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The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K is on Saturday May 1, 2021 to Tuesday August 31, 2021. It includes the following events: Race Across Tennessee and Race Back Across Tennessee The longest virtual race yet: 1,000K 'across' Tennessee The latest creation from the mind of Laz Lake is a virtual 1,000K run Along with inspiration from his across-Tennessee race, The Last Vol State 500K, he came up with the idea for The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1,000K. Runs will be logged and tracked daily. Varden Morris averaged over 100K a day to finish the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K in under 10 days. to run twice the distance of the Last Vol State 500K—and more than 19,000.

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000

The Vol-State is a journey, an adventure, and an exploration of inner space. It begins with a ferry ride across the Mississippi River, from Missouri to Kentucky, and finishes at the Rock, high atop Sand Mountain in Northeast Georgia. What lies in between are 314 miles of the great unknown. From the time the Vol-Stater steps off the Ferry. Step 1. Signup. Choose from one of our virtual run challenges, register to enter, and share with a friend. Step 2. Put in the Miles. Whether you choose to run or walk outside or complete your race on a treadmill or elliptical at your gym, the way you choose to complete your virtual run challenge is completely up to you! Step 3 The One NY Safe Virtual Challenge is on Friday January 1, 2021 to Friday December 31, 2021. It includes the following events: 1/2 Safe - 1010 Running Miles, Start the Year off Right From Times Square to Pocantico Lake (Run 31 Miles), The Exacta Run/Walk - Monticello to Saratoga (150 Miles), Times Square to Kingston Cycling Challenge (100 Miles), The Exacta Bike - Monticello to Saratoga (150. The Vol-State is not just another ultramarathon. It is much more than that. The Vol-State is a journey, an adventure, and an exploration of inner space. It begins with a ferry ride across the Mississippi River, from Missouri to Kentucky, and finishes at the Rock, high atop Sand Mountain in Northeast Georgia

Virtual 1,000K race across Tennessee feeds needs of runners, hungry. Runners from 66 countries and 22 time zones signed up to run across the state of Tennessee, a 1,000-kilometer event hatched by Barkley Marathons creator Gary Cantrell. The Barkley Marathons, like many major road races and distance events, were canceled due to the coronavirus. Virtual 1,000K race across Tennessee feeds needs of runners, hungry. Runners from 66 countries and 22 time zones signed up to run across the state of Tennessee, a 1,000-kilometer event hatched by. Fri - May 15, 2020. Entire New York State. Entire State, NY 13202. Running. Event Description. One Summer. One NY. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to run across New York! With all summer races cancelled or postponed, this is an amazing opportunity to get out the door and log some much needed miles Enter a zip, city, state or location in the box. Limit by distance. 25 Miles 50 Miles 100 Miles 200 Miles 300 Miles 500 Miles. Only Virtual Events

Once Vol State has taken up residence in your heart, it is there to stay. A man asks Val if he is crewing both of these runners after nightfall heading to Jasper. There is a tall gentleman with a light on his head about 1 and a half miles back. Go Randy! After his cross country run, I figured one state has to seem easy. Maybe it is the. After researching the race at RunSignUp, I realized that this virtual race followed the path of the Last Annual Vol State event - and since I am way too chicken to attempt the real race, doing it virtually would be a fine substitute. Little did I realize that 19,000 other runners and walkers all over the world would feel the same way Virtual Races with Medals. Most Popular Virtual Runs. View All Available Medals. Over $1,077,000 raised for charity Jamaican-Canadian Wins 1000K Race Snacking on Sweet Potatoes Pudding, Toto, and Fruits. 4 weeks ago. by Stephanie Korney. Jamaican Canadian Varden Morris, 50, won the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (GVRAT), completed the 1,000k race - some 621 miles - in a record-breaking nine days and 23 hours. When the 2021 GVRAT began on May 1. Jamaican-Canadian Wins 1000K Race Snacking on Sweet Potatoes Pudding, Toto, and Fruits. June 5, 2021 decided to host a virtual ultra to give people a four-month period to run twice the distance of the Last Vol State 500k. Over 19,000 runners signed on to the project, one of them being Morris, who started with the fastest runners but fell.

June 26-27, 2021. 2021 Race Results and Splits. The Western States ® 100-Mile Endurance Run is the world's oldest 100 mile trail race. The Run starts in Olympic Valley, California, near the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and ends 100.2 miles later in Auburn, California The sights from Sam's epic virtual 1000k, passing through Salt Fork State Park and Zaleski State Forest The answer came from the Head Geezer himself. Gary Cantrell, aka Lazarus Lake, is the mastermind of some of the most notorious races designed to test the physical and mental limits of runners such as the Barkley Marathons, Big's Backyard. The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee is taking the above weekend challengeand supercharging it to give runners something to do allllll summer. The team behind the Barkley Fall Classic, Barkley Marathons (and more), otherwise known as Laz & Durb, (with technical expertise from Bad Mike) has put together a truly unique virtual challenge - running 1000K from May 1st through August 31st Great news! Andy is participating in a virtual 1000K run for New York State. He has also decided to retire from Corning, Incorporated after 23 years. Congratulations, Andy! Leslie Danks Burke shared some news from Elmira Rotary: the new $15 million renovation in process at Arnot Ogden Hospital will incorporate new features t If you continue to run into problems, contact our support squad! Technical Details: Network error: Failed to fetch Error: Network error: Failed to fetch, 1625494971811, ID: null. found this useful? Jackie Menjivar (she/hers) is the Content & Creative Strategist at DoSomething.org. When she's not putting words together, you can find her playing.

The longest virtual race yet: 1,000K 'across' Tennessee

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1,000K Barkley

  1. Register for the 2021 Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k - Virtual Run. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience America's Sweetest Race! Run (or walk) the distance you pick wherever you want. We will ship this season's all new SWEET Allstate Hot Chocolate goodie bag jacket and 15k or 5k finisher's medal, plus a personalized bib.
  2. Run: 10K in 1.15.23. 5/24/2020 My husband, Retired Marine, and I (volunteer for MarineParents) ran the 10k. We live in the country and it was really a beautiful run. We ran in the morning and though there are lots of hills, lol, we enjoyed the scenery and the birds chirping!! So glad we did this!! Great way to start our week!
  3. 53 Easy Ways To Volunteer From Home 1. Use your crafting skills to provide comfort to shelter pets. The Anti-Cruelty Society has a DIY Donations page listing opportunities to create needed items like pet toys, beds, kitty sachets, and more.. Don't worry if you don't have crafting experience, as they offer a number of tutorials to help you create the perfect project
  4. Fundraisers. - Led base/comm event; raised $1.3K/dir'd 31 vols/rep'd home/reinstated basic shelter functions--incr'd QoL ret veteran. - Vol'd 400+ hours w/local NFE org; raised over $9000 worth of donations for local veterans programs within the NCR. - Org'd Booster Club fundraiser, coord'd w/Key Spouses/prep'd 40 meals--offset costs for 71 mbr.
  5. Her proudest achievement was completing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k, running 621 miles in less than four months. CORY I just finished my 16 th year working as a medical social worker with the University of Utah. In May I ran a solo 100 miler doing loops around the block that I called the Co-Run-A-Virus 100
  6. GIRLFRIENDS RUN: HALF MARATHON, 10K & 6K Beaches Restaurant & Bar, 1919 SE Columbia River Dr, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA - GIRLFRIENDS RUNHALF MARATHON, 10K & 6KTHE GIRLFRIENDS AND - October 10, 202

Virtual fundraising can help nonprofits grow in today's changing landscape. Many organizations are turning to fundraisers with virtual fundraising software and live-streamed events as to provide additional options outside of in-person fundraising events. This guide outlines what you need to know to execute virtual The largest online directory of races and clubs. Click Here to find out what Classic, Multisport, and Variety mean. To narrow your search by a distance or event type, you will need to select Classic, Multisport, or Variety first

Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee - Canadian Ultrarunner

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K is a name that almost makes further description not necessary. It's a 621-mile run from the southwest corner of Tennessee all the way over to the far eastern tip of the long, skinny state, and those of us that fell for it are running it - virtually National Park half marathons, ultra marathons, trail running festivals, and extended running adventures. The world is INCREDIBLY beautiful. discover its hidden corners. Meticulously organized running events at the world's most breathtaking destinations. Join us, not to achieve a personal best time, but to have the best time of your life

Tuliamuk, Riley, Abdirahman Highlight USATF 10 km Champs at Peachtree. ATLANTA -- May 26, 2021 -- Championship road racing returns to Atlanta at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race on the Fourth of July. Three of the six members of Team USA's Marathon team -- Aliphine Tuliamuk, Jake Riley and Abdi Abdirahman -- will chase the. Luckily, though, there are numerous online platforms that allow you to do meaningful volunteer work from the comfort of your home, even if you can only spare a couple hours a week. So, if you would like to devote some of your free time to some good causes, check out these 20 online volunteering opportunities A catalog of products that your employees can request to set up their home office for remote work. Create a map and list of all your points of sales, with many filters. Create a photo library or a slideshow with pictures from your Drive folder. List files from a Drive folder to better manage projects or lessons

Also on virsh commands cheatsheet is managing RAM with virsh. To adjust the total ram used by the guest operating system, the following commands are used: $ sudo virsh setmaxmem test 2048 --config $ sudo virsh setmem test 2048 --config $ sudo virsh shutdown test $ sudo virsh start test. Check domain info to confirm the current RAM allocated to. Most mental health services, including medication and therapy are provided through health insurance - MassHealth (Medicaid), the Massachusetts Health Connector (health insurance marketplace) or through private insurance (employer-based). The Department of Mental Health (DMH) has a specialized role in the healthcare delivery system as DMH provides supplemental services for people with the. Save the Date for the Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Golf Classic. The Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Golf Classic has been an area tradition since its beginning several decades ago. Please join us for our 2021 Golf Classic on June 7th! Visit our event website to register. Register today » Well, turns out through www.runsignup.comyou could have joined the Great Virtual 1000K Race across the Volunteer State (normally a real thing) or, closer to home, a virtual race across New York State. Play your cards and your entry fees right and you could even compete in both simultaneously

Welcome to Middle Georgia State University located at 5 campuses around middle Georgia and its mission is to serve the educational needs of a diverse population through high quality programs connected to community needs in a global context and to serve as a leader for the intellectual, economic, and cultural life of the region Create change in your community. Find events, petitions, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers in your local area, organized by charities, campaigns, political organizations, grassroots groups, and other volunteers! Together, we'll help make the world more just, inclusive, and democratic NYCRUNS Prospect Park Marathon, Half Marathon, & 50K. The Original Brooklyn Marathon Course Returns. April 24, 2022. NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon. Amazing New Course & April Date! Training 360 - For Your Next Race & Years To Come. Prospect & Central Parks. December 11, 2021. NYCRUNS Big Apple Half Marathon close 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge Dam Good Run, Walk, Hike Get Wet Beginner Kayaking Go Wild for Flowers Natural Resource Programs Paddlefest Prickly Pedal Wag 'n' Walk Adoption Hikes; Sports Sports close Archery ATV/OHV Baseball/Softball Hiking Horseback Ride Kart Racing Mountain Biking Paintball Shooting Range Trail Runnin June 2, 2021. Girls on the Run Celebrates 25 Years of Youth Development. Girls on the Run Celebrates 25 Years of Youth Development On March 25, 2021, Girls on the Run celebrated our. Read More. May 26, 2021. Play GOTR Bingo This Summer. Play GOTR Bingo This Summer Summer is in full swing, and although your kids are excited about not being in

1. Creating an account. Create your own JustServe profile, which allows you to volunteer and participate in a variety of service projects. JustServe may not be available in your area yet. Search another location or click here for other ways you can serve in your community. Password requirements: Eight or more characters VVMF is the nonprofit organization that built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (commonly referred to as The Wall), which has become one of the most visited memorials in Washington, D.C. Since the dedication of The Wall, VVMF has pursued a mission of preserving the legacy of The Wall, promoting healing and educating about the impact of the Vietnam War If you're the type who prefers relay racing to solo endeavors, the shorter distance events are the perfect way to train your support crews for RAAM! Come join the fun! Race Across Oregon: July 17-20, 2020. Hoodoo 500: August 28-31, 2020. Silver State 508: September 18-20, 2020 Every year, over 1000 individuals enrich the Monmouth County Park System through their dedication in the Volunteers in Parks program. Working as a team with Park System staff, volunteers can be found helping in countless ways. Learn more about our volunteer team. TICK ADVISORY. Reports of tick activity in the parks have increased this season Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers and a note to a loved one's memorial. Search or browse cemeteries and grave records for every-day and famous people from around the world

Family On-Demand. Papa pairs older adults and families with Papa Pals for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks. We offer programs to health plans, providers, employers, and consumers. Call to learn more. Call to learn more 1-800-348-7951 A virtual raffle can happen anywhere, is easy, and just about any nonprofit can run it! It works very similarly to a traditional fundraising raffle, but everything happens online, so it's much easier to keep track of all the donations, and nobody will need to go door-to-door selling raffle tickets Welcome to the Alaska Zoo! The zoo is open 7 days a week. Visit What's new at the zoo today to plan your visit. Update to mask policy: Masks are optional for general visitation but encouraged for unvaccinated individuals. Masks will still be required for encounters and special programs. Zoo shuttle to and from downtown Anchorage 95-100% Super Human. 90-94% Elite. 85-89% Regional Hero. 80-84% Solid Athlete Virtua Health is an award-winning comprehensive community health care system with 5 hospitals and 270+ locations in South New Jersey and Philadelphia area

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19 Virtual Fundraisers to Do During COVID-19. There have been a number of adjustments made to everyday life since our COVID-19 situation. Social distancing canceled many plans, and it seems as if there is no end to self-quarantine in sight. With the disruption imposed by this pandemic, many individuals have tapped into their creativity and. Georgia Aquarium Visit Today. Explore a world under the sea with our newest gallery, Sharks! Predators of the Deep. Plus you'll see whale sharks, beluga whales and other marine life. Save money, get your tickets online now Parallel to the Biden Administration's global climate summit, EARTHDAY.ORG had its second Earth Day Live digital event, right here. Workshops, panel discussions, and special performances focused on Restore Our Earth™ — covering natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world's ecosystems

The Official Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, or Hardrock 100, is an 100-mile ultramarathon run with 66,000 feet of elevation change at an average elevation of over 11,000 feet. The run is held on a loop course on 4WD roads, dirt trails, and cross country in the San Juan Mountain Range of Southern Colorado State and local health departments and healthcare partners remain vigilant to keep Connecticut informed, prepared, and safe from novel coronavirus. Find a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Near You All Connecticut residents over the age of 12 are currently eligible Volunteer Impact. In Fiscal Year 2019, over 61,000 Volunteers served more than 9.2 Million Volunteer Hours. Individuals and partnering organizations gave over $99 Million in Gifts and Donations. Savings to VA - more than $332 Million! Find out how you can be a part of one of our many fun Special Events

Take Action. Whether you are a first time volunteer or have been on our team for cycles, we have a place for you to get involved and take action. Explore this centralized hub for grassroots volunteer activities and find the best option for you. First time volunteer I've been here before Ready to get my friends involved Lycoming County SPCA | Connecting best friends for over 125 years! We are open by appointment. Please call 570-322-4646 for your appointment. We ask that you wear a mask when you come in. The SPCA is following CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines by limiting the number of people in the shelter, social distancing, and sanitation The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is an independent, local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Operating the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter, an open-admission facility and Alexandria's only animal shelter, the League touches the lives of more than 6000 animals every year, including strays, lost pets, local wildlife, rescue animals, and animals surrendered by their owners 5. ADAA Online Support Group. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) has its own anonymous, peer-to-peer support group with over 40,000 subscribers. People use the platform to. Instead, SOPA is working with its statewide athlete leaders, Penn State, the Summer Games volunteer committee, Law Enforcement Torch Run leaders, and key sponsors to plan a Virtual Summer Games that will take place during the same timeframe. More details will be shared in the near future

NCSTJ Chair's Column. By Hon. Linda M. Bell, Las Vegas, NV. We are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of COVID-19. As we look toward a second virtual annual meeting, I know everyone is impatient to return to in person - perhaps one of the silver linings is a deeper appreciation for the value of in-person contact Native VM Representation. vVols defines a new virtual disk container (Virtual Volume) that is independent of the underlying physical storage representation. This virtual disk becomes the primary unit of data management, eliminating pre-allocated LUNs/Volumes. vVols enables storage operations with VM granularity, leveraging native array-based.

The Last Annual Vol State Road Race - Last Annual Vol

12 Ideas for Virtual Fundraisers and Online Events. 1. Virtual Walk or Run. A virtual walk or run can be pandemic perfect for several reasons. It gives your supporters the opportunity to get outdoors, exercise, and to support a great cause Since our start in 2010, our support has helped CTF generate 116 preclinical studies which have led to 16 clinical trials. One of those trials resulted in more than 70% of participants seeing their tumors shrink by 20 to 50%. CUPID'S CHARITY HAS RAISED $20,850,000 SINCE OUR INCEPTION IN 2010 WITH 100% OF OUR NET PROCEEDS FUNDING NF RESEARCH

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennesse

The Optimize-Volume cmdlet optimizes a volume, performing defragmentation, trim, slab consolidation, and storage tier processing. If no parameter is specified, then the default operation will be performed per the drive type as follows. HDD, Fixed VHD, Storage Space. -Analyze -Defrag Virtual Experiences. Spring Events at UT. Attend our virtual events! We have something for everyone—high-achievers, transfer students, anyone interested in learning more about Diversity & Inclusion on campus, and everything Big Orange Country. Learn more and register below! Become a Vol in progress. Translate. English Donate Your Golf Score To Wounded Warriors. This summer, we invite you to get outside, tee it up, and donate your golf score in dollars to provide life-changing programs to injured service members and their families. Our annual charity event honoring the success of warriors and the impact of WWP. You don't need money to make an impact

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The Bush Library and Museum is a federal facility under the authority of the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C. and is not guided by Texas state laws concerning the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions. Experience the history of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum virtually Join us for this themed fitness Challenge that will put your skills to the test. New England June 5 & 6, 2021. Michigan June 19 & 20, 2021. Almost sold out. Twin Cities July 10 & 11, 2021. Almost sold out. Toughest Mudder Poconos July 17 & 18, 2021. Poconos July 17 & 18, 2021. Colorado July 24 & 25, 2021

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Take on one of our NEW 2021 race options and earn your NYC swag! Bike/Run - No Swim Option (July 11, 2021) Verizon New York City Virtual Triathlon. (July 11 - August 1, 2021) Thank you for sticking with us through the dynamically changing environment we all have been navigating. Together, we have proven our collective resolve and a. Virtual Campus Tour. On Tour! Welcome to Wake Forest University! We're a 5,200-undergraduate, test-optional, liberal-arts school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, 45 majors, and 60 minors. Campus Kitchen is student-run, preparing more than 10,000 meals a year for the local community and creating service. The JDRF One Walk is a community celebration for those living with T1D and the research advancements we've all worked together to achieve. It's where dedicated families, friends and companies raise money to improve the lives of those living with T1D, until it is no longer a threat. Join walkers from all over the country and help create a world without T1D Parents should check the State of Connecticut Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) website for updates. IT is assumed that all activities have been cancelled including camps, fairs and festivals, though some camps may offer virtual experiences. However, you may use the contact information provided to check with individual venues and providers Summer camp might be canceled for 2020, but virtual summer camps are here to entertain kids of all ages during the summer. Coronavirus can't stop these online, virtual summer camps: Keep kids up to age 18 or 12th grade of all interests engaged, entertained, and learning all summer long

One NY Safe Virtual Challeng

During these uncertain times, we want you to know that we have your best interests in mind. While we're optimistic that we'll be able to host a safe in-person race, if the event is cancelled, you'll be notified via email and will be able to choose between a refund, a deferral to the 2022 event, or an entry into the Sanford Fargo Virtual Run Texas Diversity Council. The premier resource for Diversity and Inclusion. Attend an event near you. Our programs address multiple aspects of diversity in cities throughout the region. Utilize Our Services. From training & consulting to diverse talent recruiting we've got you covered. Welcome to the

Last Annual Vol State Road Race - Ordinary People Can

Welcome to the Milwaukee County Zoo! As part of the Zoo's transitional reopening, for the safety of our visitors, staff and animals, the outdoor habitats are open, along with most of the animal buildings open at a limited capacity. Primates of the World is currently closed The 4-H Youth Development Program in California is open to young people and adult volunteers from all backgrounds and locations in California. See how we're growing True Leaders in our 2019-2020 Annual Report. Young people in 4-H are uniquely prepared to step up. to the challenges of a rapidly changing world. YouTube Volunteer engagement in a virtual environment. In late summer of 2020, the COVID-19 virus was ramping up, and people across the country were suddenly being furloughed or let go from their jobs. NVAC was formed to convene a diverse group of ALSAC volunteers to provide insight about the state and nature of volunteerism. Council members have. Email Report a Problem or Ask a Question For technical support on online services call 303-534-3468 X 0 Please note that we are not a state agenc Walk to End Lupus Now® events provide people affected by lupus and their families with the opportunity to come together for one purpose: ending lupus. Join the Lupus Foundation of America and thousands of walkers in nearly 60 cities across the U.S. to raise money for research, increase awareness, and rally support for 1.5 million Americans.

Virtual 1,000K race across Tennessee feeds needs of

Create the good connects you with volunteer opportunities to share your life experiences, skills and passions in your community. Share Your Volunteering Experience. Your story could be featured on Create the Good social media to provide inspiration to others Virtual Tech Camps & Academies: Happening now! Summer is here. Camp is in session! Join over 50,000 students who are building in-demand skills, collaborating with friends, gaining confidence, and having fun. For ages 7-18. Space is limited and courses are filling fast! Register for camp now CONTACT. For help or questions about EMS Provider forms or processing call: Judy Gilbert: 512-231-5771 Kelly Boudreaux: 512-231-5725. Terry Smith 512-834-6725 . Douglas Emberton 512-834-6735 . Email: EMSProviderFRO@dshs.texas.gov Fax: 512-834-6714 For technical assistance contact your local field office you can find a list of offices at: Regional Office Contact Informatio Author's Note: I've spent nearly 20 years in adult education, 13 of those helping to found and run The Literacy Project, a community based adult literacy program in western Massachusetts.Much of this section and the next is based on personal experience, and most of the examples are out of my own work. In general, my prejudices in this area run to collaborative management and to the concept of. Paid for by the Florida Democratic Party. FloridaDems.org. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

331 single family homes for sale in Kissimmee FL. View pictures of homes, review sales history, and use our detailed filters to find the perfect place Safety First! Our need for volunteers is constant and our guidelines reflect the latest CDC and local-government COVID-19 safety recommendations. You can make a difference by applying for one of our most-needed volunteer positions supporting blood collection or disaster response. We even have a. Volunteer With the help of people like you, Long Island Cares, has the opportunity to support families in your community and families across Long Island. Because of food banks our most vulnerable neighbors never have to decide between food or bills. With just a little of your time, families achieve the..

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Upper Perkiomen Valley YMCA. Home Join Schedules KidZone Summer Outdoor Pool In-Person Tour Virtual Tour. 1399 Quakertown Road Pennsburg, PA 18073. 215-679-9622. Directions Maryland Quality Reporting: Your resource for information on the quality and performance of nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, assisted living facilities, and more Better Nutrition for a Healthier Maryland. The Maryland Food Bank has a long history of helping improve the lives of food-insecure Marylanders through improved nutrition. Find out about how we've increased the amount of nutritious foods available to our neighbors in need and woven nutrition education messaging into our programs --backing-vol vol-name-or-key-or-path is the source backing volume to be used if taking a snapshot of an existing volume. --backing-vol-format string is the format of the snapshot backing volume; raw, bochs, qcow, qcow2, qed, vmdk, host_device. These are, however, meant for file based storage pools

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