Ln + 0.397973 * Density Ln^2 + 0.0497273 * Density Ln^3
  2. Solve the nonlinear equation for the variable. When you distribute the y, you get 4 y2 + 3 y = 6. Because this equation is quadratic, you must get 0 on one side, so subtract the 6 from both sides to get 4 y2 + 3 y - 6 = 0. You have to use the quadratic formula to solve this equation for y: Substitute the solution (s) into either equation to.
  3. Here the various operations on a data structure are possible only in a sequence i.e. we cannot insert the element into any location of our choice. E.g. A new element in a queue can come only at the end, not anywhere else. Examples of linear data structures are array, stacks, queue, and linked list. They can be implemented in memory using two ways
  4. A linear equation has the following form: y = mx + b where m is the slope b is the y-intercept. You can also perform a vertical line test. If the line touches your graphed function in more than.
  5. Which if the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure. A) Abstract level B) Application level It exports a set of operations. A) True, False B) False, True C) True, True Which of the following data structure is non linear type? A) Strings. B) Lists. C) Stacks. D) Graph
  6. A. The cell membrane is able to maintain a 10,000 fold gradient between the extracellular concentration of ionized calcium and the intracellular concentration. B. The key to these differences is the fact that the plasma membrane is normally impermeable to sodium, potassium and calcium
  7. b) Non linear first order. c) Linear first order. d) Non linear second order . Q17. What is / are the major assumptions made in the calculation of swing equations? a) Damper windings are neglected. b) The machine is lossless. c) The machine has to run at synchronous speed. d) Both (a) and (b

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d. Decomposition. Answer Explanation. ANSWER: Fictive. Explanation: No explanation is available for this question! 6) Assuming no ISI, the maximum possible bandwidth of a multimode graded index fiber with 5 MHz, shows the total pulse broadening of 0.1s for the distance of about 12km Which of the following data structure is non-linear type? 1) Strings. 2) Lists. 3) Stacks The following species are isoelectronic with noble gas Neon. Arrange them in the increasing order of their ionic size-- N a + , F − , O − 2 , M g + 2 , A l + 3 . View solutio

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  1. The nonlinear range can become very unpredictable for injector operation and fuel delivery, causing sporadic engine behavior, continues Jilg. The majority of the problems people have with large injectors are at idle or cruise, because you are hitting this nonlinear range and the injectors no longer match close enough in flow rate or.
  2. Examples. Let us find out whether the following systems are linear. a) y ( t) = x ( t) + 3. This system is not a linear system because it violates the first condition. If we put input as zero, making x t = 0, then the output is not zero. b) y ( t) = sin. ⁡. t x ( t) In this system, if we give input as zero, the output will become zero
  3. Simulink Basics Tutorial. Simulink is a graphical extension to MATLAB for modeling and simulation of systems. One of the main advantages of Simulink is the ability to model a nonlinear system, which a transfer function is unable to do. Another advantage of Simulink is the ability to take on initial conditions
  4. A linear function is a function which forms a straight line in a graph. It is generally a polynomial function whose degree is utmost 1 or 0. Although the linear functions are also represented in terms of calculus as well as linear algebra. The only difference is the function notation. Knowing an ordered pair written in function notation is.
  5. Abstract Data type (ADT) is a type (or class) for objects whose behaviour is defined by a set of value and a set of operations. The definition of ADT only mentions what operations are to be performed but not how these operations will be implemented

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  1. Linear functions are those whose graph is a straight line. A linear function has the following form. y = f (x) = a + bx. A linear function has one independent variable and one dependent variable. The independent variable is x and the dependent variable is y. a is the constant term or the y intercept. It is the value of the dependent variable.
  2. g problem which deals with the allocation of the various resources to the various activities on one to one basis. It does it in such a way that the cost or time involved in the process is
  3. Description : Which of the following are satisfied in a non-linear network ? 1. Associative 2. Superposition 3. Homogeneity 4. Bilaterality Select the correct answer using the codes given below : (a) 1 and 3 only (b) 1 and 4 only (c) 2 and 3 only (d) 2 and 4 only. Answer : Which of the following are satisfied in a non-linear network ? 1
  4. Operations applied on linear data structure: The following list of operations applied on linear data structures 1. Add an element 2. Delete an element 3. Traverse 4. Sort the list of elements 5. Search for a data element For example Stack, Queue, Tables, List, and Linked Lists. Non-linear Data Structure

Nonlinear systems 8.1 Linearization, critical points, and equilibria Note: 1 lecture, §6.1-§6.2 in [EP], §9.2-§9.3 in [BD] Except for a few brief detours in chapter 1, we considered mostly linear equations. Linear equations suffice in many applications, but in reality most phenomena require nonlinear equations The Benefits of Taking a Nonlinear Career Path. Career Development. age is a concept). Closely following this, I get a house that is the perfect shape of a box with two windows. In this box home, I live alone because I have no concept of children or a significant other. The end Downloadable! It is assumed that the velocity of a car at time t is some (nonlinear) function of the spacial headway at time t - (Delta), so the equations of motion for a sequence of cars consists of a set of differential-difference equations. There is a special family of velocity-headway relations that agrees well with experimental data for steady flow, and that also gives differential. CCSS.Math.Content.8.F.A.3 Interpret the equation y = mx + b as defining a linear function, whose graph is a straight line; give examples of functions that are not linear. For example, the function A = s 2 giving the area of a square as a function of its side length is not linear because its graph contains the points (1,1), (2,4) and (3,9), which are not on a straight line Solving Optimization Problems using the Matlab Optimization Toolbox - a Tutorial Optimization and Robust Operation of Complex Systems under Uncertainty and Stochastic Optimization View project. Amine Boumala. Related Papers. Optim tb. By Pablo Q. Hybrid spectral gradient method for the unconstrained minimization problem

Operations research, or management science, is the application of advanced analytical methods in mathematics to complex business decision-making problems. By using mathematical methods, analysts can model business decisions and solve optimization problems (such as profit maximization or cost minimization problems) using linear and nonlinear. A well-known example of a non-linear system is a magnetization curve or no load curve of a DC machine.We will discuss briefly no-load curve of DC machines here: No load curve gives us the relationship between the air gap flux and the field winding mmf. It is very clear from the curve given below that in the beginning, there is a linear relationship between winding mmf and the air gap flux but. Assume the following. •Symbol f(t) is the pollutant flow rate into pond 1 (lb/min). •Symbols f1, f2, f3 denote the pollutant flow rates out of ponds 1, 2, 3, respectively (gal/min). It is assumed that the pollutant is well-mixed in each pond. •The three ponds have volumes V1, V2, V3 (gal), which remain con-stant The preferred operation for initial management of a thyroid nodule that is considered suspicious for malignancy by FNAB is: 4. Advantages of total thyroidectomy for management of papillary carcinomas of the thyroid larger than 1 .5 cm. include: 5. Which of the following statements about follicular carcinoma is/are true? 6

SUNDIALS is a SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers. It consists of the following six solvers: CVODE, solves initial value problems for ordinary differential equation (ODE) systems; CVODES, solves ODE systems and includes sensitivity analysis capabilities (forward and adjoint); ARKODE, solves initial value ODE problems with additive Runge-Kutta methods, include support. Operations Research 21 (1973) 156-161. [2] Glover, F. Improved Linear Integer Programming Formulations of Nonlinear Integer Problems. Management Science 22 (1975) 455-460. [3] M Oral and O Kettani, A linearization procedure for quadratic and cubic mixed-integer problems. Operations Research 40 (1992) S109-S116 Jul 09,2021 - Which of the following is an advantage of adjacency list representation over adjacency matrix representation of a graph?a)In adjacency list representation, space is saved for sparse graphs.b)DFS and BSF can be done in O(V + E) time for adjacency list representation. These operations take O(V^2) time in adjacency matrix representation OSA Licenses for Journal Article Reuse. This page summarizes the various licenses that apply to The Optical Society (OSA) journal content for the purposes of reuse. OSA journal articles are published under a variety of licenses, and specific publication rights have been granted to the OSA by the authors of the published articles

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