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NaruSaku: A ending comes that Naruto decided on after the War. It took him 2 years to come up with this, but he thought it was the best way to rid the world of war and finally achieve peace. R&R, flame if you need to. Next story will be lemon. Rated M for Mature content Story follows Naruto after the 4th great ninja war and how his life unfolds because of it, Deals with relationships between everyone he knows and how he deals with his new found fame. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 27,837 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 52 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 3/13/2019 - Published: 9/11/2018. Read After War from the story NaruSaku-Turn of Events by AnimeSakuLover with 3,598 reads. anime, narusaku, fanfiction. Chapter Five: After War -This chapter wi.. After The War: The Last Naruto The Movie. After The War: The Last Naruto The... MelodiiUzumaki. Reads. 52,481 52.4K. Votes. 794 794. Parts. 8 8. Time. 0 hours, 34 minutes 34m. Start reading. Narusaku fanfic- runaway with me. 21 parts. Complete. Naruto uzumaki is supposed to marry hinata huyga because it's arranged. At the first wedding.

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Naruto fanfic that takes place after the war mostly focuses on SasuHina NaruSaku along with new threats and a bit of the next generation # afterwar # afterwarfanfic # cutelove # fanfic # fanfiction # narusaku # naruto # romance # saiino # sasuhina # shikatema # ships # ssuhinalov Narusaku Doujinshi-After the war P1. By. LadyGT. 1K Favourites. 76 Comments. 147K Views. Here's a special doujinshi I made for my upcoming Narusaku Doujinshi collection. I drew it a couple of months ago but I decided to post it here to just give you a preview of the final project AAAANNDDDD because I totally called some of the dialogues. 247K 4.5K 35. After accomplishing to bring back Sasuke, Naruto returned to the village, both of them almost on the verge of death, after his battle with the Uchiha. Sakura angry that... kakashi. tsunade. hate. +16 more. # 2. [NaruSaku] Now I See... by Melodii

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  1. Kaika Saisei: A Naruto AU After the War (post 699) Following the events of 699, this alternate universe deals with the story of Sakura Haruno and her struggle to live as a normal human ninja after she witnessed ninja gods walking on earth. Despite her newly acquired power, it never seems to be enough, as once more, her teammates break a new.
  2. 12 Naruto: Path of the Ninja! » by Fan of NaruSaku Canon-divergent, technically AU, chapters 91 through 138 / season 3. After Ebisu is knocked out, Naruto pursues Jiraiya in order to train under him for the chunin exams' third round. NaruSaku development. One-sided SasuSaku. Heavy foreshadowing. Evil Kurama. Naruto learns the rasengan early
  3. (Year and half after War End) Narrator POV Guy and Kakashi were walking down the street. Guy of course talked about power of youth, while Kakashi was reading. Then toward his eyes appeared advert he thought he would never see again. On window of bookshop was the advert of the new Icha Icha novel
  4. I have not drawn to the doujinhere's the artist: http://chiisanamaho.deviantart.com
  5. Yes, Naruto is interjects, but Naruto is not a referee, nor is he a teacher so his opinion doesn't matter. To bring back that point with the Kankuro fight. Once a fight has been called, it's been called. The exam was over, Neji was no longer in the right to kill his opponent and thus the Jonins were free to intervene
  6. After The War Source Vtrans : Fei. - Tuyệt đối không repost/chuyển ver doujinshi, fanfic, manga và đam mỹ
  7. After getting hit with the harsh reality of her actions throughout the years Sakura finds herself alone. Just when she thought her life was bleak enough she get captured as a prisoner of war. With all hope gone Sakura finds herself struggling to find the will to live. She just never realized how safe the color yellow made her feel

Narusaku Stories Wattpad 2020. Sakura and Naruto finally got together after the war, but they have a little surprise..a baby! Naruto tries to get over his love, Sakura Haruno, by joining the ANBU Black Ops Konoha's Red Flash | Naruto Fanfiction [BOOK 1] by gothboixx 26 oct. 2014 - A KISS AFTER WAR (Mini mini doujin) PART 2 Story (c) Samara. Drawing (c) Kwon91 NARUSAKU A kiss after war part sasusaku; narusaku. A/N: This is a fanfiction story set after the war. This is me trying to make sense of how SasuSaku sailed in canon. I know there's a lot of material now, how all those blasted relationships ended up happening. And I still this that's all bullshit. We know our characters NaruSaku Fanfic. Journal. NS/NH Battle Royale! So, I was just browsing the internet this fine evening, and I came across this NS/NH Debate. Apparently, what started this argument was that the Anonymous NS had made a comment on a fellow NS's wall asking Anonymous NH to be civil, and then Anonymous NH tracked down Anonymous NS and started ripping.

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4k+ A Twist in Time » by wolf08 With Konoha on the verge of destruction, Sakura is sent on a last-resort mission to save her world by travelling to the past. Join her in coping with her old body's shortcomings, testing the natural laws of time, falling in love all over again, and rediscovering who she is. Time-travel It was only after the fire was killed that the townspeople of Ecruteak City were able to grieve the charred, lost bodies of the deceased Pokémon. They say that during that tragic moment of mourning was when the darkened sky was suddenly brought alight. A mighty, bird-like beast appeared, their very presence seeming to clear the smoke from the sky Xem hình ảnh chất lượng cao và video theo hashtag #naruto and hinata kiss after the war fanfiction. The Cherry Blossom Hokage - Chapter 3 | Sasusaku, Sakura and sasuke, Naruto sasuke sakura. 1080 × 1085. Naruto And Hinata Married Fanfiction. 1024 × 953. Dark sorrow hinata kakashi lemon. Naruto and hinata fanfiction endless lemo After the War After the war by readeverystory This is a series of one-shots about the Weasley/Potter-Clan and their friends after the war and how they are dealing with loss and moving on. Words: 508,.. After the war, Tsunade left the Hokage's position to Kakashi and then started helping out on the village in different ways. Then, it was known that some small countries had made an alliance to try to topple the bigger countries now that war was just over and they weren't at their best condition

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  2. NaruSaku 300: The Last (Fanfiction) - posted in Naruto General: Its been fun up to the point that Kishi crapped on his work. He may have destroyed NS. But he will never break the spirit and what Heaven and Earth. And this fanfiction parody is the retold of the 2006 film 300 that will tell the final moments, leading to NSs demise in the image of the 300

The final pairings being NaruSaku, SasuKarin, and KibaHina. I feel like since Boruto has started Kishimoto has kinda been scaling back the sheer power creep of the 4th War, which while I can respect trying to scale things back to a level where Naruto and Sasuke can't just beat every problem with a flick of their wrists it doesn't change. NaruSaku is the het ship between Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno from the Naruto fandom. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 2.1 Parallels 2.2 Post-Ending 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Videos 6 Variations 7 Navigation Naruto got to know Sakura while they were in the academy together and Naruto eventually developed a crush.. Page 1 of 5 - Masashi Kishimoto Implies Sasuke And Sakura Are Not Happy With Their Marriage NaruSaku Possible Once Again! - posted in Naruto General: Hello NaruSaku Forums! I have discovered news that you all have been so eagerly been waiting to hear! Masashi Kishimoto heavily Implies in a interview that Sasuke and Sakura are not content with their marriage, Here is a link to the full. While war rages on, you're in a hell where you ship NaruSaku again but harder and you know you'll be disappointed. When war comes to an end, you are convinced there wasn't any hope for NaruSaku, and you realise you've been played (wronged!!) because Sakura's emotional development up till the point was all for nothing because she once again ends up back to square one where she turns blushing. Naruto likes Sakura's breast size NaruSaku. During the omake after episode 10, Sakura gives Tsunade an interview, praising her and asking her what her beauty secrets are. While Tsunade is ranting about her rather disturbing beauty secrets, Naruto intervenes and tells Sakura not to be like Tsunade because she will end up with a huge chest, which.

Naruto Family Returns To Konoha Fanfiction. Oleh torunaro 29 Jun, 2020. He is the host of the kyuubi the son of the fourth hokage and as far as everyone else knows an idiot and dead last of the konoha academy by day but by night he is the greatest assassin the hidden leaf has ever seen. Uzumaki naruto was the hero of the war his dream was to be. Among the Fans. NaruIno isn't popular among fans, but it has some supporters as a crackpairing. They likely support it due to the similar hotheadedness the two have, as well as their similar appearances. For example, both of them have blonde hair. Their rival couples are NaruHina, NaruSaku, SaiIno, and ShikaIno Dammed if I do Ya' [SasuNaru Story!] -YAOI-. September 20, 2016 Kane-Chi Your Knight in Shining Armor. Romance Yaoi Boyxboy Sasuke Naruto Konoh Naruto Dammed Ya Sasunaru. Something's telling me to leave, but I won't! 'Cause I'm damned if I do ya, damned if I don't. Make a fool of myself when you hang around

Location: Sneaking behind the orange ninja. Interests: Naruto, Sakura, NaruSaku, pizza, dragons, tigers, wolves, cats, Slaying Ebil dragon windmill thingies, the moon, the ocean. Posted 20 April 2021 - 05:37 PM. they had three options in that regard.imho. kill her during the Pein arc with her noble sacrifice being a motivating point for the. NaruSaku symbolism is a series of posts that is on my mind ever since I came back. Among other series I want to start. But I'll talk about those when the time is right. Now the focus is this one. As you know, one of the things I liked most in the story of Naruto, despite its sketchy execution here and there, was the symbolism Kishimoto used within it Naruto uzumaki family lemon fanfiction. Video naruto menjadi hokage. Uzumaki naruto sat on the table in the examination room at konoha hospital fidgeting waiting for the doctor to arrive. This story is mostly naruhina with a lil bit of bolt himawari and sarada this story takes place after naruto becomes hokage and bolt and sarada are 17 years.

Narusaku Doujinshi-After the war P6 by LadyGT on DeviantArt Here's a special doujinshi I made for my upcoming Narusaku Doujinshi collection. I drew it a couple of months ago but I decided to post it here to just. Narusaku Doujinshi-After the war P7 by LadyGT on DeviantArt. Narusaku Doujinshi-After the war P7 by LadyGT on DeviantArt. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Me personally? NaruHina shouldn't have happened at all. Say what you want about either pairing, but I'm a NaruSaku shipper because I love Naruto, I love Sakura, I love their interactions and I wanted to see more of them in the form of them getting..

Summary: Sasuke's death marks the start of war, and also, the start of pure love, which will have to face the consequences of lies and disloyalty. Naruto and Sakura have to fight for their loved ones, as the truth finally unfolds, and chaos takes over. NaruSaku Category: General Fiction > Naruto, Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Sakur ★ Naruto & Ninja Gaiden Characters ★ Page 0: ۞ Page 1: (Current) Page 2: ۞ Page 3: ۞ List of Techniques: [Click Here] Characters' List: [Click Here] 1 ☀ Legend of the Symbol used ☀ 2 Ranking System 2.1 There are five levels to ranking (Ninja Gaiden-verse). 2.2 Elemental Nations' Shinobi Organizational System 2.3 Combine reference of Ninja Ranks in Follow: 3 Primary Noted 4 Data Base. Narusaku heaven and earth fanfiction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this websit Narusaku kiss deviantart keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, Zen and shirayuki married fanfiction 15 . 8 mil vapor barrier for crawl space 16 . Excel template to track hours 17 . 2013 ny state tax forms 18

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Anime & Comics TRANSMIGRATION TIMETRAVEL FATESTAYNIGHT SAKURAHARUNO SASUHINA NARUSAKU SHIROUXSAKURA. After a time travel project went horribly wrong, Sakura Haruno is left stranded outside spacetime. Her salvation comes in the form of someone with a similar name also being banished from time. It was a version of Sakura Matou who had lost her. Sweet Sorrows - The Witcher fanfic, centered around Jaskier finding Ciri at the end of season 1 . Wretched Love - The Witcher fanfic, post-canon, Love God Jaskier. This Wondrous Land - Shadowhunters fanfic, AU with Trans Alec etc. Those are only a few examples, and you can find more on my AO3, IndigoDream

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Narusaku family with Shinachiku-chan She wasn't sure what she liked less: walking with his looming form at her heels like some monster or following after him and feeling, momentarily, like a puppet herself. A hand servant was standing at the foot of the stairs, her hands folded neatly over her apron and her head bowed.. Don't forget about those who come in the midst of a fandom war. Accuracy at its best. Being in a fandom and not even knowing there's a war going on all of this shitlol. When You're Not In The Fandom But You're Nosy AF. When you get into a fandom only to discover it's dead. This gets better every time I see it. @fuboos-mes Naruto betrayed blood prison fanfiction. Naruto could honestly say being in this prison was an eye opener. He wasn t going to take that lying down. Years later the land of iron has declared war against the great five shinobi e villages are in desperate need for a saviour. From the story naruto 25 years after the fourth shinobi world war ended konoha and the rest of the shinobi world was finally at peace. Naruto hinata boruto himawari fanfiction lemon. Hinata uzumaki x daughter reader x naruto uzumaki x boruto uzumaki x himawari uzumaki add to library 1 812 discussion 377

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No . But he said that Narusaku are more close and Naruhina are like more epic love life. Narusaku will happend. Sasusaku will never happend that's for sur narusaku fanfiction 0 hanya author baru yang membuat fanfic narusaku Indonesian - Topics: 1 - Since: 06-29-18 - presiden jomblo indonesia. Gaara and Sakura from the Naruto fandom. 1 Canon 1.1 Chunin Exams 1.2 Kazekage Rescue Mission 1.3 Fourth Shinobi War 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Sakura first encountered Gaara when he entered.

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After learning that Sasuke Uchiha is alive, Naruto resolves to find him and reunite with his former teammate. He travels through the Land of Silence in search for clues on where Sasuke may have gone but eventually finds himself drawn back home after meeting up with Sakura Haruno, Sai and Kakashi Hatake PisaVisa is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Naruto It is often sent by NaruHina, SasuSaku, SasuKarin, NaruSaku, ObiRin, ItaIzu, and even SasuNaru fans, and is a MitsuCho company. After joining Team Kakashi, Naruto worked hard to gain the village's acknowledgement all the while chasing his dream to become Hokage. Naruto goes rogue for reasons no one knows. [ch. Shisui smiled as he saw Naruto

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Naruto has a secret child fanfiction Mar 30, 2019 - finished YCH for <3<3 I like the result and OC! [Ych#4] for Konnu Canon says yes unless they're a Hyuuga, but there's also a lot of stuff that goes against that. Stuff like the Lightning Armour (clearly doesn't come out of his hands and feet), every Dojutsu (they aint hands), Orochimaru, every Jinchuriki cloak, Pein's jutsu-b-gone technique he uses, chakra chains, that butterfly technique Choji uses, so on and so forth

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1 The Couple 2 Their Relationship 2.1 Part I 2.1.1 Chūnin Exam Arc 2.1.2 Invasion of Konoha Arc 2.1.3 Sasuke Retrieval Arc 2.2 Part II 2.2.1 Kazekage Rescue Arc 2.2.2 Five Kage Summit Arc 2.2.3 Shinobi World War Arc 2.2.4 Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Arc 2.2.5 Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes 3..

The 6th Hokage Hidden Past ( NaruSaku) - Chapter: FourNaruSaku Factory — Naruto and SakuraAfter The War (Naruto X Hinata Fanfic) - Chapter 10Fanfic Lemon Naruto Hinata - Best Fan In ThestylishnomadFanfiction Lemon Naruto Hokage - Best Fan In