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Super Angebote für Filter H hier im Preisvergleich. Große Auswahl an Filter H Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie This Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter is the optimal narrowband filter for CCD astrophotography. With a 12 nm FWHM, this filter is ideal for standard CCD cameras, allowing very fast optics to be employed. The f/number application range is spread from 1:2.8 to 1:15

This is a Clip Filter for use with Sony Alpha 7 camera bodies to enable H-Alpha emission line imaging within the 12 nm Bandwidth. This clip filter is perfect for high level narrowband imaging in light polluted regions, handily omitting unwanted light in favor of the narrow bandwidth you want to image H-alpha imaging with a unmodified EOS R. Imaging with an unmodified camera using a H-alpha filter. Clip Filter for Sony Alpha MkII . We´re now shipping the new MkII version of the Clip Filters for Sony Alpha 7 and 9 Bodies. Astronomik Lunar calendar for 2021. The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2021 is ready. Back at wor

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Our Visible + H-Alpha on-lens filters will allow wide field astrophotography of the Visible and H-Alpha portions of the spectrum. Specifically designed for full spectrum converted camera use. (Comparable to the internal filter of the Canon EOS 60Da) This filter is not for Solar viewing or imaging! One of the most understated benefits of a clip-in Ha filter is the ability to capture h-alpha images with a camera lens attached. This opens the door to impressive, wide-field projects revealing the hidden H II gases in the night sky. Combining the Astronomik 12nm Ha filter with a 135mm lens is an incredibly effective combination

Fit your telescope with an H-alpha solar filter to get dramatic views of solar prominences, filaments, and active sunspot groups. H-Alpha Filters - Narrowband Solar Filters - Solar Astronomy JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser Don't fear however as Astronomik have you sorted also and there are standard 1.25 and 2 versions, as well as Canon Full Frame, Nikon, Sony and other versions of this narrowband filter. The filter I'm using here is designed for the Canon APS-C family. I used this filter in a astro modified Canon 600D IR or H-Alpha Filter for DSLR Conversion? - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging: I was originally looking to convert my Canon 40D to IR to use solely for astrophotography. I was looking around Lifepixels web site, and also noticed that they do H-Alpha conversions as well. Has anyone had experience with either conversion, or can someone recommend one over the. The Thousand Oaks filter requires a telescope at f/15 or slower once its ERF has been attached. (Divide your telescope's focal length by the ERF's aperture). This Hα filter is a compact 4.75.

Astronomik H-Alpha 12 nm CCD Filter - 31 mm Round - HA12-31. SKU: ASF-HA12-31. Filter Type: H-Alpha. Filter Size: 31 mm. Filter Shape: Round. Filter Insert Style: Drop-In. Free shipping. Free shipping. $169.95 SVBONY Telescope Filter H-Alpha 7nm 1.25 inches Filter Narrowband Astronomical Photographic CCD Filter for Deep Sky. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 14. $113.99. $113. . 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Feb 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon If you want to die deeper into Astrophotography with your Sony, you should think about a set of emission line filters centered on OIII, H-alpha and SII. All three are available either with 12nm or 6nm bandwidth. With these filters you can do ultra-deep images even under the worst sky you can imagine plus the full moon high up in the sky Our 1 year warranty is included on conversion services and installed H-Alpha filters. Anti Aliasing Filter Removal Capture more detailed images by having us modify your Sony Mirrorless camera by removing the AA Anti-Aliasing filter stack and replacing it with our non-AA replacement filter

The Astronomik 12nm H-Alpha Clip-in filter for Canon EOS DSLR cameras ( See Video) A narrowband Hydrogen-alpha filter (Ha) has the power to cancel out nearly all of the surrounding city glow and moonlight in the sky. In seemingly magical fashion, it reveals the faint nebulae in the night sky that are impossible to see through an eyepiece with. As low as $ 11.9 /Month. Free Shipping. Astronomik H-Alpha 6nm CCD Filter - 50mm Round Unmounted AK-HA6-50R. $469.95 $529.95. In Stock. View details. As low as $ 15.16 /Month. Free Shipping. ZWO 36 mm H-alpha Filter - 7nm ZWO-HA7-36MM SVBONY Telescope Filter H-Alpha 7nm 2 inches Filter . SVBONY Direct. Videos for related products. 0:52 . Click to play video . Orion 05514 Basic Set of 1.25-Inch Four Color Filters (Black) Merchant Video. Next page. Upload your video. Customer Review: SVBONY filters take you to explore more beautiful world The other night, I put a narrowband h-alpha filter in front of my other unmodded Sony a7s and got the Pacman nebula with high ISO and a short exposure.. Here's a link to a rainbow I shot with an IR pass filter (showing the deep reds that can be achieved with higher ISO and a bright source (Sun) This filter has a similar transmission to our UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Filter, but with an expanded spectral response covering the H-alpha and sulfur II emission lines making it also useful for Astrophotography when used with a Full-Spectrum converted camera. When used with a full spectrum converted camera, these filters will provide a greater than.

No, you don't really need an H-alpha filter, but they can help. If you are using a DSLR, the built in IR filter will cutoff most of the deep red light of the Hydrogen emission, so you wouldn't see much of the Emission nebula. An astronomy monochrome CCD camera is better suited for H-Alpha. The blue reflection nebula don't show up in the 3. (Our Visible + H-Alpha filter option is similar to the filter used in the Canon EOS 60Da but provides even higher sensitivity to the H-Alpha spectrum.) More info about our AA filter removal service: AA Filter Removal Service .The AA filter removal service can be added to any conversion or camera order here: AA Filter Removal Service Ordering Page Astronomik CLS Deep Sky & Light Pollution Clip Filter for Visual Observations B&W and CCD Photography Mounted filter in SONY a7 Cell We are proud to unveil the new Clip-Filter for the amazing Sony Alpha 7 series!After a long period of prototyping and developmentwe are now able to offer you Clip.. £175.99 £181.00 Ich verwende diesen Filter zum einen als Fokussierfilter wenn ich den sehr dunklen H-alpha-Filter verwenden will und zum anderen auch für Aufnahmen im Vis-Bereich mit meiner Vollspektrum-modifizierten Sony A6300. Hier würde der IR-Anteil ansonsten zu leichten roten Halos um die Sterne führen, da langwelliges Licht eine andere Fokussierung.

My Astrophotography Image Processing Guide: https://bit.ly/astro-processingIn this Astrophotography Processing tutorial, I stack images captured using a modi.. Features. Clip Filter is designed for Sony APS-C cameras. Mounting and removing the Clip-Filter is quick and easy. The colour shift problem that may occur due to the wide angle SLR lens in peripheral areas of the image could be reduced. The recommended SLR lenses focal length is 14mm or longer on APS-C bodies

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  1. DayStar Filters 90mm White-Light Universal Lens Solar Filter (2-Pack, 85-99mm OD) B&H # DAULF902 MFR # ULF90-2. 43 Reviews. Key Features. Safe Solar Viewing and Photography. For Lenses, Telescopes, and Binoculars. 12312-2 ISO-Certified SOLARLITE Film. Fits Outside Diameters from 85-99mm
  2. Omegon Filters Pro 1.25'' H-alpha filter. $ 99.00. ready for shipping in 24 h. Optolong Filters Clip Filter for Canon EOS FF H-Alpha. $ 305.00. ready for shipping in 24 h. Astronomik Filters H-alpha 12nm CCD Clip-Filter EOS R XL. $ 440.00. ready for shipping in 3-5 days
  3. Use Astronomik filters for your Sony Alpha 7 and enjoy marvelous images with an ultra light equipment! The Astronomik H-alpha 12nm filter is a narrow band filter for CCD photography. The filter lets the H-alpha light of emission nebulae pass and blocks nearly the whole remainder of the spectrum where the CCD is sensitive
  4. Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD Clip-Filter Sony Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD Clip-Filter Sony by Astronomik. Some images (view more) NGC 6188 - Space Fighting Dragons in Ara - LHa-RHaGB Ray Caro NGC 6188 - Space Fighting Dragons in Ara - H-Alpha Ray Caro IC 2948/2944 Running Chicken Nebula & Thackeray's globules in Centaurus - LHaRGB.
  5. Therefore you will need the CLS-CCD filter for an astro-modified camera! A good choice for working in locations with really heavy light pollution is the Astronomik UHC filter. The transmission curve of this filter only allows the light of the H-beta, OIII, H-alpha and SII lines to pass through

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  1. With the Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP, you get three filters in one product: depending on the camera, it is a fine tool for daylight IR photography with a digital camer, reduces seeing and enhances contrasts in high-reslution planetary and lunar imaging and is a economically-priced H-alpha filter for the start into deep-sky astrophotography of H.
  2. Re: Is the Sony A7s the best -h-alpha. In reply to Astrophotographer 10 • Nov 27, 2016
  3. H-Alpha. A hydrogen-alpha filter is an optical filter designed to transmit a narrow bandwidth of light, generally centred on the H-alpha wavelength. H-alpha (Hα) is a specific deep-red visible spectral line in the Balmer series with a wavelength of 656.28 nm in air. H-alpha light is important to astronomers as it is emitted by many emission.
  4. Our Price:$274.00. Out of Stock. Out of Stock. Free US Shipping. Baader 3.5nm Ultra-Narrowband H-Alpha CCD Filter - 31mm Round Unmounted # FHALNU-RD31 2459452
  5. The Astronomik 12 nm H-alpha CCD Clip-Filter is directly inserted into the camera body and works as a narrow band pass filter for hydrogen nebulae
  6. Features. Made for Canon, Nikon, SONY, FUJIFILM, PENTAX, Panasonic and Olympus camera bodies used clip filter, and the color shift issue that may occur due to the wide angle SLR lens in peripheral areas of the image also can be solved. Mounting and removing the Clip-Filter is quick and easy. The material is A2 stainless steel which is virtually.

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  1. Offered is my Sony A7S camera body that is enabled for H-Alpha and NA emissions. The sensor filter modification was performed by LifePixel. The camera is used, with 20,000 shutter actuations. It is in good condition and everything works fine. Other upgrades include the brass metal Signature E-mount for enhanced strength and rigidity, extra.
  2. The filter increases the contrast between the sky-background and objects glowing at the H-alpha line at 656nm. Tips and Hints for more applications Using the H-alpha-CCD filter together with OIII-CCD and SII-CCD filters you make produce false-colour emission line images (HSO) in the same way as the Hubble-Space telescope
  3. Quick View. H-alpha enhanced UV/IR blocking filter for Canon APS-C frame camera. $279.99. Special order 7 - 10 day delivery. Add To Cart. Quick View. HEUIBII filter for Canon 6D and 5D Mark II. $384.99. Back Order
  4. This H-alpha Filter is suitable for imaging of Hydrogen nebulae from observation sites with light pollution and from dark sites as well. The contrast between an object glowing at 656nm and the background is increased enormous! Due to the combination of the narrow bandwidth of 6nm and the high transmission of typically 96% the filter gives you an enormous contrast boost, as all unwanted light.
  5. p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · WTB: Nisi night sky filter + astronomic h alpha for sony. Nisi filter. Wanted. Payment method: PayPal. Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new. If anyone has one of these I would be interested. Please let me know you're asking price. Also if anyone has the astronomic h alpha clip in filter for sony e mount.
  6. The filter increases the contrast between the sky-background and objects glowing at the H-alpha line at 656nm. Tipps and Hints for more applications. Using the H-alpha filter together with OIII-CCD and SII-CCD filters you make produce false-color emission line images (HSO) in the same way as the Hubble-Space telescope
  7. Infrared (590/665/720/850nm), Full Spectrum, Two Spectrum, H-alpha, NDVI, Sony A7 thin filter modifications: Camera brands: Almost every camera on the market, more than 750 models: Filter material used: Primarily Schott glass, also some other fine optical grade glass where the quality of Schott materials can be exceeded. Approximate turnaround.

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Especially the ratio of H-alpha to H-beta is critical to get the color balance right. The H-alpha to H-beta ratio is about 3 to 1 for emission nebulae and 6 to 1 for planetary nebulae, see below graphs. Source : Harvard University As an example an ATIK16IC ccd camera which is equiped with the Sony 424 CCD sensor has the following response The most common DSLR mod is an H-Alpha conversion, where your camera's IR Cut filter is replaced with a new one which passes more of the 600nm - 700nm wavelengths through. If you haven't seen them already, please look at these graphs. As you can see, most IR Cut Filters block the red H-Alpha light from reaching your camera

H-alpha Filters. 50mm H-alpha filter systems; 60mm H-alpha filter systems; 100mm H-alpha filter systems; Calcium Ca-K Filters; White-Light Filters; Accessories. Adapter-plates for H-alpha filters; Sun finders; Eyepieces; Dovetail bars for LUNT telescopes; Electronic controller for Pressure-Tuner; Transport cases; Blocking filters; ERF Energy. Made for SONY camera bodies used clip filter, and the color shift issue that may occur due to the wide angle SLR lens in peripheral areas of the image also can be solved. Mounting and removing the Clip-Filter is quick and easy. The material is A2 stainless steel which is virtually non-magnetic and less brittle at low temperatures The Astronomik H-alpha filter is a narrow band filter for CCD photography. The filter lets the H-alpha light of emission nebulae pass and blocks nearly the whole remainder of the spectrum where the CCD is sensitive. The full width at half-maximum (FWHM) of 12nm is optimized for the use with common CCD cameras and allows the use of very fast optics

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The image below of the Orion Nebula is taken with a Full Spectrum Converted Sony A7R with a normal 600mm camera lens [Slightly Cropped]. The image colour, especially the red H-Alpha intensity is increased due to the UV/IR Cut filter removal as part of the Full Spectrum conversion. For more info on Astrophotography Click on the Astro Page Optolong LRGB CCD Filter Set - 1.25 Mounted. $249.00. The 1.25 L-eXtreme Dual Band filter from Optolong is a 7nm bandpass filter suited or fast systems and one-shot color cameras and monochrome CCD cameras. Add to cart. Optolong 1.25 L-eXtreme Dual Band 7nm HA/OIII Filter - LXT-125 The StarGuy H Alpha 1.25 filter is a deep red long pass filter that enhances the contrast of nebulae emissions and reduces the effects of light pollution by only passing the hydrogen alpha light. The H Alpha filter is designed to transmit a narrow light bandwidth, which makes it ideal for observing solar prominences and other features of the sun At 656nm is the famous H-Alpha emission line of hydrogen. The transmission in % is plotted on the vertical axis. The red line shows the transmission of the filter. Visual filters: The grey line in the background shows the relative sensitivity of the human eye at night. The maximum is at ~510nm and drops to longer and shorter wavelengths The Sun in H-alpha. Imaging the Sun on H-alpha will give you much more dynamic and interesting images. It'll allow you to photograph solar flares, coronal ejecta and more. These events can't be clearly seen in white light. Use dedicated solar scopes, such as Lunt and Coronado. The Sun in H-alpha

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  1. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Shop unique Sony Alpha face masks designed and sold by independent artists. Get up to 20% off. c b night sky, e smart night sky, lumicon night sky h alpha filter, j crew night sky, filippa k night sky, barry m night sky, dakine campus m night sky, stormslide jkt m night sky heather, brilliant jacket.
  2. Description. H-alpha 7nm 2 Filter. A very narrow emission-line filter. Permits a 7nm bandwidth of light (focused on the 656nm wavelength) through. Blocks transmission of contrast-killing light pollution wavelengths
  3. g high transmissions and rejecting light pollution as well as the important blocking of longer wavelengths
  4. 72mm Round Mounted. 76x76mm Square. 77mm Round. 82mm Round Mounted. Clip Filter for Canon EOS. Clip Filter for Nikon. Clip Filter for Pentax. Clip Filter for Sony. M42x0.75 (T2) Round
  5. The H-alpha debayer algorithm is debayering only the red channel using only the information of the red CFA pixels, this preserves the resolution. 4. Compared to the H-Alpha algorithm, i seem to be getting better results by saving the calibrated Lights first (using the AAD algorithm in RAW/FITS) and splitting them into the 3 channels when i save
  6. ute exposures at f/2.8 with the Nikkor 14-24mm lens wide open, and at 24mm, and with the Nikon D810a red-sensitive DSLR, at ISO 1600. Shot from home, with the camera on the iOptron Sky-Tracker

The H-Alpha Converted Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera allows reds to pass through the sensor freely, unlike with normal DSLR sensors. Without blocking hydrogen alpha wavelengths, the camera has a much higher sensitivity to deep reds with overall less image noise Solar Film Filter 62mm. $55.95. This solar filter is made to thread into a 62 mm camera lens. The filtering material in the aperture of the filter is made with a polymer that is .002″ thick. It is strong and durable. It is a one layer design with absorptive filtering material spread throughout the substrate. It is an ND 5 filter and therefore. Details. New! QHY-5-III-485C Color Planetary and AllSky Camera. We are pleased to announce a new addition to QHYCCDs line of high speed, high QE, low noise, planetary cameras, the QHY-5-III-485C. The QHY-5-III-485C uses Sony's new IMX485, back-illuminated, 8.4 megapixel color CMOS sensor with an array of 3864 x 2180 pixels at 2.9um

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New f/2 Highspeed Narrowband Filters- und Filtersets (1 ¼ und 2, H-alpha / O III / S II) are designed especially for the delicate requirements of extremely fast astrograph optics, in particular Hyperstar and RASA. Conventional narrowband filters cause a heavy loss in transmission due to the strong CWL-shift Existing light pollution reduction filters. For reference, a graph of existing light pollution reduction filters is shown below. This QBP line is a characteristic of a filter called Quad Band Pass Filter sold by SIGHTRON Japan, which is a relatively narrow-band filter that passes OIII, H-beta, H-alpha, and SII emission lines Astronomik CLS Clip-Filter Sony Alpha 7 $ 219.00 - $ 299.00. Select options $ 219.00 - $ 299.00. Baader Solar Continuum Filter- 10nm (2 inch) $ 239.00. Add to cart $ 239.00. ZWO Duo-Band Filter 2inch $ 279.00. Add to cart $ 279.00. Astronomik H-alpha 6nm CCD Filters $ 299.00 - $ 749.00. Select options $ 299.00 - $ 749.00. Astronomik SII. H-alpha enhanced UV/IR blocking Filter for Canon APS-C frame camera : MFA37 Filter Holder Ring II for IDAS 37mm Filter and Canon APS-C frame camera : UIBAR-37 UV/IR Blocking Filter (to be used with MFA37) BERYLIR-37 Berylir (One shot false IR color) Filter (to be used with MFA37) IDAS Body-mounted Filters for Canon 6D and 5D Mark II. Sony Monochrome. Sony A99M II; Sony RX100M III; Sony A7R III M; Sony A7R IV M; USB 8MP Mono; Raspberry Pi Cameras. Raspberry Pi Mono 8MP; Raspberry Pi HQ 12MP; Debayer Study; H-Alpha Filters 48mm ; 52mm Ultraviolet Filters 52mm ; Visible Filters 52mm ; Infrared Filters 52mm ; 58mm Ultraviolet Filters 58mm ; Visible Filters 58mm ; Infrared.

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However the H-alpha filter is a great using it alone: Data can be processed to splendid greyscale images! If you own a modified camera, you could consider the OWB filter: OWB is short for Original white Balance, and that's what the filter does: It gives you back the normal color reproduction from a un-modified camera The blocking filter is the second element in any Coronado H-alpha system, it is just as crucial to your safety and the system's performance as the front element. Cannot be used without an SM front cell. Secondary interference filter for full disc image of the Sun for telescopes up to 1,000mm focal length. View full product details Nikon D7000 H-Alpha Conversion. April 25, 2012 24 Comments. It has long been recognized as Nikon DSLRs are boosted by Sony sensors since D100. Now in the 3rd generation cameras, Nikon switch to Sony Exmor CMOS sensor from HAD CCDs. These CMOS sensor utilized on-chip column parallel Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) running at very low clock. H-Alpha stays on Red) Narrowband Filters . You can also buy a set of Narrowband Filters, which will allow you to use your monochrome camera in light polluted areas, or even during the full moon! Narrowband filters will only allow a very specific wavelength through. Sony, and Nikon cameras. An APS-C sensor is 23.5mm x 15.6mm on Nikon, and 22. Blue 400-500nm. Green 500-600nm. Red 600-700nm. RGB filters are often called broadband filters, due to the large amount of light they pick up, whereas the narrowband filters will allow a much smaller range of light through them. Narrowband filter data is generally combined in processing to the following colours. Ha - Green. OIII - Blue. SII - Red

Lighting. Consistent, long-lasting colour across the spectrum. Diffusion Comparator App. Filters that set the mood of a room with the flick of a switch. Fine-tune your LEDs. 9h. LEE Filters @LEEFilters The ACF modification is a replacement of the stock IR filter with one from Baader that improves the sensitivity in the H-Alpha emission line. Many images and particularly Archive images were made with a Modified ToUcam with the Sony ICX424 CCD, and a modified Vesta Pro 8nm H-alpha, Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue astronomy filter set. Filters designed for use with CCD and for f/4.0 or slower No reflections leading to image distortions or back reflections Transmitted wavefront better than 0.25 waves/inch Durable sputter coatings Parallelism: 30 arcsec Thickness: 3.0 +/-0.05m

At the observatory as an artist-in-residence it was thrilling to witness the transit of Mercury. Mercury is seen as a tiny black dot crossing the vast majestic red sun, our nearest star. My photograph was taken outside with a Sony compact camera through H-alpha filter on the Solarscope Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD 1.25in Filter. £115.95. Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD 1.25in Filter Out of stock Astronomik H-alpha 12nm CCD Clip-Filter Canon EOS Cameras. £179.00. Enables high contrast imaging of gas nebulae even in light polluted areas. Astronomik OWB-CCD Typ 3 Clip-Filter Sony Alpha 7. £179.00. The Astronomik OWB (Original. H-Alpha 7nm Built-in Canon filter for APS-C (EOS-C) frame camera. Frame with high-quality Lu alloy material, anodized extinction treatment. Through the coating effectively inhibit the light damage, sky glow and other stray light interference, thereby enhancing the contrast of the shooting target. Very narrow bandwidth to the nebula details more.

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The process is quite simple. First, void the warranty on your camera by opening it up. Remove the parts and electronics until you get to the optical window above the sensor and remove it. Now replace it with clear glass or an IR-blocking filter that is less aggressive and lets the hydrogen-alpha wavelength through Using narrowband filters with DSLRs is possible and can give good results. In the case of H-alpha, as only I in 4 pixels sees red, they are somewhat inefficient but good results are possible. Note: Flat fields can be a problem with H-alpha and DSLRs - certainly with IRIS you need to make the master flat manually. Orion and Barnard's Loop In this video, I share my thoughts on a number of popular light pollution filters. We go through some images shared by amateur astrophotographers around the. 2. 14700. Optolong L-Pro Imaging Filter. 77mm DSLR. 20820. Optolong L-Pro is multi-bandpass filter which offers better color balance by maximizing the transmission band. The balanced transmission allows astrophotos to be taken with minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as galaxies, reflection nebulae and globular star clusters

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The Baader H-Alpha filter shares the same outstanding features as all the other Baader imaging filters. Unmatched optical quality, and high efficiency hardened multicoatings result in the sharpest and highest contrast images possible. WARNING: This filter is not designed for solar observation. NEVER use these filters for observing or imaging. Only used a handful of times as I switched from using the DSLR to a ZWO camera, so is in perfect condition. Fits all Sony Alpha 7 cameras (A7, A7R, A7S etc) and is suitable for cameras which have been astro modified. Retail price is £200 but will accept £120 Will post First Class Signed For (UK O.. Nikon D7000 H-Alpha Conversion. It has long been recognized as Nikon DSLRs are boosted by Sony sensors since D100. Now in the 3rd generation cameras, Nikon switch to Sony Exmor CMOS sensor from HAD CCDs. These CMOS sensor utilized on-chip column parallel Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) running at very low clock rate around 20kHz compared to. 152 mm f/6 dedicated h-alpha telescope for professional results! with 12mm Blocking Filter Diagonal, B1800 Package - with 18mm Blocking Filter Diagonal, B3400 Package - with 34mm Straight-Thru Blocking Filter, LS152T/BP&F - Backing Plate and Focuser for LS152T, LS152TCaK/B1200 - 12mm CaK Herschel Wedge Style Blocking Filter with.

Lunt Solar Systems H-Alpha oculair, geoptimaliseerd, 19mmM45 - The PleiadesNikon D7000 Baader modified, low shutter countInsight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 - BBC

Complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. With 2 Feather Touch focuser, new air-pressure tuning system and B1200 Blocking Filter, that provides less vignetting for imaging! The B1200 blocking filter is recommended as the minimum for imaging use with this focal length Beside the CLS-CCD the Astronomik emission-line filters H-alpha, SII and OIII with 12nm and 6nm FWHM are available. The Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP, 742 and 807 give the infrared photographer a wide range of filters at his disposal. The UV+IR blockers L-1, L-2 and L-3 complete the family. Learn more about the new clip filters from Astronomik here skip to results skip to filters. Results for sony npfm500h alpha rechargeable battery pack in Cameras, Camcorders & Drones.Search all categories instead. Categories & Filters. Get it fast. Store Pickup at. Pick up today. Category. Digital Cameras. Mirrorless Cameras