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1 Coat Concrete Acid Stain for Interior & Exterior. Flat rate $5.00 Shippin Applied to freshly placed concrete, Shake-on Color Hardener adds a wider array of standard color options to your architectural designs while providing an extremely durable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic

With shake-on color, you can make the surface of the concrete a lighter shade than the base concrete. The skill of the workforce is an important consideration. Workers must be able to broadcast color evenly for as far as 15 feet over freshly struck and bull-floated concrete Perma-Shake ® Color Hardener (Formerly Perma-Cast® Shake-On Color Hardener) Packaged in durable, easily manageable 50 pound square pails. Allows for approximately 100 sq. ft. of coverage for dark colors and 80 sq. ft. for light colors SureCrete's SureCast™ concrete colored hardener is premixed, dry-shake, colored powder concrete hardener. It is used for coloring and hardening freshly placed concrete flat work to produce an aesthetically pleasing pavement with a surface that is substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete Decorative contractors often use dry shakes to color stamped concrete or concrete overlays because the rich surface paste helps to produce sharper imprints. Hardeners also produce more robust tones than possible with integral pigments and permit greater variability Dry-Shake Color Hardeners Probably the most popular method for coloring stamped concrete is the use of dry-shake color hardeners. Unlike integral pigments, which color the entire concrete matrix, dry shakes are hand broadcast onto the surface of the freshly placed concrete and color only the top layer

Options for coloring them include dyes that are specifically designed for polished concrete, an integral color that is added to the mix before pouring, acid stains, or shake-on color hardeners that are tossed by hand onto fresh concrete and worked into the surface with a float or trowel Dry shake aggregate floor hardeners are commonly applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete to improve wear resistance and occasionally to color a concrete surface. They decrease typical plain concrete negative properties like dusting and liquid absorption by improving the abrasion resistance and reducing surface permeability MasterTop metallic and mineral aggregate surface hardeners and floor toppings improve wear, abrasion and impact resistance of floors. Benefits include: Extended floor life. Permanent color that will not fade. Reduced energy costs with light reflective formulations. Smooth and slip-resistant finishes. Formulations that are resistant to rust, oil. Scofield® Decorative Concrete consists of a complete menu of products for adding color to concrete, texturing concrete, restoring old concrete, and products for protecting concrete. Our compatible, engineered decorative concrete systems allow architects, specifiers, and concrete contractors to transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary areas of beauty DESCRIPTION: A pre-blended dry shake material for coloring, hardening, and densifying the surface of any newly placed flatwork project. Apply to freshly placed concrete. Adds a wider array of standard color options (see chart)

H&C® Dry-Shake Color Hardener improves the strength and density of new concrete while adding rich, intense color options. When properly applied, it will improve abrasion resistance and provide a brilliant, streak-free surface BRICKFORM Defining Decorative Concrete™ BRICKFORM Color Hardener is an engineered blend, used to color the surface of new concrete. When applied, a dense layer is formed, making the concrete surface more abrasion and impact resistant. BRICKFORM Color Hardener is available in 42 standard colors and custom color matching is available The MARSHALLTOWN Perma-Cast® Shake-On Color Hardener is a powder that is applied to the surface of the concrete. It colors the concrete and hardens the surface. This application is best used in high traffic areas and areas where freeze-thaw issues might arise. It is also ideal for smaller applications BRICKFORM goes over the process of using Color Hardener before stamping concrete. BRICKFORM shows a real life situation of making up samples for a homeowner.. Color your world . With its strength, versatility and lifecycle cost advantages, concrete is the obvious solution to many building applications. But plain concrete is like an empty canvas waiting for color. Davis Colors has the widest standard and custom colors in the concrete industry

Brickform uses the highest quality UV-resistant pigment, sand, and fine aggregates to manufacture Color Hardener.Perfect for stamped concrete and trowel finishes, Color Hardener produces consistent and brilliant color while standing up to abrasion, weather, and normal wear. Color Hardener Specifications. 60 lb. 5 gal. Pails; 1.6 ft 2 per lb. or heavier. H&C® DURA-TOP™ Dry-Shake Color Hardener is formulated for stamped concrete applications such as driveways, gargage floors, patios, lanais, walkways, pool decks and commercial applications SPECTRUM 940 Shake-On Colorant is a silica aggregate-based colouring agent used in residential and commercial decorative concrete floor applications to add highlighted colours to the concrete

Dry shake color hardener This powder is broadcast over the surface of fresh concrete to deliver permanent, uniform, consistent coloring and an abrasion-resistant surface Butterfield Perma-Cast Color Shake-on Concrete Hardener. SKU. BUT HARDENER. Be the first to review this product. $47.92. Add to Wish List. Details. Butterfield ColorShake-on Color Concrete Hardener is a pre-blended dry shake material for coloring, hardening, and densifying the surface of any newly placed conrete flatwork The other technique is where a special powder color pigment is applied and absorbed into the surface of the concrete when the concrete is first placed (still wet). This technique is referred to as Surface Color Hardener , also called Shake-On color, Toss-On color, or Broadcast color

Shake-on color hardeners are designed to add color to the surface of concrete. Hardeners are bull-floated into fresh concrete before finishing. Interstar color hardeners from County Materials have sand, cement, and color pigment for increased surface durability. Butterfield Color Release. Color releases simplify stamping fresh concrete surfaces 6 ways to color concrete. Integral coloring. Colorant added to concrete during mixing produces uniform color throughout the slab. Shake-on colors. Shake-on color consists of finely-ground pigments and dry cement that is broadcast onto freshly placed concrete. Acid Stains

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  1. Shake-on Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques and/or concrete patterns and texturing tools to create a beautiful surface. Due to heightened surface density, the color-hardened concrete has improved resistance to the effects of freeze-/thaw cycles and de-icing salts
  2. Frequently used with stamped concrete, color hardeners strengthen and add intense color to the surface of concrete. Concrete colored with this method is more resistant to wear, and less vulnerable to moisture and deicing chemicals than standard concrete. Many contractors shy away from color hardeners because of their messy application process
  3. MasterTop 210 COR Shake Hardener being applied to food plant floor. Material applied using Morrision MS40 Spreader and finished using ride on trowel machine..

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  1. Oct 21, 2018 - Explore Barb Smith's board Hardie Board Color Combos on Pinterest. See more ideas about house exterior, house colors, exterior house colors
  2. Concrete Colorant #5: Dry-Shake Color Hardener Dry-shake color hardener comes in a wider variety of hues than integral color, but tones are more muted than heavy-hitting dyes or water-based stains. If you're looking for a gentle wash of color rather than a punch-you-in-the-nose vivid stain, this might be the option for you
  3. Concrete Color Hardener, Shake On, Cape Cod Gray, 50 lb: P26-CAPECODGRAY : Perma-Cast® shake-on Color Hardener for decorative concrete projects, Cape Cod Gray, 50 lb, Price/Each (ship leadtime 1-2 business days; aka P26-CAPECODGRAY) $56.00 $43.95: Quantity
  4. Butterfield Perma-Cast Shake On Color Hardener. $ 50.00 - $ 138.00. This digital color card should be used as a general guide, not a definitive indicator of final color. Shades and hues can vary depending on screen settings. When planning a project, consult a physical color card for a better indication of potential color

By adding the colors right after the cement has been poured, the moisture in the cement mix will bond to the shake-on colors. It is worth pointing out that because this method applies the color to the surface of the concrete, grinding or polishing will remove the color . Stains. Acid stains are made up of a mix of acid, metallic salts and water Integral colors are expensive because you are coloring the entire depth of the slab. 2. Shake-on colors. Shake-on color consists of finely-ground pigments and dry cement that is broadcast onto freshly placed concrete. The powder gets worked into the concrete during bullfloating concrete integral colors. mortar & grout colors. shake-on color hardeners. stains and color coatings. colored and clear sealers. curing agents. color overlays. epoxy products. waterproofing products. concrete polishing products. concrete surface repair. release agents. hydraulic cements A colored dry shake concrete surface hardener with emery or silicon carbide added to increase abrasion resistance and allow for additional decorative effects. LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener A colored dry shake concrete surface hardener with the abrasion resistance needed for high volume foot, hard wheel, and vehicular traffic areas Shake-On Color Hardeners are applied on top of freshly placed concrete and are more vibrant in appearance without sacrificing durability. Antiquing Release Colors are applied over freshly colored concrete flatwork and are used to accent and prevent the concrete from sticking during the installation process

Faux Brick Color Hardener is a ready-to-use, surface applied dry-shake hardener designed for color fastness and durability. It will give a pigment rich color to concrete flatwork and precast panels, as well as increase resistance to abrasion and deicing salts This video of the stamping process gives a brief explanation and demonstration of the use of Uni-Mix Integral Concrete Colorant, Perma-Cast Shake-on Color Hardener and Perma-Cast Antiquing Release.

Buy Wheat Perma-Cast Shake-On Color Hardener from Carter-Waters BUT P29 Packaged in durable, easily manageable 50 pound square pails. Allows for approximately 100 sq. ft. of coverage for dark colors and 80 sq. ft. for light colors pigment color: Tile Red # 1117 obtained through Davis Color / Rockwood Pigment. Scofield still produces the product and is the most reliable source with distribution throughout the USA. They are the leading manufacturer / supplier of shake -on colored concrete hardener, mostly used today for stamped pattern concrete (fake pavers)

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Shake-on Color Hardener is a pre-blended dry shake material for coloring, hardening, and densifying the surface of any newly placed flatwork project. Applied to freshly placed concrete, Shake-on Color Hardener adds a wider array of standard color options to your architectural designs while providing an extremely durable surface for pedestrian. Color concrete with Butterfield's integral color, shake-on color hardener, or concrete stain systems. Transform standard concrete into an elegant natural stone, slate, brick or hardwood appearance with our stamping tools. From preparation to sealing we offer one place to get all of the compatible products and tools necessary to create nearly.

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Color hardener is dumped into the Spreader while it's held over a bucket, then carried to the slab. When the tray is gently shaken back and forth over the concrete, the powder cascades downward in even strokes, laying a path 14 inches wide. The tool disperses material more evenly than the hand-throwing method Shake-on Color Hardeners ; Penetrating Chemical Stains ; Dyes ; Integral - New Concrete Floors . Integral coloring admixtures are considered the simplest and environmentally friendly way to infuse a uniform color to your concrete floors. It is best applied on newly poured concrete to achieve a uniform coloring without any variations

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Butterfield Clear Liquid Release - 5 gallon. $115.00. Butterfield Perma-Cast Color Shake-on Concrete Hardener. $47.92. Butterfield Perma-Tique Concrete Antiquing Agent. $41.95. Butterfield Select Grade Integral Concrete Color. $25.30. Butterfield Clear Guard PRO 350 Concrete Sealer - Container Size - 5 Gallon Many project owners like this because it avoids the stark appearance of newly placed concrete. Gray color hardeners are used in the same applications as integral color. Shake on hardeners, however, have one significant difference. Because they are surface applied, color hardeners will not be affected by sand, aggregate, or cement color Uni-Mix ® Integral Concrete Colorant and Uni-Mix Liquid Integral Concrete Colorant colors can also be produced as a Perma-Cast® Shake-on Color Hardener. The shake-on colors produced from integral colors may slightly vary from the color chart. Packaging: Uni-Mix® Integral Concrete Colorant is pre-packaged in 24 standard colors For DIY projects, most concrete colors can be purchased at your local hardware store; look for bottles of liquid cement color. First is integral coloring, where a liquid or powder color is added and mixed with the concrete inside the truck. Shake-on coloring is the application of finely ground pigments and dry cement onto freshly-placed wet.

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Corporate Office: 6803 W. 64th St., Ste. 300 (Building 6) • Overland Park, KS 66202 PO Box 412676 • Kansas City, MO 64141 (816) 471-2570 (816) 471-2570 (800) 444-2570 (800) 444-2570. Find a Branch Near Yo Concrete and Asphalt Chemicals Concrete and Asphalt Products Concrete Forming.

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Please Note: if you have not had experience specifying a selected color, we recommend ordering a sample chip before placing an order Your first three concrete sample tiles are free! Just add them to the cart and we'll discount them automatically The following links will open specified color charts in separate browser windows. Integral Colors. color is throughout concrete mix. - Brickform Liquid Color - Davis Integral Colors - Solomon Integral Colors for Ready Mix - Solomon ColorFlo. Water Based Concrete Stains - SureCrete Eco Stains. Acid Stain. penetrating color surface application Proper Release Removal is Crucial to Stamped Concrete Success A proper installation: In the photo above, the dark walnut release color shows only in the joints and depressions. The high spots show only the lighter base color. Every step of a decorative concrete installation is important, but perhaps the single biggest factor that determines a Sika's SCOFIELD® Cureseal™ solvent-based concrete sealers are non-yellowing curing and sealing compounds for newly poured and existing concrete surfaces. They are formulated for curing and sealing uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, and color hardened (shake-on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays Colored concrete is a decorative way to enhance your new concrete project. We use two different approaches in coloring your concrete; Integral Liquid Color or Shake-On Powder Color. When we use the Liquid Color, you get a full range of stunning colors that are evenly distributed throughout the entire mixture of concrete, not just on the surface

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  1. Clear Guard PRO 350 Cure and Seal is formulated for use in regions that require 350 g/L VOC. The product is formulated for curing and sealing uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, color-hardened (shake-on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays. • Non-yellowing sealer for new and old concrete surface
  2. ates the steps of applying color and working it into the surface. Integral color allows a contractor to pour larger areas with less effort
  3. Phone: (630) 906-1980. Toll Free: (800) 282-3388. Fax: (630) 906-1982. More info on Butterfield Color, Inc. Butterfield Color, Inc. manufactures a complete line of decorative concrete products.
  4. QUIKRETE® Cement Colour - Buff (131722) is a liquid coloring agent used to customize the color of your concrete project. Mix with water and then add to dry concrete mix. One bottle will mix with two 80 lb or 60 lb bags of Concrete Mix. Available in Red, Brown, Buff, Charcoal
  5. This all in one concrete sealer and UV resistant semi-transparent color stain can be applied to any porous surface including concrete, masonry, and brick or concrete pavers. Safe for indoor or exterior use. • Visit our BLOG page for unique applications of the Trojan Color Sealer. FINISH: Eggshell (very low sheen) on indoor concrete
  6. Clear Guard® PRO 350® Cure and Seal is formulated for use in regions that require 350 g/L VOC. The product is formulated for curing and sealing uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, color hardened (shake-on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays. Size. Choose an option 1 Gallon Unit 5 Gallon Unit. Clear

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Hatch Building Supply has a selection of concrete stamps available for rent and purchase with the concrete colors for your decorative concrete project A complete line of decorative concrete curing and sealing products engineered to enhance and protect many types of surfaces and are highly recommended for use with uncolored concrete, integrally colored concrete, and color hardened (shake‐on) concrete, stamped or stenciled concrete and cementitious overlays Decorative concrete adds value to a home, is long lasting, cost effective, and doesn't require much upkeep. We periodically offer demonstrations on how to do decorative concrete yourself. Our great products and great customer service make Mid Atlantic Supply the go-to place for your decorative concrete needs. Also known as Sharks' Grip. 101 W. Prospect Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44115. Phone: 1-800-867-8246 Fax: 1-800-867-8246 hc-concrete@sherwin.co

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Decorative Concrete Products: Butterfield Color. At Bobcat of Houston we carry many different products from Butterfield Color. Click on the specific products below for color charts and tech sheets or contact one of our specialists to get what you need for your next project HARDENER - SMOKEY BLUE. Surface applied dry shake color and surface hardener produces a hard,durable, abrasion resistant surface. Apply using the broadcast method after concrete has been placed, screeded,floated and excess bleed water has disappeared from the surface. Apply at a rate of 60 lbs. per 100 sq. ft

LELITE - Vertical Masonry Sealer Smith's LELITE Repellant is a colorless, non-staining solution of highly effective & super-durable silicone resins. A single application provides complete water repellency over vertical masonry and stone surfaces. It penetrates into the pores, leaving no visible film & causing no perceptible change in color or appearance. It does not seal [ We've Got You Covered for All of Your Concrete Project Needs. Find a Contractor Near You! Let Us Help You Find the Right Products for Your Next Project. Call Today When a Perma-Cast ® Shake-on Color Hardener is formulated from the Uni-Mix Integral Concrete Colorant or Uni-Mix® Liquid Integral Concrete Colorant color charts, the cured color will not be an exact match to the concrete colored with those integral coloring systems. Read all related or companion product Technical Data Sheets before installation

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  1. Shake-on Color Hardener creates a striking connect on decorative concrete surfaces. Shake-on Color Hardener creates a striking connect on decorative concrete surfaces. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  2. Concrete Color. Showing all 14 results #433 Tile Red 4 lb Mortar. CHO Cleaner. Elements. Perma-Cast Shake-On Color Hardener. Perma-Cast Sierra Stain Perma-Cast Shake-On Color Hardener. Perma-Cast Sierra Stain. Select Grade Integral Concrete Colorant. Sika Scofield Liquid Release SG. Sika Scofield Lithochrome Antiquing Release. Sika Scofield.
  3. Tycron Met NR is a line of heavy-duty, high quality, non-rusting metallic aggregate, shake-on hardeners that are available in an assortment of color choices for new concrete floors. The specially processed non-rusting metallic aggregates provide a surface that will be rust free, while also providing superior durability, greater abrasion.
  4. MATCRETE Dustone Color Hardener is a ready to use dry shake colorant and hardener for concrete made from an engineered blend of color pigments, cement graded, hard non-reactive aggregates and surface conditioning agents. Applied to fresh concrete, it will produce a colorful, wear resistant concrete surface
  5. colored concrete, shake-on color hardeners, acid-stained concrete or concrete colored with solvent-reduced dyes. • VOC Compliant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Low odor. Suitable for use in occupied spaces. Contains no harmful acids. • Will not etch concrete or corrode nearby metals. Will not peel or flake. No need to neutralize.
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  7. imum 1.0 lbs/sq.ft. (5 kg/m )


  1. LITHOCHROME Color Hardener should be applied at a rate of 50 lb. (1 bag) per 100 sq. ft. except where indicated by an asterisk (*). *Denotes colors requiring a higher coverage rate, where Scofield recommends 90-120 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. +$$ = Check current market price. Please note: concrete colors shown are approximate
  2. The use of chemical hardeners along with shake on aggregate hardeners: More than belt and suspenders. Another long held misconception is that when a shake on hardener is used a chemical hardener is not needed. This belief springs from a lack of understanding of the internal workings of a concrete wearing surface
  3. Color hardener is a powder that is applied to the surface of the concrete; Colors the concrete and hardens the surface; Best used in high traffic areas and areas where freeze-thaw issues might arise; Ideal for smaller applications; WARNING: Colors may vary from those shown on the website due to lighting, application, usage or monitor setting
  4. d when selecting stamped concrete

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Concrete can be colored integrally or with color hardeners. Integral colors are added to concrete before placement. Color hardeners (also referred to as dust-ons and dry-shakes) are broadcast as powders over the top of freshly struck concrete and are finished into the surface Shake On Color Hardener & Color Release Powder Rainbow Color Hardener is a dry shake cementitious blend incorporating Bayferrox ® Iron Oxide pigments by Lanxess Corporation which is used to color the surface of freshly placed concrete. It forms a dense layer that is abrasion and impact resistant. It conforms to ASTM C 979 for color stability

For new concrete placement, there are two options available: Integral color and Dry-Shake color. Although The MJA Company does not install new concrete, we can provide you with references to companies that we trust for placement and integral and shake-on coloring of concrete floors. The difference between concrete stains and dyes Concrete Stains Advantages - unlike integral color and shake on hardeners, stains can be added at any time. Water based stains have a broad range of hues to choose from. Color doesn't fade with exposure to UV rays or wear. Disadvantages - like wood stain, concrete stain will not cover over flaws but will actually magnify them. So care is needed to prep.

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Reading time: 1 minute Dry shake hardener is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and admixture which is applied as a dry compound onto the fresh concrete surface to protect floor surface from abrasion and impact effects, provide slip resistance; color; and surface texture, and improve durability. It is applied on fresh concrete surface by [ A shake-on color, which is also often called the broadcast method, is applied to the top of already-poured concrete. There are a few pros and cons to each type of color: Integral color is much more subtle and won't produce a vibrant shade in the end Marshalltown Perma-Cast Shake-On Color Hardener is a powder that is applied to the surface of the concrete. It colors the concrete and hardens the surface. Best used in high traffic areas and areas where freeze-thaw issues might arise. Ideal for smaller applications

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Air & Pneumatic Tools Cleaning | Waste Removal | Waste Storag Concrete Color Hardener, Medium Gray. features: Non-metallic blend permanently colors concrete flat work using the shake on or broadcast method; Formulated to produce a uniform, consistent color; Use alone or with Bon True Color Release Agent when imprinting concrete with texture mat Decorative Concrete. Color & Stamping Supplies Stains • Releases • Concrete Colors • Color Hardeners • Stamping Tools • Material Spreaders • Concrete Buggies • Vibrating Screeds • Power Trowels • Cures ,Paving & Sidewalk Forms. View Products. BROWSE CATEGORIES Wide color variations, mottling, and uneveness of the color is normal and usually desired. If these coloring effects are not desired, Perma-Cast® Sierra Stain™ should not be used. When a more uniformly colored concrete is desired for new concrete installations, Uni-Mix® Integral Color or Perma-Cast® Shake-on Color Hardener should be specified

Shake-on colors or colored form releases are often used with stamped patterns to add a subtle color variation to mimic natural stone or other materials. Acid stains are unpredictable because they work by chemically reacting with the cured and hardened concrete Products & Services:Manufacturers of integral concrete colorant, liquid colors; liquid dispensing equipment; shake-on color hardeners, concrete stains, concrete sealers, stamping tools, stampable overlay materials, detectable warning truncated dome stamps, linois Department of Transportation-approved integral concrete colorant

Pigments for Concrete: Types, Purposes, and Influences. Pigments are fine dry powder or slurry or aqueous suspension that added to the concrete ingredients to produce colors, other than the normal grey color. It is added during batching as a liquid or finely divided colored inert powder. Pigments can be natural or synthetic, organic or inorganic Most concrete color is mixed into the concrete truck before the concrete is poured into the forms and tooled to finish the surface. There are other alternatives, such as color hardener, that allow the color to be added to the top of freshly poured concrete and bullfloated to harden the surface and absorb surface moisture Marshalltown offers a full lineup of masonry, brick, drywall, plastering, concrete, mixers, asphalt, paint, tile, flooring, equipment, and other quality tools Diamond concrete floors polishing provides customers a selection of choices to change the looks of the floors of theirs. To alter the color of the floor, buyers could request shake on color hardeners or even penetrating synthetic stains and dyes to alter their grey concrete to almost any variety of colors If you chose a shake on color, then it will be applied before the stamps are used. The stamps will then be placed on the entire surface, starting from one corner until the area is completed. A stamper will be used to press the stamps on the concrete and a touch-up wheel will be used to make the details and pines more distinct