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Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie 33 Outstanding Examples of Matte Painting. Matte painting is considered logically as invisible environments for film. Visual effects shot so realistic that might make the audience think they were filmed in location. Matte Painting is a technique used to add wonder and excitement to a static landscape, set or distant location which filmmakers. Texture can come through in a whole host of ways, so don't forget the impact that the following can have: matte versus glazed ornaments on a bookcase, book spines stacked on a side table aside a sculpted glass lamp base, a polished granite fireplace hearth with a tasselled rug in front of it, or even wall treatments and artwork that have the. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern, wait for the New Layer dialog box to appear, enter Texture (matte) in the Name field and click OK. Wait for the Pattern Fill dialog box to appear and make sure previously created pattern is selected. If not, click the down arrow near the preview of the pattern and choose Grainy Texture (you can mouse. Texture in art is a visual element which refers to the surface quality of a painting (i.e. smooth, rough, matte, glossy, etc). Many artists seem to overlook the importance of texture, but I find it to be one of the most versatile tools at our disposal. In this post I discuss what texture is and how you can successfully incorporate it in your.

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The example above by Pierre Mendel presents a great example of layered tactile textures used in graphic design and proves they can be applied to graphic design in many ways. Besides using different ink types as well as gold, matte and gloss foils in magazine print designs, you can also layer different design elements to attract the viewer's. What are some descriptive words for Texture?. Here is a list of words that describe Texture. 351 words Go to Effect Controls and from the Track Matte Key area, you want to select the video layer from the drop down menu that contains the matte. In this case it will be Video 3. You will see that instead of seeing the matte, you see the video clip. Next you will add the paper texture on top Powder Coating Process. As a result, the powder that gets sprayed onto the workpiece will stick to it. Also, the magnetic force manages to pretty much level it, leaving a nice smooth powder coat and negating any problems with patches. Once the coating is set, the part will go into the oven. At about 200° C, the powder melts Glossy vs matte photos are the two extremes of photo paper, with glossy being very shiny, with vibrant colors and minimal texture, and matte having more muted colors, no shine and lots of texture. The main difference between glossy and matte noticeable to you, would be the lack of glare in matte photos, as they don't reflect light

Texture Photography can sometimes be challenging, since composition, light and depth work differently than in, for example, landscape photography. In texture photography , it's all about patterns, colors and depth, and every single detail of a texture plays a significant role in the overall perception of the photograph Examples. You can find all those examples in the samples of the Mixture package. the rest of the graph is some texture manipulation and transformation to output the height, normal and albedo textures. I mainly use the UV distort noise to create the cloud turbulence with a mask I generate from a first Gradient Matte for the spherical. Matte describes Lambertian reflectance and is somewhat independent of surface texture - it has more to do with an object's micro-surface geometry and the way light is reflected. For instance, a lemon or an orange doesn't have the same surface smoo.. Examples. The thumbnails are most likely too small to see the detail. Please click on each image to see a close up. Ray Texture 0 (None) Ray Texture 1 (Matte 1) Ray Texture 2 (Matte 2) Ray Texture 3 (Swirl1) Ray Texture 4 (Swirl 2) Ray Texture 5 (Fiber) See Also. ray_texture_settings

Matte and Flat. These paint finishes deliver a smooth, subtle look and show little to no sheen when dry since they absorb light. Pros: Matte and flat finishes cover imperfections in surface and application, making them a great choice for ceilings as well as walls in the bedroom, dining room and living room. You can easily touch up this finish Texture/Feel. When you run your hand across a clear gloss label, it's reminiscent of photo paper. It has a waxy, slick texture that helps create its shine. Clear Matte Labels. Tip: Click on the image below to view examples Tactile texture is the real thing. It is the actual way a surface feels when it is felt or touched, such as rough, smooth, soft, hard, silky, slimy, sticky, etc. 3-D art such as sculpture and architectural structures are tactile because they can be felt. Examples of natural texture would be wood, sandpaper, canvas, rocks, glass, granite, metal.

Free Film Matte Overlays for music video, promo videos and more.Free Download- https://cinepacks.store/products/free-film-matte-fx-sample-packFull Pack- htt.. When to use Matte Prints. Big prints play well with matte photos. They don't reflect light, and they look great in frames on a wall. This, in conjunction with paper texture, makes it a popular choice for fine art gallery pieces. The added durability also makes matte prints the go-to material for books and prints that are frequently handled Set Matte is a growing library of high-quality, loopable textures created specifically with animators in mind. Ultra-Premium Super Quality All of our textures are made from scratch and scanned at super high resolutions (8K with 16bit color). Every texture comes ready to go in multiple formats and resolutions to fit whatever your need may be The velvety texture of the finish makes for a pleasant tactile experience. The matte soft cover finish is less reflective than gloss, giving a more natural look to cover art. A less shiny cover absorbs more small scratches and scuffs without looking beat up. The simple contrast of a matte cover among many glossy covers may draw its own.

Up next: matte hair texture. Read on!*Perfect, glossy waves seem like they should be an easy hairstyle to create, but as any woman who's ever tried to get them knows, they're so difficult to achieve Home Decor Trends - Neutrals, Texture and A Global Style [Dallas Market 2021] carlaaston.com. More beads, these colorful with a matte finish, were seen at The Botanical Mix at Dallas Market. These were hung on petrified bamboo, such a unique, textural organic vibe! Colorful, matte finish beads on petrified wood chunks for a textural, organic look

Texture is the element of art that refers to how things feel or how they look like they might feel on the surface. Texture is perceived by touch and sight. Objects can have rough or smooth textures and matte or shiny surfaces. Types of texture: 1. REAL OR ACTUAL TEXTURE-- texture that can be perceived through touch. 2 With winter in full swing and social distancing still in effect, our wardrobe is full of comfy sweaters and plush loungewear. Because we're all about those cozy vibes, we also can't get enough of soft textured nail art. From sweater-inspired designs to matte glitter manis, we rounded up our favorite examples of the trend on Instagram below Stone Cosmos Dark Gray Matte Textures The most common use of granite today and in the past is flooring and wall coverings. It is a granite texture that belongs to Seranit company. You can visit seranit.com.tr to use this quality texture in your own architectural projects A matte clear coat is left deliberately imperfect, with a texture that diffuses light rather than reflects it. The clear coat also contains matting or texturizing agents to create a haze throughout the layers. Since the trick of matte is in the clear coat rather than in the colored layers, any color can be used to create a matte finish

Texture of the Walls: Depending on which route you go, the texture of your wall might interfere with the paint application. The flatter the finish you select, the more the paint will hide the imperfections and nuances of the wall's texture. For walls that have patches or are cracking, picking a flat, or matte, finish might be the best choice Good examples would be some 23.6 - 27″ IPS-type '4K' UHD (3840 x 2160) panels such as those used on the Dell P2415Q or ASUS PG27AQ. These are light matte anti-glare (relatively low haze value), which preserves image vibrancy and clarity, but don't have a particularly smooth surface texture Matte Paint Matte finish is nearly as shine-free as flat, again providing excellent hide and depth of color, with slightly more durability. Regal® Select Interior Matte (548) is a professional painter favorite for its ease of application and smooth feel after drying. Matte finish paint also withstands frequent washing, even when applied in busier areas like hallways and family rooms Rib knits have all the loops on some wales (ribs) on the front, and all the loops on the remaining wales on the back. If the rib structures are equal on both sides you'll get the best stretch and recovery. For example, 2×2 ribs (the grey sample pictured above is a 2×2 rib). How it feels: the ribs create a texture. Many feel soft, but some.

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  1. A car's paint job is the pinnacle factor in the quality and value of the vehicle. As well as changing the car's colour, matte paint, glossy paint, and ceramic coating are three examples of coatings that can be applied to alter the vehicle's appearance, texture and layer protection. Do-It-Yourself Tips To Paint Your Car Like A Pr
  2. Matte Effect Photoshop Action #6 Tonning. The structure of these matte Photoshop actions free have a number of indicators that can discolor the photo, fill it with warmth, lighten up, brighten up the flaws and at the same time enhance the quality of the photo and give the popular effect of rough paper. Add elegant, vintage and unusual color.
  3. Select Layer Style > Pattern Overlay > Matte Texture to apply it to the layer. Then, open Layer Style > Pattern Overlay > Pattern and select the Texture group from Legacy Patterns and More group > Legacy Patterns group we just loaded. The Texture set is a set that contains texture patterns for rocks and trees

It's emphasis is definition: Texture is key to any style, and a bit of shine further emphasizes yours by catching the light at any angle. You don't need to overdo it on the luster, though: The. Dull/matte finish - the texture of the paper is emphasized, as opposed to glossy finish, this type of finish provides the paper a raw and professional look. You may also see movie night flyer . Gloss finish - the paper appears to be shiny, or have a gloss, that enhances the quality of the images Gloss has a more reflective and shiny coating (top right). Matte has a grainier texture and reflects less light (bottom left). Here you can see the difference in the finishing - Matte is on the left and Gloss on the right. Both look great. Gloss paper is heavier than Matte. Here is a gloss poster example. Here is a matte poster example

Crinkle crepes are the best with texture with alternatively plain and crepe surface. Most wool crepes have a bumpy surface texture because of twisted crepe yarns used in weaving the fabric- moss crêpe double weave is a suiting crepe with an interesting texture.. Plisse is a lightweight crepe fabric with a noticeably puckered appearance. The surface has this texture as a result of chemical. Sand Swirl Drywall Texture. A sand swirl finish is a combination of two other drywall texture types, namely the sand spray and comb techniques. The swirls are created by using a medium or thick bristled brush (think of a wallpaper brush, shown here, or the bristles on the back side of an ice scraper).The pattern can be orderly rows of half fans, or it can be more complex such as interlocking. Hundreds of 3D Texture Downloads. Welcome to Free PBR where you can download 100% free PBR materials and texture files . Our free PBR, or Physically-Based Rendering materials offer the metalness / roughness as well as the metallic / smoothness workflows. These 2K texture maps can be used in Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender and many other 3D, Game. However, matte has recently emerged as a modern contender that adds a layer of visual texture, and it won't compete as much with other elements, like a backsplash tile, for example, that you prefer to make a focal point

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  1. These mattes are incorporated into Nuke and so will consist of an alembic file for the animated geo (.abc), a png for the matte texture (.png), and the Nuke file where this is assembled. Additionally we archive the Photoshop file used to create the png (.psd) in a separate folder (in odrer to keep the project file size down)
  2. Matte Texture Putty 10. Available in. 2 oz. Shop at. KEY FEATURES. MEDIUM HOLD PUTTY. Provides a medium, flexible hold with a matte finish. Replenishes moisture & softens hair. Pliable consistency allows for effortless, versatile styling. Easy to rework throughout the day. HOW TO USE
  3. So if matte finish cars have clear coats, it dries to a rough texture, giving it the dull, sheen. The matte finish seems to have penetrated to the highest reaches of the car world, like Mansory, a British customizer, offers it on their their custom Bentleys and you can order the finish from Mercedes, BMW and Porsche to name three automakers
  4. Matte paper also has a more organic texture and appearance, so the resulting artwork appears more high-end rather than mass-produced. Of course, there are always exceptions! Some artists may prefer a glossy stock for contemporary, brightly colored pieces (think Andy Warhol) in which light reflection can have a radiant and striking effect on.
  5. Along with texture and drape, another element of fabric is the sheen. Some fabrics are matte - they don't reflect light and appear to absorb light - these fabrics are the most SLIMMING fabrics as they don't draw attention to your body. Which Fabric to Choose - Matte - Sheen - Shin
  6. Daz3D Texture Tutorial: Editing Materials. It is also possible to edit materials. It is quite hard to create something absolutely different in this way, but you can change the look a bit. Let's take this T-Shirt as an example that I will edit in different ways and change its look
  7. Gloss papers have less bulk and opacity and are typically less expensive than dull & matte paper of equal thickness. Gloss coatings reduce ink absorption, which give the sheet an excellent color definition. Satin — a satin coating is a less shiny coated finish. It has a lower gloss level than gloss finish, yet a higher gloss level than matte.

Matte Finish Quartz Countertops. Matte is not a texture, it's more appropriately described as the absence of shine. In some materials, matte is the finish that a smooth surface takes before it's given its final grind to become polished. In quartz countertops, some colors are available in a leathered texture Matte PPF is easier to keep up than matte factory finishes. SunTek PPF Ultra Matte has the same top coat as SunTek PPF Ultra, with a different surface texture: matte sheen instead of glossy shine. Aside from this, the products are identical with added protection against impact damage, resistance to corrosives, the ability to heal scratches, and. The answer to this depends on what kind of statement you want your floors to make. Matte hardwood floors are trendier due to the fact that they offer more natural visuals. And that raw wood texture is what you're looking for if you want a more Rustic or Farmhouse style decor. Still, satin offers gloss without the eye-popping reflectiveness. Color, Material, Finish, and Opportunities for 3D Printing. Whether a product is for consumers or industrial users, how a product looks, feels, and behaves influences its functional and perceived value. In product development those characteristics are collectively known as Color, Material, Finish, usually abbreviated as CMF The swept-up length in the front perfectly offsets the incredible spiky texture on top, which pairs nicely with the tapered fade on the sides and back. To style, just use your fingertips and a matte pomade to create the texture and use a natural-bristle brush to brush up the hair in front. Burst Fade Mohaw

Matte Black 3D Patterns for Photoshop. Inside this pattern pack you'll find 10 unique 3D pattern tiles with a matte black finish. The design of each is subtle, so even though they're 3D they're still very much ideal for minimalist design styles. Fear not about resolution. Each of these tiles has been exported at a size that will work perfectly. Smooth Matte. Smooth Matte is a 100% cotton hot press paper. It has the smoothest surface of our fine art papers. Velvet. Velvet is a 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper. Velvet has a delicate surface that is less resistant to scratches and scuffs than other fine art surfaces A high gloss texture ideal for applications that require maximum smoothness and reflectance. Recommended for horizontal or vertical interior application. Available on all Solid Colors, Patterns and Woodgrains. All -90 Gloss items can be used as Dry-Erase Markerboard and can be ordered as Make-to-Order (MTO). Non directional texture You can feel that in the swirled texture, tall text, and intense color combination used on the label. It's easy-to-read and helps communicate the richness of the product immediately. Product used: OL5030WX, a 3.375 x 2.3125 rectangle on Standard White Matte. View Tru Esscents' full submission. High-Contrast Wraparound Soap Bar Labe

Translation of matte in English. Le matte painting devrait traverser des générations de copies. The matte painting would have to go through generations of duplication. Vous pouvez également opter pour une plastification matte, brillante, texturée ou aréneuse. You can also opt for matte, glossy, sand or texture lamination Matte finish business cards for a professional and polished look, and free shipping with Vistaprint! Matte paper stocks absorb more ink, making it great for custom designs with deep, rich colors. Vistaprint offers matte business cards in multiple sizes and shapes and even offers additional metallic or spot UV finish elements Sandi P. <[hidden email]> wrote: > How can I remove the matte texture from photos I've scanned? I'm using the > 'descreening' feature in my scanning software when I scan photos with the > matte finish, but it doesn't do the trick. I'm still left with mottled > scanned images. How can I remove this texture look in Gimp? I've tried doing > some Gaussian Blur and then Unsharp Mask, but am just. Collection: Soft Matte Presets, Instagram Presets Best for: Travel photography, Urban scenes Style: Creamy pink tones, Soft shadows, Moderate matte The examples below will show you how this vacation preset can be applied to all types of photography, whether indoor or outdoor

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In addition to matte and gloss finishes, specialty stocks are available with silk and velvet finishes. Below is a Patrick Bateman business card printed on Velvet card stock. A simple design can elevate a business card design. Keep in mind that coated stock is often difficult to write on, preventing people from making notes on printed pieces 1-16 of 25 results for kenra matte texture putty 10 Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Amazon's Choice for kenra matte texture putty 10. Kenra Matte Texture Putty. 4.3 out of 5 stars 148. $17.00 $ 17. 00 ($8.50/Ounce) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 24 Lustre. Lustre finish has a less textured surface (called pebbled) than matte. Pros - This finish allows for some light reflection, but not enough to cause glare. Images have more color saturation and less texture on the paper's surface increases the sharpness of the images. This finish also hides fingerprints well and is a popular. A dirty brass texture is the kind of brass texture with a mostly matter finish. Dirty brass textures can be applied by event organizers and graphic designers to business event invitations because it exudes a corporate mood. A golden seamless brass texture can be applied in a big canvas repetitively and still look cohesive and put together. This.

Deep Matte Print Real Life Examples. Nvette and Vic's outdoor rustic wedding day had a look that would allow most all of their gallery to look fantastic in a deep matte print. Another great example is one of Heidi and Kelly's engagement photos (coincidentally taken in the same locale as Nvette and Vic's wedding). I have this particular image in a matte print that I use for display at. The surface colour and texture would make no difference and the same amount of heat is transferred in both directions. We could say that in this situation, the surroundings and the teapot are in 'thermal equilibrium'. GCSE Physics Exam Keywords: Absorber, Emitter, Shiny/Matt, Light/Dark, Infrared radiation. Course overview Black paper texture image over the top, this one set to colour dodge. Black paper texture image over the top, this one set to glow. From this start, you can make your faux paper more or less glossy (thus less or more matte) by either adding noise to the gradients or adding noise layer set to an appropriate blend mode - say darken, or multiply.

Honed tiles go through the same process as polished and satin but with even fewer wheels that result in a smooth matte finish. This is the most casual finish of the three, reflecting very little light and contemporizing a design. Featured: Bianco Puro Honed Corinth Mosaic, 12″ x 24″, Somerset and Combed Hexagons Featured: San Dona Honed 4″ x 12″, Elba and 12″ x 24 Saunders James likes to use a matte topcoat over nail art. Matte is really fun to use as it gives a smooth, modern look to a manicure. I love using matte over nail art to give it a unique finish, she says. She also notes that matte nail polish takes longer to dry, so keep that in mind after getting a matte manicure One of the knocks on flat matte surfaces is that they can impart a certain dullness, especially when it comes to highlights. While Moab's new paper could be considered a matte surface—it utilizes PM (matte black) ink—the paper elevates the look and feel with a fine textural treatment on an essentially matte surface The popcorn texture is a dry mix of drywall mud and polystyrene, and it comes in a standard white color, so it's best to prime the wall or ceiling before use. Mix the popcorn texture with water.

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For example, a texture coordinate of 2.05 will simply be interpreted as 0.05 and a texture coordinate of -3.5 will be interpreted as 0.5. (like plastics and matte materials) have a low specular power (between 2 and 10). Materials. When using shaders, all material properties of an object are defined using uniform variables in the shader file Matte black tiles in some geo shape will be nice for a masculine or just moody kitchen, matte white tiles will add texture to any kitchen and will look more interesting than usual white tiles. You can also find amazing matte marble tiles - marble looks refined, and matte adds interest to the space An example of this is using a manually-created coarse matte with a trimap segmentation, so called because it separates the image into three regions: known background, known foreground, and an unknown region. In this case, the algorithm attempts to label the unknown region based on the user's input, and the user can iterate through multiple. It enhances the texture and tone by neutralizing any distractions in the shadows. The Min Output and Max Output sliders help adjust the shadows and highlights in your image in a matte-fying kind of way. For example, if you slide the Min Output slider all the way to 100 while keeping Max Output at 100, your image will be totally white. The.

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Browse and free download beautiful Brushed matte texture background images, this Banner Backgrounds format is JPG/PSD, lovepik number is 401645522, the size is 32.8 MB. It is great to use on your desktop and phone wallpapers and your graphic design. Daily update more than 500 pics of technology, abstract, 3D, watercolor backgrounds, etc Both photos are very black, but the texture in the photo above is glossy and smooth, while below is a rough matte texture. In both photos the only colour is the model's skin, a smooth texture that contrasts with the backgrounds. Her leather jacket in the photo below adds a lovely glossy texture in an otherwise very matte black photo Matte Gel Mediums. Matte Gel Mediums will dry with a dull finish. All mediums are milky and should dry clear. However, Matte Gels have matting agents of white silicate particles. It may take a while to cure to final clarity depending on the temperature and humidity of your studio. Matte gel may cure a little cloudy or foggy

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Matte Finish is the next in line to flat finish. Generally, the matte finish is also known as a finish that is low on gloss. However, compared to flash finish, the matte finish has a higher percentage of gloss having 5-10% gloss. Though there may be slight variations in paints of different companies, in general, gloss percentage is low Our photo matte paper is a medium weight paper with a matte (no shine), smooth (no texture) finish. This paper is a great affordable choice for reproducing watercolor paintings, drawings, and photographs.Though it is not archival certified it is printed with archival inks and so will last a very long time when properly cared for.. Medium Weight Matte Photo Paper (12 mil, 230 gsm The physical texture (also known as actual texture or tactile texture) are the patterns of variations upon a solid surface.These can include -- but are not limited to -- fur, canvas, wood grain, sand, leather, satin, eggshell, matte, or smooth surfaces such as metal or glass. Physical texture differentiates itself from visual texture by having a physical quality that can be felt by touching.

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You can enjoy the beauty of texture on everything from a wallet-sized all the way up to a poster-sized print. Nations Photo Lab also offers textured prints on our square and other specialty sizes. Textured photo prints are an ideal product for the pro photographer to add to his or her product lineup. These prints are of the highest possible. Matte eyeshadow is eyeshadow that doesn't contain shimmer or glitter. It doesn't change when the light hits it and has a flat texture. There are different variants of matte, as some shadows have extremely fine shimmer particles that create a satin-like finish. However, true matte is totally shimmer-free and smooth Deeper color saturation is seen in lustre, matte as more of a texture than lustre. Matte looks dole, because it does not reflect light. Lustre has a slight loss and produces sharp images with vibrant colors. Matte is more preferred by black and white photographers whereas lustre is used to make portraits in photos of models Render-to-Texture (RTT) glow example. Blurs is done in two separable passes. (2 technique/s) Simple tone mapping shader with exposure and gamma controls. This is an HDR example, so it requires a GPU capable of supporting the FP16 formats used in typical HDR formats such as OpenEXR. heres (1 technique/s

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Take the examples above. Here the A and B plates that need to be combined have a lot of distinct texture. We create a matte using a roto shape and heavily blur it to hide the edges. But when the plates are merged the overlapping areas lose a lot of their texture - where the matte had a partial opacity the comped image looks soft (its tricky. During manufacturing process, a matte finish prevents the material surface from sticking to another layer, thus facilitating production and packaging operation. When Zendura is properly thermoformed, the matte finish will heat up until the texture features of the surface melt and go completely clear Check out MAC Matte Lipstick reviews, colors, price, benefits, how to use, side effects, rating & more information here and buy online. MAC Matte Lipstick collection is a range of creamy matte lipsticks that are formulated to shade, define, and showcase your lips. The colors are richly pigmented and offer a high color pay-off with a single stroke For example here I add a texture of course fabric to a photo I took of a pagoda at the Kunming Zoo, in southern China. convert tile_fabric.gif -colorspace gray -normalize \ -fill gray50 +level 35% texture_fabric.gif composite texture_fabric.gif pagoda_sm.jpg \ -tile -compose Hardlight photo_texture.jp Texture Shape. Use the Texture Shape property to select and define the shape and structure of the Texture. There are four shape types: 2D is the most common setting for all Textures; it defines the image file as a 2D Texture. These are used to map Textures to 3D Meshes and GUI elements, among other Project elements. Cube defines the Texture as a cubemap.You could use this for Skyboxes or.

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Matte paint can be used to create stripes on a wall. You can either use two different shades of matte to make stripes over a wall. You can also use the same shade, but use a matte paint with a semi-gloss paint. This will create an illusion of stripes, as the stripes will be marked by texture rather than color Shift + Click the Texture Swatch to parent the texture to selected layer. Alt + Click the Texture Swatch to replace selected layer for different texture. Alt + Shift + Click the Texture Swatch to remove swatch from palette. Alt + Click on Alpha Mode Button to invert the Track Matte. Custom values in effects are currently not supported Handcrafted in Minnesota, these frames are built using reclaimed wood from old barns. Choose from two types of styles, our standard Barnwood Frame or the Barnwood Frame with Trim, both with 4 mouldings. Barnwood Frames arrive fully assembled complete with craft paper backing, a wire hanger and a 'Minnesota Made' stamp on the back Matte Texture Carbon Fiber Black Vinyl Car Wrap. Dry application only - Do not use solutions when applying this film. Heat Stretchable - The film can be heated up and stretched using a heat gun on curved corners

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Hi Ab Z! Did you happen to order a Wedding Sample Kit from Vistaprint? They include examples of each of the finishes/paper types you mention. The matte finish is just that, on regular card stock. The linen finish has a little bit of texture that makes it feel more elegant or formal. The premium white matte stock is quite a bit heavier than the. Anastasia Ruby Matte Lipstick. ($18.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a deep red with cool, bluish undertones and a matte finish. It had very nearly opaque pigmentation that covered the lips evenly. The texture felt very lightweight when worn, though the lipstick had a much stiffer consistency as I applied it from the tube to the point where it tugged on my.

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