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Getting an error A disk read error occurred

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Also, if I change BIOS's boot sequence so that 'USB Device' is first, I get neither the 'Black Screen of Death' nor the 'Press Any Key To Boot From CD' screen, instead I get a black screen that. In today's video, I show you how to fix a A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart . You will fix this issue in 5-10 minutes if you follow th..

[SOLVED] A disk read error occurred press Ctrl Alt Del to restart | Computer not booting up.. In the bios, make certain the HDD is enabled (via the space bar) as well as the first boot device. If you are installing vista, you will have to set the boot device to your dvd drive first, and enable it also. Then, when booting off the dvd, press the key when it says press any key to boot from dvd... and run setup from there Try the following manual methods to fix the disk read error: Run CHKDSK from CMD. You cannot run CHKDSK from the command prompt. Hence, try booting from the Advanced Options menu, and click on Command Prompt. After opening the command prompt enter the following command pls subscribe if this video is helpfull.hamare video se aapko sikhne ka mauka mila ho to pls hamare channel ko subscribe aur video ko Like jarur kare....tha..

Make sure USB is first boot device and restart the computer. You should see the message Press Any Key to Boot From USB. This should start the flash drive. If you still have problems, then the HDD may be failing Press any key when you see Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.. Click the link titled Repair your computer in the bottom-lefthand corner, after first selecting your language and keyboard options. Wait for Startup Repair to scan your PC for Windows installations, then select your install from the list it shows I have another HD suffering from a similar condition that is bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I tried to change my boot sequence to CD-ROM then HD and it would succeed booting up with the HD if I place the boot DVD-ROM in the drive and don't press any key while it prompts Press any key to boot with CD-ROM Step 1: Create a bootable media. Firstly, install Recoverit on any other functioning computer and launch it. Also, connect a USB drive (or a CD/DVD) that you wish to convert to bootable media In its fullest form, this error message reads A desk read error has occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. Affected users are met with the A desk read error has occurred error no matter how many times they reboot their computer as this is not an issue that can be fixed by a simple restart

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  1. Choose the OS (Windows OS version) you want to repair, and then click ' Next '. From the System Recovery Options window, choose ' Command Prompt '. Run CHKDSK utility by typing chkdsk X: /r where X is the drive letter (This will check the disk for errors and will fix them) After Chkdsk finishes, type Bootrec /fixboot to repair the Boot.
  2. A disc read error occurredPress cltr +altr+del to restart#hackersunite #Anonymous #hacker #video #YouTube #love #work #videos #youtubers #time #lot #likedvide
  3. if you reset the BIOS after window burn. the 3020 thinks it is a business PC. and that means it thinks by default it boots from PXE server youve never seen or understand that is all ok but do turn off PXE, ok>. almost all workstations or business grade PCs sets the boot wrong, in the home users setting. the fix is easy. about 1 click in F2 BIOS
  4. Easy Recovery Essentials will start analyzing the selected drive for problems. EasyRE will test for and attempt to automatically correct errors with the disk, partition, bootsector, filesystem, bootloader, and registry
  5. I suppose you could plug-in the device and boot to the Boot Menu by tapping the F12 key, your USB drive may show up as option on the boot list devices. If it does, select it and press enter so the system can begin to boot from the drive. Let us know how it goes. Opening your case does not void your warranty
  6. A disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot When I do this, I keep getting this prompt. I've had this laptop for 3 yrs and never once have I have a disk read error

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I just got this message when trying to install an Action Pack Windows 2008 Server Beta 3 OS. I used a brand new drive out of the bag! The install process seems to work ok, files copy over to the drive, but when it reboots it gives A DISK READ EROR OCCURRED Press F10 to save and exit.-doesn't help . 2) Turn the computer back off. As you power it back on hold down the F2 key. This will load hardware diagnostics. Run the startup test.-SMART check PASSED-Short DST PASSED . 3) Tried to do startup repair with bootable USB - cant boot (windows logo loads perennially), but on other Notebook it boots . 4

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3.)At the command prompt, type FIXMBR , this will repair the Master Boot Record of the Drive. Don't worry about the warnings, this won't make the situation an worse than it already is - I promise. 4.)Then type FIXBOOT , this will repair the boot sector and make sure that the files required to boot up are present First of all, create a bootable USB drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant on a working computer. Then, follow the steps below: Step 1. Insert the bootable media created by AOMEI Partition Assistant to the unbootable HP computer and boot from it

ITS SOLUTION : Make a bootable windows Repair USB.. Boot your system with USB.. Let the process complete..it will show a message OS Uninstaller/ uninstall . If it automatically uninstalls the window-well and good, if it doesn't- uninstall it through WinRepair software in the same window manually You should be able to just plug in the floppy drive. Then set the system to boot from the floppy with the diagnostic disk in. Now we could run into a problem booting from a USB floppy I just don't know and we will have to see what happens When you boot up, you should have an option to press CTRL+A or CTRL+S to access the RAID configuration utility. Press that key combiniation, navigate thru your utility and look for a rebuild feature. The rebuild feature will tell the RAID controller to re-read both (all) of the HDD in the set and try to re-write the boot configuration Press the Windows logo and X keys at the same time and select Event Viewer from the menu. In the Event Viewer window, go to Windows Logs > System and click the Find option in the right pane. Type MemoryDiagnostic (without quotes) into the Find box and click Find Next

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  1. Parted Magic disk partitoning tool (Bootable CD image) If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key. This CD (or key) contains many useful tools
  2. g you have iMac and W7 (based on your signature), do you still have the original Windows installer (DVD, USB, or both)? If you do, you can try, 1. Insert DVD or USB. 2. Go To System Preferences -> Startup Disk -> select Bootcamp -> click Restart. 3. It should boot from the Installer. 4
  3. Sounds like your HDD is dead. Some people suggested a clean install of windows but if the system cant even find the drive then that would be impossible. There is a small possibility the cable got loose but in a laptop that's highly unlikely. When.
  4. This seems to indicate the hard drive has failed in one aspect or another. You can get into the BIOS to see if the drive is recognized. Some BIOS will give you the option to test the hard drive, but usually the best test is to start the computer a..

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  1. Yes I have set up an Secure Zone on my 2nd HD but boot from the other so maybe your theory is correct here. My BIOS now says 1st Boot CD/DVD- , 2nd IDE-0, 3rd CD/DVD-0, Try Other - Yes
  2. I replaced the HDD with the new one I had bought, following the directions of the Maintenance and Service Guide, believing that everything would be fine. I turned on my computer and it opened up to a black screen reading No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key. I do not know what a boot disk is and how to obtain one
  3. When the message 'Press any key to boot from CD' appears, immediately press any key on keyboard. 2. Once the system boots to the Resource DVD, please select the option 'Quit without any action'. 3. It would present a prompt window. On the prompt windows, type the following commands: Type C: and press 'Enter'
  4. Press F10 to save and exit.-doesn't help . 2) Turn the computer back off. As you power it back on hold down the F2 key. This will load hardware diagnostics. Run the startup test.-SMART check PASSED-Short DST PASSED . 3) Tried to do startup repair with bootable USB - cant boot (windows logo loads perennially), but on other Notebook it boots . 4
  5. I -think-, think being the key word, I have fixed the issue. By opening the boot menu, I fiddled with the USB config changing it to be emulated as a Hard Drive rather than Automatic as well as changing the read speed from Hispeed to fullspeed it has begun to install Win7
  6. The computer (an HP laptop) always starts with a beep, and a <<Non System Disk - press any key>> message. I press any key and it starts normally. If that means I don't have to restart the HDD from an image - which even with only the now smaller system partition to reload takes over an hour - i can live with an extra key press each time I start
  7. Press a key when you are prompted Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Select a language, a time, a currency, and a keyboard or another input method, and then click <Next>. Click <Repair your computer>

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Connect a Windows installation disk. Shut down the computer, and while restarting it, press the F12 key to launch the Boot menu. Now boot the computer from the connected Windows installation disk. Press any key on the keyboard when you get the prompt Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Set the time and choose a keyboard type 5,919 Posts. #2 · Jan 13, 2013. Re: Disk read error/BOOTMGR.exe is missing/select proper boot. This MS article will describe the steps to run the Bootrec.exe Tool to resolve your problem Use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows but you will need a Win 7 install disk Press a key when the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD appears. If your PC does not detect the media automatically. During the restart process, read the screen for any instructions that explain how to interrupt normal startup and enter the basic input/output system (BIOS) setup utility Hi , Have you tried directly use BitLocker Recovery Key like this? In the elevated command prompt, type the command below and press Enter. (see screenshot below) NOTE: Substitute E: in the command below with the drive letter of the locked drive that you wanted to unlock, and substitute BitLocker Recovery Key in the command below with the actual long number recovery key for the drive. manage.

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Select which media you want to use: USB flash drive After creating the USB plug it into the Laptop/Desktop that you want to install it on. Boot from the USB and follow the directions/instructions. If asked to enter a product key during the installation process, select I don't have a product key option I made a bootable usb then after that, i tried to install windows 7 ultimate x64 in my other laptop that cannot boot to know if i can fix it with reinstalling, when i booted to my USB, it said so i pressed any key but it just put me back to the manufacturer logo over and over again 2. formatted USB flash drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID Partition Table by using Disk Utility. 3. ran Boot Camp Assistant to remove previous BOOTCAMP partition. 4. used another Windows PC to make ISO image from my DVD again. 5. ran Boot Camp Assistant again to start making USB boot drive, partitioning and installatio 2.When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to continue. 3.Select your language preferences, and click Next. Click Repair your computer in the bottom-left Note: In order to try below fixes you need to use Windows Installation or Recovery disc, so make sure you are ready with any one of them before hand. Method 1: Run Automatic/Startup Repair. 1.Insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD and restart your PC. 2.When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to continue

The BOOTMGR can read the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) and execute the winload.exe, then the winload.exe will load the essential drivers to help your system start. Disconnect the external storage device, like USB flash drive, floppy disk or external hard drive, etc. If such like devices aren't bootable, you will get the BOOTMGR is missing. Attach the USB device to your computer via any available USB port. Restart your computer. Watch for a 'Press any key to boot from external device' message. On some bootable devices, you may be prompted with a message to press a key before the computer will boot to the flash drive or other USB device. If you do nothing, your computer will check. But the problem is that many users download Windows 10 from the web site, and there is no boot disk. Or the boot disk can't be found anymore. Then, how to repair Windows 10 and fix NTLDR is missing issue without a disk? Don't worry, here is a simple way to create a Windows USB bootable drive Connect your USB recovery drive or Installation disc to the computer; Restart your computer; Press any key when it says Press any key to boot from device; If it doesn't say that then you might have to change the boot order from the bios. Do that by following the given step

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4.When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to continue. 5.Select your language preferences, and click Next. Click Repair your computer in the bottom-left. 6.On choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot. 7.On Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced option. 8.On Advanced options screen, click Command Prompt After a few days, I just deleted the Windows XP and Puppy Linux partitions and was back to having just my Windows 7 partition. I was hoping everything would be magically better, but when I restarted my computer, the BIOS told me a disk read error had occurred and press any key to restart Click OK button on the pop-up window and the bootable disk will be created in seconds. Insert the bootable USB disk to the computer which has a problem resetting system and enter BIOS to make the PC boot from USB disk. After that, reboot system, and your computer will boot from the USB disk. Click the Start menu and choose Windows Command. In other words, it's trying to boot from a non-bootable source. This also would apply to media on an optical drive or floppy drive that you're trying to boot from. Other possible causes include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive sectors , an outdated BIOS , and damaged or loose.

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Rep: Be sure to turn the system off to a full power down. Then maybe use bios to select the boot deviceinstead of using boot screen F key to select. What I mean is some bios's show the usb device as a hard drive instead of a usb device. I have to move up in order the hard drive to allow my flash drive to boot Follow the steps below to use the tool from a bootable install disc and fix the error: To enter the Windows 10 boot menu, shut down your computer and switch it on. As soon as the manufacturer's logo appears on the screen, press the F2 key to access the boot menu Technician's Assistant: Do you hear any sounds (like a fan, chime, or tone) when you press the power button? Yes there is a fan going Technician's Assistant: Does the Aspire's battery still charge up Boot problems can be caused by several reasons, like power supply interruption, a damaged data cable, damaged boot device , wrong boot device order, virus attacks or after installing a new operating system. This tutorial will show you how to run and use the Windows Startup Repair (Repair Your Computer) option to fix these problems. [ 2. Restart the computer with the optical disk or USB drive inserted and boot to it. Press any key when prompted to boot to the Windows media. 3. At the language and keyboard selection screen press Shift+F10 to open a Command Prompt. What is usually the system C drive may not be here because if there is a system reserved partition it will occupy.

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Upon the appearance of the Press any key to boot from CD or DVD message, hit any key. Choose the input method, currency, time, language, and then click on the button Next. Choose the option of Repair your computer. In the dialog box of System Recovery Options, click on the right drive option related to the Windows Installation of your PC Step3. Highlight Hard Disk Boot Priority area simply check or reset your bootable hard disk on top of the boot device list. Step4. Press Esc to re-start your computer. Generally, your computer will operate well beyond any of your expectations. when no boot device availablehappens, it often means you set a wrong boot disk 11.In order to Fix Physical Memory Dump Error, you will need to replace your RAM if bad memory sectors are found. Method 4: Run Startup/Automatic Repair. 1.Insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD and restart your PC. 2.When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to continue

Press the necessary key to open BIOS menu. This key depends on your computer manufacturer and computer model.This is usually listed on the first screen that appears on your monitor. It can be any of the following: Esc , Del , F2 , F8 , F10 or F12 .If your screen shows multiple keys, find the key to open BIOS, setup or BIOS menu Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I tried updating the bios of the motherboard and using bootsect.exe /nt52 c: /force, and changing the disk type to Auto, CHS, Large, LHS. Ive also integrated the following registry entries into my WinPE disk. reg load HKLM\PE-SYS c:\Winpe_x86\Mount\Windows\system32\config\system Install Windows 7 on a USB drive with ease. Step 1. Create two folders named Windows Files and WAIK Files on your desktop or any other drive which has a minimum of 5 GB free space. Step 2: Download the ZIP file from here and extract the contents to the WAIK Files folder. Before starting the actual installation procedure, you need to have three. Note: The key to enter BIOS usually is F12, but also could be F1, F10, Del, etc. Just look carefully on the screen while your computer starts or check your user manual to know the exact key

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Your USB disk isn't prepared properly. Try some othe programs to create bootable USB. LILI; UnetbootIN; Also make sure, this USB is the first bootable disk. In newer dell you can press F12 after starting the system to choose from which device you need to boot thanks for everyone !!! i got this problem few weeks ago and it drove me crazy till now ! I couldnt install my windows xp My story: when i put win cd (bootable) on DVD-rom and restart, it shows BIOS post, then the text press any key to boot from cd bla bla bla and STOP. when i press a key, i see message, that my hardware is being inspected (sorry for my spelling) and then... Press Windows + E keys to open File Explorer. Step 3. Right-click on USB and select Format. Step 4. Set the file system as FAT32, tick Quick Format and click Start. Wait for the process to complete. After this, you'll need to re-create a new bootable drive with Windows ISO files Hit any key. in a blue box. Hitting any key did nothing obviously. After some research i was able to press F2 and open up BIOS but with messing around with the settings and even changing in secure mode from UEFI and Legacy doesnt seem to work. Pressing control+alt+delete doesnt help, it only restarts my laptop As soon as you see the manufacturer's logo, note the key specified to enter Setup. The most common ones are F1, F2. Press the key and enter BIOS. In BIOS, go to boot sequence tab. If you find that the boot sequence is wrong, move the preferred device (hard drive in the case) to the first place using up/down arrow keys

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Step 1. Insert your Windows installation CD or disc. Step 2. Press any key when Press any key to boot from CD or DVD message appears. Step 3. Select a language, a time and currency, and a keyboard or input method, and then click Next. Step 4. Click Repair your computer. Step 5 For most models, press the F10 key during startup to access System Configuration, select Boot Options, then select Boot Order to view the boot sequence. To change the sequence to the default settings, press F9 then press Yes to load Setup Defaults I changed to Legacy and got the DOS message No Bootable Device - insert boot disc and press any key. changed it back to UEFI and it worked again for a a few days then same problem. I kept going through the switching between the two to get it working again and that worked 3 or 4 times USB debugging is enabled, MTP mode also. Bootloader is unlocked and communicating with ADB Fastboot etc, is there something I'm missing? I've downloaded the zip file and extracted into the platform tools folder. Even installed google recommended drivers. PLEASE HELP if anyone can and accepts bitcoin or any other crypto I'll send it over for the. Best Crypto Exchanges; 5 Recommended paraphrasing tool apps for android users; Secrets that our phones hide from us: The codes that tell everything about our most used device

Step 5. Now the USB is bootable repairing tool, insert it to the affected computer, and enter BIOS to boot from the USB. 1. power on the PC, and tap the BIOS key to enter BIOS setup. And the BIOS key is devided by the PC manufacturer, you can google it. 2. And use the arrow keys to choose boot tab, and choose Change boot order. 3 Connect the System Recovery Drive or the OS Recovery Disc and boot the system. And as you have appeared > Press any key to boot from CD or DVD message. Press any key to carry on. Now you can see the Windows Setup screen select Next option in the Windows. And click on Repair your computer. And then select Troubleshoot Hey, I have Two Western Digital Raptor In raid 0. I just got this problem after restarting my computer. Im a computer noob and dont realy understand any of this but I was just wondering if my raid setup would change anything when im trying to fix it

Disconnect your USB drive from your PC. Press Windows + X and click Disk Management. Now connect your external USB drive and click ' Cancel ' if format prompt appears. Check your USB drive partition, if it has a drive letter assigned. If not, right-click on the USB drive partition and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths . Solution 3. DELETE CORRUPTED LOG FILES. Repeat steps a & b in Method 2 (delete 0 KB File). Now Find Steam> logs> content log. Open the file by double-clicking and scroll through the list. If you see a failed to write error, go to the file path and locate by file name, and then delete the file boot from HDD : Boot->Primary master and primary slave (it should be your HDD)->F10 (to save the settings)->reboot the system and check: I pressed Ctrl+Alt +Del to restart ,tapped on the F2 key after restart, and found th Method 3. Install default BIOS settings. Now, with a calm heart and soul, you can try to reset all BIOS settings to the default. This is likely to give you the ability to load the OS normally; i.e., before errors occurred that made it impossible to find the OS. So, as soon as you enter the BIOS, press F9; this key restores the original settings

Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM or USB Flash Driver option, depending on which type of media you created, then hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Boot to the Advanced Start-up Options Menu - see Option 5 on the link below for details on accessing this I figured it out. My computer doesnt boot up at all. It gets stuck on the Microsoft Corporation Loading page and does nothing. When I boot from the cd it asks me to press any key to boot from cd. Then it ask me what mode to boot up from. And none of them do anything. So idk what im supposed to do. There is no prompt to tell me what my next step is For more information about how to configure this please read guides coming with your PC or contact manufacturer. Step 2 Put Windows XP CD into computer and restart your PC. Then before computer boot to system you can see a prompt Press any key to boot from CD and press a key to make it boot to CD First Boot Device [Hard Disk] Second Boot Device [Removable] Third Boot Device [CDROM] Boot Other Device [Enabled] Obviously, I'm pretty much computer illiterate and don't know what any of that means

Press the power button to turn on the system and immediately start pressing the Boot Menu option key, usually F12, to enter the boot menu. Use up/down key to select the bootable USB drive or system repair/installation disc and hit Enter. On Windows setup screen, click 'Next' and then click 'Repair your Computer'. Select Troubleshoot. Check hard drive for errors in Windows 10 CMD. In the first place, bring out Command Prompt by pressing Windows key + R, input cmd and hit Enter. Be sure to run it as administrator. Following are a couple of commands that you may need. chkdsk. chkdsk displays only the status of volume and does not fix any errors What happend at first was i was having problems with my pc so i then went to the system recovery to set it to an earlyer date to see if that would solve the problem in turn it didnt after doing that my internet browser doesnt open certain web pages i cant open my gmail account my search tool doesnt work and when i go into the recovery again it doesnt exsist so im trying to reload windows from. The following are the instructions: Step 1: After booting the PC from the repair disc or drive, you can see the Windows Setup interface. Choose your language, keyboard, and time format. Step 2: Click Repair your computer at the bottom left. Step 3: Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Repair - Once you are inside the GUI, there will be a list of supported booteable media, press the F key corresponding to the one that reads no emul or no emulation (it should be your DVD) - Pay attention to the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, so do it! - Yeah! Windows 7 installer is running

1. There is a write protection tab on your USB drive or SD card. When you get the error, check if there is a switch tab. If yes, slide the tab to the unlock side. If no, see the next cause. 2. The device is set to readonly in disk attributes. You may set readonly to that device consciously or unconsciously Step 2: Insert the Windows Setup disc in drives and select to boot your PC from Windows Setup. Step 3: If you are using a USB device to boot, then boot from USB. Do not select Windows here. Spet 4: Press any key when Press any key to boot from CD OR DVD message pops-up on the screen. Step 5: Press the Next tab to load the Windows Setup Under Error-checking, click on 'Check' A dialogue box with Check disk options appears. Check-in and scan for bad sectors. Click on 'Start.' The scan will fix and reveal if there is any physical damage to the hard disk. Fix 2: Update your system BIOS to the latest version. Take extra care while updating the BIOS version In the setup utility I do not show any options for booting USB, HDD, Network, or external devices in UEFI Boot Mode with Secure Boot = Disabled. I have to enter Legacy Mode in order to display a list of boot devices. In Legacy Mode I show the following in the Boot priority order list: HDD0 HDD1 ATAPI CDROM USB FDD USB CDROM USD HDD Network Boot Such an issue may occur due to the file system corruption on an encrypted disk (for example, a damage to the hard disk area in which BitLocker stores important information caused by an unexpected system shutdown), the inability to boot the OS or the BitLocker recovery console, and similar failures that prevent normal opening of the encrypted data

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Attach the USB boot drive to the Mac and reboot. Hold down the OPTION key during boot, then select the attached boot drive (typically has an orange icon at the boot menu) At the boot menu, choose Disk Utility (if using an Installer disk, pull down the Utilities menu to access Disk Utility) Go to First Aid and verify the disk. You can use a program like Rufus to make a bootable USB device. See How to Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive if you need help doing that. Also double-check that the boot order is configured to boot from USB, that the device is fully connected, and that the USB port isn't to blame—try moving the device to a different port if you're not sure I can open the boot menu, but after that point all USB ports shut off so I can't use my keyboard to direct it to CD boot. Do you know how to select CD/DVD boot w/o a keyboard? Or how to make my USB ports work during boot up? Thanks again for your quick response! ~Nic