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Located in Hammond, Mrs. Heather's Pumpkin Patch offers a lot more than just plucking pumpkins off the vine. When you're wandering the grounds, you can expect to find activities like zip lines, hay.. Markman Pumpkin Patch, located at 120th & Military, is a small, family-friendly, and popular local farm where you can purchase pumpkins and gourds. It is one of the Pumpkin Patches included in our Omaha Area Pumpkin Patch Guide! We love coming here every season and finding the perfect pumpkin, and kids love playing on the playground The lemon season in Tucumán, Argentina's most important producer of this citrus fruit, is progressing with severe difficulties. The unstable weather conditions during the fruit's development, the. Bob's has a large variety of pumpkins to choose from! Big to small, they've got it all. At the entrance, there is a display of pumpkins with the approximate pricing (ranging $1 to $30), depending on their size. I thought the prices were very affordable/reasonable

Warehime's Pumpkin Patch. October 23 ·. Closed. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us this season. We have been so busy that our fields are completely picked over. We are closing early this year but we are going to have a wagon of pumpkins available to buy from infront of where our pumpkin patch was Scheuermann's Farm & Greenhouses: Known for the World's Best Sweet Corn and a wide variety of flowers and vegetables picked in season. Enjoy picking pumpkins from a large display. Open 9am-5pm daily. 73 Little York Rd., Warwick. 845-258-4221. Pierson Farm and Greenhouse, 1448 Rte. 211 West, Middletown

Tennessee's pick your own farms and orchards for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and more. The website also has canning & freezing instructions, related events and fun and listings for every other state and many countries Silverman's Farm, Easton This pumpkin patch in Easton gives away thousands of pumpkins free every year. All you have to do is to guess the weight of your chosen pumpkin within 2 oz. either way - and you can walk away with it without paying a cent

Baskets - The most convenient option for getting your pumpkins up off the ground is to buy a batch of Mellon Baskets offline. These baskets are designed to hold heavy fruits like melons and pumpkins up off the ground to protect them from the moisture in the soil The basic baking method is simple. Wash the pumpkin, then cut it in half and discard the stem section and stringy pulp. Save the seeds to dry and roast. Preheat the oven to 325°F. Then cut the. Warehime's Pumpkin Patch. October 10, 2019 ·. Come out to the pumpkin patch! We still have beautiful multi-colored sunflowers, our new corn maze and lots of different kinds of pumpkins! We are open until October 27th. Our hours are Thursdays - Fridays 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am - 6;00pm, and Sundays 12:00pm - 5:00pm As of the fourth week in October, retail prices for jack-o'-lantern type pumpkins (Howden) averaged $4.11 per pumpkin (down from $4.48 last year during the same week) and wholesale prices averaged $156 per 24-inch bin. (Wholesale and retail advertised prices will be updated during the 2020 fall season as they become available.

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2010 harvest of pumpkins, hard summer and winter squashesMy new strategy for using my surplus summer squash is to plant later - this enables me to mooch off of my neighbors in the early summer and still have a crop of my own.I also discovered that summer squashes that I allow to stay on the plant continue to grow to truly mutant proportions and, like their winter cousins, develop a. Hank's Pumpkintown The fall harvest season brings pumpkins, assorted gourds, Indian corn, Montauk daisies, and more autumn decorations. 240 Montauk Hwy.,Watermill. 631-726-8015,..

Strawberries season is typically: early May to early July. We minimize use of pesticides and other chemicals. Payment: Cash, only. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are grown using no pesticides or organic chemicals but we are not certified organic. A u pick strawberry farm located right off 321 on valley view road Wears Valley 2. Plant pumpkins in widely spaced rows. If your pumpkin variety grows along creeping vines, space the hills in the same row 12 ft (3.7 m) apart, and space the rows 6 to 10 ft (1.8 to 3 m) apart, depending on variety size. Bush-type varieties that grow on shorter vines need 8 ft (2.4 m) of space in all directions Re: Foam Pumpkins Off Season #95984. I would contact Michaels Arts & Crafts. They may be able to help you...I know they are already stocking the shelves with them. Use the 40% coupon if they are not on sale. If you print off the coupon and take family/friends with you have each of them buy a jack too! I usually do about 20 a year of these guys Complete list of 2021 pumpkin patches, corn mazes and other Halloween activities in (and the the website has rest of the United States, Canada, and other countries) along with pumpkin carving tips, the history of Halloween, corn mazes, spook houses, instructions on how to make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin and other related information; all free, well-organized and up to date Pumpkins, as mentioned, are heat-loving plants, so make sure to choose a spot that receives plenty of sunlight. Space out the seeds you are planting according to the recommendations on the seed packet. To increase their success, consider growing the seeds in hills of dirt that are slightly raised off of the ground

Pumpkin Patches. Piedmont Ave, North Oakland. 4414 Piedmont Ave. , Oakland, CA. Not a huge selection, nor cheap -- but very friendly, and if you have a toddler or other tot, they will love racing around the hay bales and checking out the store's selection of scary knick-knacks. In 3 reviews. 12 Chinese Tropical Pumpkin is amazingly rich and sweet, with creamy texture, high dry matter and brix readings, bright orange interior and a flavor of chestnuts or hazelnuts. At harvest, fruit color is a mix of pink, green and blue, with a white bloom (like the white outer layer on some blueberries). During storage they ripen to a deep tan color 2020 update: Pumpkins are available starting September 26. A half-hour from Boston and less than a mile from Kimball Farm ice cream and Witch's Woods, a stop at Pickard to pick-your-own pumpkin right off the vine rounds out a pretty perfect fall day. Pluck some butternut squash for dinner and gourds for decorating, too Your best bet is to harvest pumpkins when they are fully mature. They will keep best this way. Do not pick pumpkins off the vine because they have reached your desired size. If you want small pumpkins, buy a small variety instead! A pumpkin is ripe when its skin turns a deep, solid color (orange for most varieties)

Pumpkins on the Prairie In addition to a pumpkin patch, there's a kids patch with a hay maze, face painting, bounce house and pumpkin launching. Through Oct. 31 Just drying the pumpkins off! Conclusion. So there you have it, this is so super easy and simple to do! It took me just a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon, and now I should be able to have my pumpkins last long into the fall season! I've heard some people that have done this before say there pumpkins lasted until Christmas even! Can you. How to Keep Pumpkins Growing When Planted Late. Pumpkins are long-season plants, taking 100 days or longer to produce ripe gourds. Pumpkins will continue to grow as long as they stay on the vine.

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  1. Do not pick pumpkins off the vine just because they have reached your desired size. If you want small pumpkins, you can buy small varieties. Color code: You'll know a pumpkin is ripe when its skin turns a deep, solid color (orange for most varieties). Another trick: When you thumb the pumpkin, the rind will feel hard and will sound hollow
  2. For Giant Pumpkins it can be used early in the season to get vigorous growth so you have a large plant early enough to set Giant Pumpkins at an early date. The Nitrogen effect starts to wane as the pollination season approaches, so it won't interfere with fruit set when used as directed
  3. Keep those fruits and vegetables off the dirt and avoid ground rot. PREVENT GROUND ROT: These cradle support stands are ideal for holding, supporting and cradling melons, pumpkins and other fruit and vegetables that grow low to the ground. With added air circulation underneath the plant, you'll prevent common ground rot
  4. Pumpkins are available for picking in the month of October. Pick-your-own daily, 9am-5pm. 4 Ochs Ln., Warwick. 845-986-1591. Scheuermann's Farm & Greenhouses: Known for the World's Best Sweet Corn and a wide variety of flowers and vegetables picked in season. Enjoy picking pumpkins from a large display

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  1. Hop off the wagon and pick-your-own pumpkins, gourds, and ornamental squash right from the field. Wagons will continue to drop off and pick up from the field all day. Giamarese Farm 155 Fresh Pond Rd., East Brunswick, NJ (732) 821-9494 Website Pumpkin picking season starts the end of September and runs right up until Halloween Day. They offer.
  2. The St. Giles Pumpkin Patch, open October 5th - 31st, benefits St. Giles Presbyterian Church's youth group and their annual mission trip in June to Haiti. The pumpkin patch is located at the corner of Hudson and Devenger Roads in Greenville and is open Monday-Saturday 10:30 am - 6 pm, and Sundays from Noon-6:30 pm. 1021 Hudson Road.
  3. 95 reviews of Bob's Vegetable Stand & Pumpkin Farm I LOVE this pumpkin farm!! So much so, that for two years now, I've NOT written a review because I didn't want to share. But then I came back around to the spirit of yelping and decided the world had a right to know about this place. First, let me be clear that I am only reviewing the pumpkin farm and not the veggie stand

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  1. In contrast, farmers harvest ornamental pumpkins using good old-fashioned manpower. These decorative gourds must be gathered by hand to avoid bruising and damage. Ackerman and about five employees pick up thousands of pumpkins on his 30-acre farm. One year, he estimated selling more than 30,000 pumpkins off the farm
  2. 2 separate mazes a 2-acre children's maze and a 12-acre maze for family fun. The 12 acre maze has approximately 4 miles of labyrinth pathways. Large and small corn mazes, Bessie the Milk Cow, pumpkin patch and more. Cost: Adult to 3 years old - $11.00 Haunted Maze: $12.00 Children ages 0-2 - Free
  3. Whether you are looking for the cutest baby pumpkin or the 'bestest', greatest, biggest giant, you'll find the pumpkin of the season (if not your life) in one of these fun Connecticut pumpkin patches. Let us know which pumpkin farm is your favorite and we'll add it to the list if it isn't already here. For more Halloween and Fall fun check out our CT Halloween and Fall Fu
  4. Dehn's Pumpkins, Dayton Since opening in 2003, Dehn's Pumpkins has attracted families who adhere to the belief that you can't have too much of a good thing. Although Dehn's is a true family farm, it still manages to feature practically every fall activity you can imagine, from tried-and-true staples like pick-your-own-pumpkins, hay rides and a 5-acre corn maze, to more off-the-beaten-patch.


Pumpkins (Cucurbita spp.), which grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through 9, have become fall holiday icons and are thus late-season favorites for gardeners. Pumpkins vary. 2. 2. 3. advertisement. Upon planting your Pumpkin Starts, it will take 4 days for them to fully grow and be able to harvest. After harvesting the Pumpkins, simply leave them planted and water. For the first time in many years, Wayne Kalinowski, the owner of Windsor Farm in West Windsor, has been forced to buy extra pumpkins off other local growers after several of his fields were lost.

The pumpkins are trucked in, laid out artfully and there you have it: Curcubita pepo and its corpulent cousin, C. maxima, the equivalent of props on a Hollywood set, the better to lure pumpkin. Once the pumpkins are fully ripened and orange, workers go through and cut the pumpkins off the vine, leaving a three to four inch stem on each one. The stem doubles as a handle because most people want to be able to use pumpkins for Jack-O'-Lanterns. Once cut off the plant, pumpkins are gathered by hand into a trailer for transport to market 4.6/5 (209 Views . 43 Votes) Poor pollination is probably the most common reason for pumpkins falling off the vine, as the window of time for pollination is very narrow - about four to six hours. The pollen, which is in the center stamen, will come off on your fingers if the male flower is mature enough to pollinate the female 5. Install a drip-watering system with one or two emitters per mound. Surround the planting mounds with plastic sheeting or a 4-inch layer of coarse bark mulch to keep the pumpkins off the moist soil

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The quintessential fall vegetable is, of course, the pumpkin. Master gardener Chris Dawson shows how to harvest this special squash and the best way to save seeds for the next season. Pumpkins are fairly easy to grow and, depending on variety, you can grow small, tender pumpkins all the way up to pumpkins that weigh more than 200 pounds There really isn't very much meat to the larger pumpkins. Sugar pumpkins, also known as pie pumpkins, are sweeter. They are also pretty small. When picking a sugar pumpkin, look for one about 6 to 8inches (15 to 20cm) wide and about 2 pounds (.90 kg). You might need two sugar pumpkins to make a pie if yours are smaller Fall Pumpkin Harvest Season at Milky Way Farm September 26 - October 31, 2020 Visitors to Milky Way Farm in Chester Springs can hitch a hayride to the farm's expansive pumpkin patch — which produces nearly 25,000 pumpkins in a fair-weather year — and purchase pumpkins off the vine, visit young farm animals, trek through a corn maze and. How to sow pumpkin seeds. Sow pumpkin seeds on their sides in small 7.5cm (3) pots of seed compost at a depth of about 2.5cm (1). Place them in a propagator or seal the pots inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 20C (68F) until germination, which takes 5-7 days. Once germinated, grow the seedlings on for about 4 weeks until they're large.

Over the past 5 years I've tested all sorts of potting soil in my organic garden, from generic brands to in-house nursery blends and even my own DIY mixes.After trying all the options out in my home garden, the ProMix line of potting soils has come out on top as the best potting soil for me. Here's why ProMix soil worked better for me than the other types of soilless potting mix I used the same formula of vintage + natural to create a centerpiece for my kitchen island. I used an antique sugar mold as a pedestal for pumpkins I picked up from our local market. When it comes time to entertain, I may take a few of the pumpkins off and replace them with votive candles to add some ambience To check out the best pumpkin varieties for pie, read more. Training Young Plants to the Structure. While our full guide to growing pumpkins covers the details of sowing and growing the large Cucurbits, I'll briefly address how to plant them with the intention of growing them vertically here. You can grow pumpkins in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9 Pumpkins need a warm, sunny position, shelter from cold winds and moisture-retentive soil. In late May, start hardening off indoor-raised plants, to acclimatise them to outdoor conditions. Do this by moving them into a coldframe for a week. If you don't have a coldframe, move plants outdoors during the day, then bring them in at night for a week

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  1. Pumpkin is an annual plant with short cycle grown commonly in the tropics between March and June. Lifecycle: annual. Ease-of-care: easy, If you have plenty of space, good soil and a long enough growing season, pumpkins are easy to grow. Height: 1.5 to 3 feet. Spread: 5 to 15 feet
  2. Buttercup are small to medium round pumpkins with dark green skin. There are a number of large pumpkins, some round and flattish - good for storage and eating - others will produce the Cinderella coach type giant round fruit which are not such good eating. Harvest when the vines die off and the pumpkins' stalks are dry
  3. e at a garage sale. If you don't get a lot of rain, be sure to water your pumpkin. Depending on your soil, you may need up to 150 gallons of water per plant per day! Now watch your pumpkin take off. Your neighbors and friends will love it
  4. Put on a delightful display all season long with these tricks to extend the life of your pumpkins. Use these ingenious tips (plus 5 must-have products!) to love your carved pumpkins for longer. Handle with Care. To maximize the life of your pumpkins, try your best to keep your hands off them
  5. Each pumpkin puts out multiple vines during the growing season each with a long string of flowers that, if pollinated, will become pumpkins. They produce large green leaves that extend off the ground and act almost like a shade to the pumpkins below and have small curling tendrils to anchor the vine in place
  6. Before you can grow pumpkin seeds, you need to know when to plant pumpkin seeds. When you plant your pumpkins depends on what you plan on using them for. If you plan on making jack-o-lanterns with your pumpkins , plant your pumpkins outside after all chance of frost has passed and the soil temperature has reached 65 F. (18 C.)
  7. iature Jack B. Little pumpkins, we've got plenty of tips and how to grow information, to help you produce big and beautiful pumpkins that will be the envy of your neighbors and gardening friends

Sunday, October 24, 1999 r 24 1999 Pumpkin rises from patch to Halloween favorite By Ruth S Foster 1 999 Trie Boston Globe Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins are everywhere It's the new commercialism. Welcome to. PAGE FARMS. Just a Little Bit of Country. 6100 Mt. Herman Rd. Raleigh, NC 27617. Strawberry season has now come. to a close, but Blackberry season is now here! Please check social media for up to date information on when we will be open or closed C&F Home Easter Bunnies Set of 6 Hard Figure. $39.00. Oversized Harvest Plaid Pumpkin or Gourd by Valerie. $38.51 $47.56. Set of 2 Bunnies Driving Veggie Cars by Valerie. $19.67 $28.00. EZ Pumpkin Set of 4 Pumpkin Carving Inserts. $12.98 $20.65. LumaBase String of 10 Flickering Orange PathwayLights If you are just getting into growing giant pumpkins you MUST buy How-To-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins, II by Don Langevin. This book covers everything, including: getting and starting seeds, soil preparation, early and late season protection, watering, Created on 11/6/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/6/1999

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  1. Ps. Jack Creek's Pumpkin Palooza pumpkin decorating event will be held again this year for $10 per person. It's set to take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018. The price includes one pumpkin plus supplies to decorate it (paint, brushes, glitter, glue, pom-poms, ribbon, wiggle eyes and more) inside the decorating corral
  2. Once you buy the pumpkins, this activity is completely free! It just requires some imagination and some planning. Head outside and lay out some newspapers. Cut the tops of the pumpkins off for the kids and hand them a giant spoon so that they can scoop the seeds out and hollow-out the pumpkin
  3. While many area pumpkin patches report a great crop this season, Rombachs Farm has imported pumpkins due to rain and wet fields. Many of the farm's attractions are still offered. Photo by Huy Mach.
  4. Thousands of fantastic pumpkins to be picked! Open 9-6 weekends & 10-6 weekdays. 3 pumpkins for £10 or £4 including the giant ones! Plenty of safe off road parking. Toilets on site. Friendly dogs on short leads are welcome! #thepumpkinpatchhightown #pickyourownpumpkin #pumpkinpicking #pumpkinfun #somuchorange
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Cut off tops (they pull moisture out of the carrot), and store in zipper-type plastic bags to retain the crunch and flavor. For long-term storage, layer carrots and damp sand in boxes. Store in a dark, cold area such as a basement. Be sure to cut off the green, leafy tops of carrots, even if you plan to eat them soon Of course pumpkins may serve as holiday decorations past Halloween and through to Thanksgiving. But when you're ready to move the pumpkins off the porch and replace them with winter decorations. 4/21. 10/8. Union City. 4/20. 10/6. *Based on statistics there is a 10% chance that frost will occur before or after these dates. Watch your local weather for more accurate dates. Tennessee on average has approximately 190 days between the last and first frost. Use the planting schedules below for planning when to plant tomatoes, peppers and more

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Step 10: Harvest Pumpkins! This step is a bit self explanatory. You need to cut ripe pumpkins from the vine with a sharp knife, leaving about three inches of stem on the fruit. Let your pumpkins cure in the sun till the skin is hard. The pumpkin in this image was harvested around June 3rd. Ask Question The basics: Enter The Art of the Pumpkin during this year's fall festival at the Dallas Arboretum, featuring 150,000 fall blooming plants.The one-acre Pumpkin Village, containing more than 90,000 pumpkins, squash and gourds, will have your kids exploring for the entire duration of your reservation. The festival includes Mommy and Me Mondays. ORANGE CITY, Iowa -- Dave and Helen Huitink liked growing big pumpkins in their garden in the 1980s. In 1988, their three children encouraged them to set up a cor

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Let me set the scene for you: It was my first year as a stay-at-home mom and my goal was to visit as many pumpkin patches as possible. I had two kids and was going to rock the season. But, then I caught the flu; followed by hives; followed by the stomach flu; followed by shingles. Uh, yeah. Fall 2016 was officially not kind. So we went nowhere Pumpkin Growing Tips and Tricks. Brenda said: Take off all but three or four blooms so that those can grow bigger getting more water and nutrients than if you have ten or more blooms growing into pumpkins.. Sarah said: Did great with little white and orange pumpkins fertilizer helps.. Dede said: Just remember they have to. Pumpkins need, on average, 90 to 120 days to mature. Make sure your growing season has that many frost-free days from the time you plant pumpkins to the time they mature. Many gardeners pick a day they want their pumpkins ready, such as October 1, and count backwards to figure out the correct planting time The pumpkins are filled with candy, so students on the ground below get to sort through pumpkin innards for treats from the punkin piñata. Pumpkin Pinata flickr Charity punkin drops, such as the one for March of Dimes in Utah, are staples of the fall season. The March of Dimes lets people buy pumpkins weighing over 500 pounds

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Buy Pumpkin Patch Applique Pillow Cover, 12 x 20, Charcoal Ticking Stripe & Burlap Pumpkins on Off-White Canvas, Farmhouse Fall Harvest Décor: Throw Pillow Covers - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Fall Activities will be held every Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 19th - Nov. 1st, 2020. Corn maze hours are Saturdays from 10 am - 6 pm and Sundays 12 pm- 6 pm. The 2020 season's Flashlight Nights in the Maze are on Saturdays October 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th Delicious in pies, soups and stews and full of vitamins and minerals, pumpkins are a tasty autumn and winter treat. Follow our simple guide to growing pumpkins for a bumper harvest Always save seed from the best pumpkins for next season to maintain quality. You can find a treatment for slaters here, and treatments for other pumpkin pests in the 'Pest-free Garden' category on this blog. To be on the safe side next year, remember to keep the pumpkin 'fruits' off damp soil and give your pumpkin vine plenty of compost.

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Well-cured pumpkins can last for up to ten months. Pests and the Rest. A common problem with pumpkins isn't so much a pest issue, but a pollination problem. For years I grew pumpkins with magic vines, but no real fruit. The problem was that small fruits would form, go yellow, and fall off. I overcame this with hand-pollination The warm color of the mums I picked out the for the fall tablescape played off of the white pumpkins perfectly. Candles added warmth and ambiance to this fall tablescape. Copper is one of my very favorite fall accessories and you will find it everywhere you look in my house for fall What to do to grow pumpkins. These days one can buy seeds of the many different species of pumpkins off the shelf so go out and get the pumpkin seed of your choice. Select the bed where you want to plant your pumpkins keeping in mind that the pumpkin will need about two metres of space per plant. Its vines can grow up to eight or nine metres in.

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Fabric Pumpkin Topiary for the Fall Season. I love crafting for the fall season. I also love projects that use materials I already have on hand. This fabric pumpkin topiary meets both criteria - this festive stack of pumpkins is a great Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration and can be made using scrap fabric and leftover trim Pumpkins primed for prize time. Jay Bischoff talks about his cooling system for the pumpkins in his Spokane Valley yard on Sullivan Road on Wednesday. Bischoff, who took up growing giant pumpkins. Be sure to check the website for admission fees and information on the limited season, namely Fridays-Sundays, Sept. 18 - Oct. 31. Plus, there is a small maze that won't overwhelm kids under the age of 10. Finally, check out their 10-acre pumpkin patch so your family can pick the perfect pumpkins for carving your autumn creations Those bright orange vegetables found sitting on most front porches this time of year are big business in Ontario. There were 3,757 acres of pumpkins harvested in Ontario alone last year, increasing from 3,622 acres in 2014. This works out to 80,690,000 pounds of pumpkins, representing $11,092,000 of farm value. Stuar

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Pumpkins do best when the seeds are planted directly in the ground. If your growing season is very short, seed indoors in peat pots about 2 to 4 weeks before last spring frost. Be sure to harden off before transplanting. Wait until the plant soil is 70ºF or more before sowing seeds Pumpkins are a fun way to decorate your home without costing a fortune. Most years, I will buy several pumpkins and arrange them on the kitchen table along with some fall colored flowers to create an easy fall centerpiece for the kitchen table. If you are feeling crafty, you can even paint your pumpkins off white, teal, or ombre The same techniques used to plant winter and summer squash are used when planting pumpkin seeds, but in warmer climate regions, you can sow seed right into the soil once it has warmed up in spring and the danger of frost is past. If pumpkins are planted too early, they may soften and rot before Halloween comes around Sometimes you can prevent rot with environmental controls, such as gently lifting pumpkins off the soil when they're small and placing them on a clay pot, straw, mulch, or a piece of landscape.

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Families can drive 30 minutes south, east or west to take hayrides, pick pumpkins, taste gourmet food and check out this season's harvest of fruits and veggies. It's about sustainable agriculture Cut fruit off with a long stalk before the first frost. Pumpkins can be stored between four to six months. Expose the pumpkin to sunlight outside for ten days or keep indoors at 27-32ºC (81-90ºF.

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Buy six pumpkins and paint them with varying graphic designs to give the gourds a fresh new spin. To round the project off off, stack them up in decorative bins and watch your doorway transform into Halloween perfection. Found on Pinterest here, from Grandin Road Pumpkins do best when the seeds are planted directly in the ground. If your growing season is very short, seed indoors in peat pots about 2 to 4 weeks before last spring frost. Be sure to harden off before transplanting The indoor temperature should be 66°F to 85°F (18-29°C) until germination. Pumpkin seeds will not germinate at a soil temperature below 66°F (18°C). Sow seed ½ to 1 inch (1.3-2.5 cm) deep. In this regard, how do you grow seeds in a bag? Drain the seeds before placing them in the bag