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Migliaia di titoli tra cui scegliere: bestseller, nuove uscite e tanto altro The membership includes access to several OAH publications and US History Teaching Units. While there is a rationale to join the OAH as if you are United States history teacher, it probably cannot be justified based solely on the materials offered by the organization. American Historical Association - Teaching Resources for Historian

Teachinghistory.org is designed to help K-12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom. With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) has created Teachinghistory.org with the goal of making history content, teaching strategies, resources. Resources for Teaching American History. Bring the Conversation to Your Classroom. Supplement and inspire your classroom instruction with our resource selection! Designed especially for teachers, our resources explore themes in American history and self-government through the study of original historical documents Teaching History. TeachingHistory.org is perfect for students and teachers interested in learning how to think like historians. This site features plenty of lesson plan guides and other teaching materials to help teachers shape their world history curriculum into one that's fun and engaging for both teacher and student

The Ashbrook Center offers a variety of resources for teachers: American History Toolkits - Six topically-focused collections of documents-based resources for teachers of American History, aimed at helping teachers begin the transition away from textbooks. Exhibits on the American Founding - Each focusing on a different event related to the founding of the American Republic, include primary. Another resource, from the Massachusetts Studies Project, provides a list of tools for teaching local history—a great resource that will be helpful to those both inside and outside of the state. The Illinois Periodical Online Project offers a helpful primer on teaching local history through family history Are you looking for content-rich audio resources to share with your students? Did you know Teaching American History has over seven years of archived webinars? Student Webinars. Every month the Ashbrook Center hosts a free webinar for high school students to discuss one of the 50 Core American Documents. One of our faculty members will lead a. Resources for Teaching American and Hawaiian History This course revises traditional understandings of American history and examines issues of race, gender, and class in understanding the histories and contemporary experiences of Native Hawaiians, Asians, and Pacific Islanders to foster greater multi-cultural respect and understanding HISTORY Classroom. HISTORY Classroom offers resources for teachers, parents and students including education guides, learning tools, and links to educational content

Our History resources have been carefully divided into relevant sections that work to the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence guidelines, making them easy to use in lesson plans. Spanning significant historical events, as well as people and places of local and global significance, National Geographic Kids have. An Introduction to Toolkits TAH.org's American History Toolkits are topically-focused collections, each made up of resources from around the site, and organized to provide for easy access to a variety of materials for teachers. These toolkits are made possible by the generous support of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, and the work of several members our faculty The AHA Teaching Division is actively working on advancing conversations about teaching history. Approaches to Teaching contains links to resources on issues such as defining the skills of history majors, dual enrollment, globalizing the US history survey, and teaching digital history. We hope you will find these guides useful

Teachers.Net features free History lesson plans. History printables, History worksheets, and more. Free teaching materials and educational resources for History teachers Welcome, Let's Do History! Thank you for using Smithsonian's History Explorer! This page is designed to help you navigate the site and to provide you with additional teaching supports through our primary source guide, poster, blog posts, and information about the Museum's teacher professional development opportunities Teaching History. This site is designed to help K-12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom and through distance learning. Teaching Tolerance. Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations, and supporting equitable school experiences for our. 10 Resources for Teaching LGBTQIA+ History. Posted by Kaitlin Smith on June 22, 2021 Pride Month each June offers educators a reminder to center the histories and experiences of LGBTQIA+ people throughout the year. But knowing which resources may offer compelling points of entry for students is a more challenging matter Classroom Materials. We have sorted this wealth of documents by both geography and time period, as well as thematically, based on categories used in the AHA Member Taxonomy. We hope to add resources to these pages as faculty either complete new materials or revise preliminary efforts as a result of ongoing consultation with their colleagues

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Choose a Text. Before teaching the lesson, choose a short text, such as a few paragraphs from a book or article, a poem, or even a work of art. Consider what skills you want to highlight and practice reading the text out loud, making notes about some of the places you will pause to think aloud and which skills you will identify Resources For Teaching Black History. Over the past decade, Not Even Past has published a wide range of resources connected to Black History written by faculty and graduate students at UT and beyond. To mark Black History Month in 2021, we have collected them into one compilation page organized around 11 topics Our collection of educator resources includes a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. Find resources that will support your students' learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today's breaking news

Follow Teaching with #DigHist, a new Perspectives Daily series geared toward instructors at every level who are thinking about using digital history projects in their classrooms. Each month, John Rosinbum, a high school and college instructor in Arizona, will review a digital history project, explore what sorts of historical questions it could help students answer, and provide learning-outcome. A new online collection by and for teachers of resources for teaching historical themes and topics identified in the Massachusetts Kindergarten—Grade 12 standards for history and social studies. Resources include books, websites, articles, primary sources, museums and historic sites Resources for Teaching After the Insurrection at the US Capitol. In a time of deep political polarization and unprecedented attacks on our democratic systems, Facing History is here to help you address current events in your classroom with both reflectiveness and rigor. Explore our tools, resources, and strategies designed to help students. Welcome to Teaching Women's History! This is a resource site for History teachers who want to include more women's history into their lessons. Here you will find teaching packs with lessons plans and handouts on a wide range of topics, including the witchcraft trials and migration. We also have an expansive list of useful website The National Education Association and Smithsonian Education each provide their own set of diverse K-12 lesson plans and resources, For More on Teaching Black History

8. Teaching Hard History: American Slavery. The Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project features a comprehensive Framework for Teaching American Slavery, including resources and guidelines for teachers. The framework provides a list of key concepts and more than 100 primary source texts as well as a set of sample Inquiry. History and Civics Materials for the nation's 250th Anniversary. Landmarks of American History & Culture Resources for place-based teaching and research. Student Activity. Mission US: For Crown or Colony? The Game. Lesson Plan. Visual Records of a Changing Nation. Student Activity

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  1. Teaching Secondary History provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of teaching History to years 7-12 in Australian schools. Engaging directly with the Australian Curriculum, this text introduces pre-service teachers to the discipline of History. It builds on students.
  2. Special education: history, resources, advice. Special education resources and strategies for teaching students with disabilities. Teachers and parents of students with disabilities understand the importance of providing an adequate and individualized education for every student to ensure academic success. This understanding is the product of.
  3. Teaching Hard History resources for middle and high school educators include our popular 6-12 framework, as well as student-facing videos and primary source texts. Educators will also find teaching tools and professional development resources
  4. INCLUDES A BONUS RESOURCE - FOR FREE - This Bundle of 8 lessons is exactly what you need if you are teaching a unit or elective about Indigenous Studies and First Contacts to your students. A fantastic Australian History resource for years 3 - 8
  5. We have teaching resources for teaching about women's rights and changing roles in American history during this or any month. Sign your class up for one of our free, interactive Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote distance learning programs. Programs are available for elementary, middle school, and high school students

The Courage to Teach Hard History. The central role that slavery played in the development of the United States is beyond dispute. Yet, the practices of teaching and learning about this fact remain woefully inadequate. Professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries introduces Teaching Hard History: American Slavery, which can help change that Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR) is a peer-populated platform for art history teachers. AHTR is home to a constantly evolving and collectively authored online repository of art history teaching content including, but not limited to, lesson plans, video introductions to museums, book reviews, image clusters, and classroom and museum activities Teachit is an online library of thousands of high-quality teaching resources, all written, edited and checked by experienced teachers. Click on primary for resources from the EYFS to KS2 or on your chosen secondary subject for KS3-5. Our PDFs are free, so pick your level/subject and start downloading 1. Teaching Tolerance. This project of the Southern Poverty Law Center and has been around since 1991 with a goal to stop hate and to teach children to be active participants in a diverse democracy.. The project provides a wealth of free resources for K-12 educators to teach tolerance with an emphasis on anti-bias and social justice

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  1. g web. iCivics is a free web-based resource that brings interactive and engaging Civics content to classrooms in the form of games, lesson plans and other digital content. Founded by Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics puts students in civic roles and asks them to solve real-world issues
  2. Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum houses the world's largest collection of materials related to cartoons and comics, including original art, books, magazines, journals, comic books, archival materials, and newspaper comic strip pages and clippings. Cartoonists Rights Network, International monitors and supports the well-being of.
  3. Resources for teaching about black history; Black History Month. Get resources to participate in Black Lives Matter at School. Every year in February, educators across the country participate in a week of action to promote racial equity and to counter racism and xenophobia in our schools

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  1. While culturally sensitive resources for teaching Native American history and culture can be hard to find, they do exist. Consider exploring the following resources and integrating them into your curriculum. Native 360 is a resource for teachers and students created by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. It includes in-depth.
  2. Resources for educators to investigate the slave trade in American history, including primary source documents, teaching activities, and document analysis worksheets. National Education Association: Black History Month Lessons & Resources. Lesson plans and activities to help educators teach Black history, organized by grade level and topic
  3. These resources for elementary educators include a first-of-its-kind framework, along with student texts, teaching tools and professional development for anyone committed to teaching this hard history. Download the K-5 Framework. Here are a few key elements of the framework and the accompanying resources: Introductio
  4. School History is the largest library of history teaching and study resources on the internet. We provide high-quality teaching and revision materials for UK and international history curriculum
  5. Here are my 5 best resources for teaching geography skills: 1. Google Maps. This one is the real game changer for teachers. There is literally so much that can be done using Google Maps - and so few teachers make use of the fantastic possibilities available. You can build tours, you can measure distances, you can look at directions and compare.

Women's History Month each year is a fabulous time for teachers to recommit to integrating the experiences of women and girls into instruction on history and contemporary society all year. Check out the following 10 classroom resources that offer a historical look at women making history in various contexts and/or a bridge that helps you and your students explore connections between women. The following resources may also assist your programming of K-6 history using a cross-curriculum approach. - this K-10 cross-curriculum resource provides teaching and learning activities and links to resources to integrate the teaching of the key concepts of Country/Place, Culture and People with the K-6 content and outcomes From directing summer teacher institutes on the history of slavery and abolition for more than 20 years, and from more than 40 years of teaching, first as a public school teacher in Flint, Michigan, for seven years, and then at four different colleges and universities since the 1980s, I can attest to how hungry and needy so many teachers are for knowledge and guidance in this field

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  1. Browse through our wonderful range of History resources for primary school teachers below. The rich history of the world helps us to paint a detailed picture of where we stand today. We have a wide variety of lessons, worksheets and activities for exploring Historical events in an engaging and effective way! Through history, students can learn how past societies, systems, ideologies.
  2. These teaching tips and resources focus on the topic of multiculturalism and diversity. Find helpful articles, rich lesson plans, and a variety of books to promote cultural sensitivity and introduce students to cultures other than their own. Grades. PreK-12
  3. The following resources offer insights and resources on how to educate students and adults about Black history. 1. The Center for Racial Justice in Education has an amazingly vast list of resources for educators and students. Topics range from curriculum and lesson plans, the underrepresentation of Black stories and history in school, teaching.
  4. A collection of teaching resources to assist you in teaching your students about Australian history. Use these posters, worksheets, unit and lesson plans, vocabulary word walls and activities to comprehensively look at Australian history. Resources available cover topics such as the First Fleet, British colonisation of Australia, convict life and the gold rush
  5. istration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full.
  6. Resources For Teaching After Charlottesville. The violence, hatred, and bigotry we see making headlines every day leaves us all with questions. Facing History can help you address these questions with your students through tools, resources, and strategies linking history to events unfolding in the world around us
  7. Curriculum Units. AC History Units www.achistoryunits.edu.au Developed by teachers as a joint initiative between HTAA and ESA. Year levels: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and.

Free teacher classroom resources suitable for use in history lessons with primary school children at Key Stage 1 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and at 1st Level in Scotland. collection Curriculum Resources forTeaching Jewish History. Whether you are teaching Jewish history as an integrated course with general history or as a separate subject, it can be a challenge to find age-appropriate materials that bring the subject alive to your students. More and more material has recently been digitized for easy online access, but you.

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This is a PowerPoint presentation containing information on 'The Cold War 1956-1984' Perfect for recapping knowledge **Includes: ** ~ The Hungarian uprising 1956 The Prague Spring (The Check Crisis) 1968 Developments in Germany The Cuban missile crisis Détente The New Cold War ~ **Note ** This is a Power Point 12 Slides This resource was tailored towards the Cold War in Europe with the. World history teacher Eric Beckman created a resource-rich website for educators to teach about East African history and contemporary society through classroom study of the Swahili language. These lessons are useful for teaching about the Bantu migration, Indian Ocean trade network, imperialism, colonialism, and globalization Resources and support for primary teachers and subject leaders including Schemes of Work, CPD, Quality Mark and the HA's Primary History magazine. All our materials are free to HA Members - find out about Membership. Whatever your role or level HA Membership can help you get the most out of primary history

I started researching best practices in world history this year due to a (friendly)debate within my department over the best strategies for teaching. This book has been an invaluable resource for me. First, there are no best practices in teaching world history (other than AP standards) because this is such a new field The History Behind Black History Month - Teaching Tolerance Do's and Don'ts of Teaching Black History - Teaching Tolerance Five Things Not to Do During Black History Month - Zaretta Hammon Black History Month Resources for February and Beyond. February is Black History Month, one of the many times of year when it's important to recognize and reflect on the deep history of Black Americans and to celebrate their achievements, past and present. To help educators honor this history — this month and every month — check out these. 158 Resources to Understand Racism in America These articles, videos, podcasts and websites from the Smithsonian chronicle the history of anti-black violence and inequality in the United State Social Studies and History Resources. Our social studies printables, lessons, and quizzes will enhance your curriculum in all areas of study. Use these literature guides, maps, and technology resources to teach students about geography, government, diversity, families, and religion. You'll find biographies of famous mathematicians, scientists.

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  1. Teaching World War I. NHD was asked by HISTORY® and the World War I Centennial Commission to develop a teacher resource to connect teachers and students to the best research and resources for teaching the 100th anniversary of World War I. NHD worked with partner organizations, including HISTORY®, the National Archives and Records.
  2. Teachers First Resources for Black History: Over 40 Black History teacher resources, such as ideas, interactive materials, and research information. Brain Pop Spotlight Black History : Here you will find a Harlem Renaissance lesson plan, civil rights quiz, and tons of lesson plans
  3. Resources for teaching NZ history topics. Image from page 6 'Te Ika a Maui, or, New Zealand and its Inhabitants'. British Library on Flickr. No known copyright. Discover a wide range of quality resources to support teaching and learning about topics covering the histories of Aotearoa New Zealand
  4. HISTORY INTERACTIVE. History Interactive is a new series of active Key Stage 1 and 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE History 9-1 teaching, learning and exam revision resources. They provide a new and fresh look at popular History topics from interactive PowerPoint presentations to complete History lesson plans and lesson activities, all designed to inspire and excite learners
  5. In history and social studies class, social justice teaching is a natural fit. In other content areas, teachers disagree over whether social justice has a place. We put ourselves in a vulnerable position by exploring issues that are seen as more controversial than others (a topic I will get into in the next section), and some teachers prefer to.
  6. If we listen to media coverage or popular representations of the U.S.-Mexico border region, we might easily forget that centuries of struggle have fed and fueled what is now, today, a divided and divisive geographic region. Lest students be lulled into thinking of the region as a simple matter of the line between us (for
  7. Search more than 250 science teaching resources for grades K-12. Many of the resources align with standards. Science Teaching Resources | Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers other useful materials for teaching U.S. history. (more on this site) Created by the American Social History Project / Center for Media and Learning (Graduate Center, CUNY History blogs for August. As you start to think about the next academic year, we've selected a range of resources designed to support your planning whether they spark inspiration or fill gaps in your repertoire. To make things as easy as possible as you transition into the new academic term, we've gathered together some of the best.

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Teachit is an online library of thousands of high-quality teaching resources, all written, edited and checked by experienced teachers. Click on primary for resources from the EYFS to KS2 or on your chosen secondary subject for KS3-5. Our PDFs are free, so pick your level/subject and start downloading Mission. Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR) is a peer-populated platform for educators who use visual and material culture in their teaching practice. Home to an evolving and collectively authored repository of open educational content, AHTR serves as a collaborative virtual community for art history instructors at all stages of their academic and professional careers Use this collection of teaching resources when celebrating Black History Month. You'll find some beautifully designed resources to decorate your classroom including a timeline, profile posters, writing activities, and worksheets. Also provided are Black History Word Wall Cards to display content-specific vocabulary

This unit for secondary English-language learners (easily adaptable for reluctant readers) is designed to develop students' confidence and sense of autonomy in reading through the intellectually substantive graphic novel Maus.Maus deals with the traumatic history and enduring legacy of the Holocaust through multiple narratives of a father, mother, and son Teaching and Learning Resources. Browse our range of free downloadable teaching resources designed to help you bring history to life at our sites and in your classrooms. All our resources have been developed by our team of qualified teachers, educational experts and historians This Unit Plan supports the Culture and Change: Black History in America student activities. Students get an in-depth look into the African American experience in this unique online activity. Through interviews, historical sketches, interactives, and the lessons provided in this teacher's guide, students learn about important individuals, study.

Resources and information for enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers and links to foundational documents which guide California's History‒Social Science instruction. Recommended Literature for Pre-K Through Grade 12 Collection of outstanding History-Social Science (HSS) and Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA. Mid-modern history (1750 - 1900) Thematic and breadth studies. Tes resources is home to a huge range of teaching ideas and activities for use in secondary history lessons. Bring the past to life in KS3, KS4,GCSE and A-Level lessions with our unrivalled range of resources, materials and ideas, including: - History worksheets

Teaching Resources. Help your students stay connected and curious. With our teaching resources, you can challenge your students to be scientists or social scientists, inquiring deeply into Oregon's history, geology, and more—whether in the classroom, remotely, or somewhere in between! Subscribe to our digital newsletter for K-12 educators Teaching resources. Find exercises, projects and activities for students aged 4 to 16. Yahoo! Mail. No endorsement of any products or services is expressed or implied

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Instruction should incorporate history, point of view, politics, struggle, first-person experience, art, literature and data. This resource includes ten ideas for teaching about Black History Month. Anti-Bias Education History and Social Studies. 9. Smithsonian's History Explorer. Developed by the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian's History Explorer offers hundreds of free online resources for teaching K-12 students about American history. Teachers can find interactive lessons and even show their kids museum artifacts Specific Resources for Teaching Canadian History From the History Education Network. Teaching Canada Instructional resources from the University of Maine. Canadian History from a First Nations Perspective A unit plan for grade 10. Canadian and American Tension A 7th-grade lesson plan about relations between Canada and the U.S. during the War of. This Web site, produced by Terry Jordan a history teacher at Orange (Ohio) High School, offers teachers a syllabus for teaching advanced placement U.S. History and additional resources including: lesson plans, United States History for Grade 8, Projects, an A.P. U.S. History Chat Room, Weekly Reading Assignments, and Sample Unit Test Questions Teaching Financial Crises is an eight lesson resource that provides an organizing framework in which to contextualize all of the media attention that has been paid to the 2008 financial crisis, as well as put it in a historical context. And it may be helpful in thinking about markets currently

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Teacher-approved stories, resources, and worksheets for teaching about the civil rights movement in your classroom, In 1957, nine black students walked into Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas—and into history. Relive their experience with this American History play Standing Together for AAPI Heritage Month. Online resources to uplift Asian and Asian American voices, encourage self-education, and offer solace from the Smithsonian Institution. Resources for educators, exhibitions, videos, activities, blogs and more available from museums and units within the Smithsonian. (Smithsonian Asian Pacific American. 20 pertinent classroom resources for Black History Month. U.S. history. Bayard Rustin, seen here in 1964 surrounded by young people before a demonstration, was a a civil rights and a gay rights. Resources Featured Resources for Teaching about East Asia. Asia for Educators - An initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, Asia for Educators (AFE) is designed to serve faculty and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature at the undergraduate and pre-college levels.. Becoming Modern: Early 20th Century Japan through Primary Sources. 11 Resources. This bundle includes all the lessons, resources and fact sheets you will need to teach Edexcel GCSE History Medicine in Britain. The lessons cover the period 18th and 19th century which forms Unit 3 of the course. Lesson 17 - The key individuals of the 18th & 19th century

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They can put all their resources on a timeline or in a brainstorming web. iCivics is a free web-based resource that brings interactive and engaging Civics content to classrooms in the form of games, lesson plans and other digital content. Founded by Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics puts students in civic roles and asks them to solve real-world issues A collection of resources to support the teaching of Black British history in the classroom with resources on topics including Mary Seacole, Windrush and black Tudors. Part of the black experiences hub Since 1999, School History has been providing teaching materials for history teachers to save them hours in time.. Today we are the most comprehensive online provider of history teaching resources and have helped teachers in every single country in the world.. If you teach GCSE or International GCSE history, we are fully aligned with the 6 most important exam boards in the world: AQA, Edexcel.

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Explore everything Past, Present and Future with these ACARA aligned resources for Foundation to Year 2 students. Students will be able to explore terms, investigate ever-changing technology, homes, work, communication, toys and varying modes of travel. You will find all that you need from planning to teaching and assessing your units right here Vocabulary, literature videos and grammar set to rap music. Free Rice. Vocabulary modules and quizzes with a nonprofit mission. Maptia. Place-based online cultural stories. My Shakespeare. Text of all plays, videos, and teacher resources. Newsela. Leveled current events reading site, offering free access for the school year

Greek Vases activity by Mrs Hedley's Art Studio | TpTFilm screening: Picking Up the Pieces: The Making of TheNYU Receives over 52,000 Freshman Applications To Itshumus - National Geographic SocietyCatherine Hogarth Dickens